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You cannot change anything that happened in the past. #pastgone #startagain #everyday #mypics

Pick em up and put em down. #barbells #dowork #startagain

Ready for Question 4 to bring love into your marriage? #parentingentrepreneur #saveyourmarriage #lovestory #startagain #strongfamily #strongtogether

Frying turkey bacon in bacon grease does not make it taste like bacon. I don't care how inexpensive it is, I will not be buying turkey bacon again. ☝️

Back to square one. 🔲

Guten Abend ihr Lieben!
Zur Zeit läuft es gerade nicht ganz nach Plan und das frustriert mich.
Leider komme ich erst jetzt dazu etwas zu posten, da mein Gesundheitszustand etwas heikel war und ich deswegen im Krankenhaus war🙁 ab morgen darf ich zum Glück wieder normal essen und kann euch dann wieder mitnehmen 😊 habt einen schönen Abend :)

Your setback is the platform for your comeback ... 🌱

We all have stuff we carry , beliefs, disappointments, failure, and etc. -
are you letting it stop you from doing new things ,take risks ,do it again -
It all about prospective you use to your advantage to build what you truly want and know you deserve. -
#prospective #startagain #startagaintomorrow #keepgoing #lessonsinlife #believe -
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'Start again..'
Charcoal on paper

#portrait #frames #updo #drawing #startagain

A couple of months ago my computer died. Dead, died and done not a single document to be saved. I was heartbroken! Years of messages, notes, devotionals , typed out dreams and a half written book...GONE! I decided to distract myself by putting up my Christmas tree, I put the tree up, wrapped it with lights and called the whole family in for the big reveal. I plugged in the lights and...NOTHING! The whole strand of lights were dead, dead just like my computer. James and the kids immediately hugged me and wanted to comfort me but I was not having it. I was mad! I wanted to be left alone to sulk and be angry. I turned to my right and above my door and right where I put it was this sign, which says,
“You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out. Deuteronomy 28:6. So I marched to my door opened it and began walking out and in repeatedly. The kids looked at me like I was crazy, then one of them had the courage to ask “what are you doing” to which I said, “turning this day around” as I pointed to the sign above the door. We all had a good laugh and then I realized. One lost blessing does not deserve all my focus and attention, all my energy and emotions. The blessings right in front of me deserved my attention and focus, my energy and love. I am blessed every time I leave my house because I have a house and I have legs to walk out of my house on. I am blessed when I enter my house because I have a house to enter and a family to come home to, I have food and warmth and I have Jesus the greatest blessing of all. We may want more blessings but it is important to remember that we are already blessed. We are blessed coming in and blessed going out! #blessedcomingin #blessedgoingout #priorities #focus #perspective #deadcomputer #newcomputer #startagain

‘Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world’ #brenebrown

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