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As the Memorial Day weekend begins, here is a message from one of the founding owners of Not Dead Yet Apparel, former Army Ranger Josh Bagby:

Memorial Day is about more than barbecues, booze, and a long weekend; it’s about the people who have given their lives in defense of your right to enjoy all of those things. I say this not to make people feel guilty about enjoying a sun soaked weekend of camaraderie, but to add a bit of perspective to the festivities. If anything, I would encourage people to make the most of Memorial Day weekend, to eke out every ounce of enjoyment that is to be had, as it is your God given right to do. That right to enjoy oneself is irrevocably tied to the fundamental rights on which our country was founded, and therefor is, in a way, the very thing which our fallen heroes gave their lives to defend. It is a fitting tribute to the fallen for Americans to revel in their freedom during Memorial Day weekend, but I would ask that said Americans keep in mind the how and the why of said freedom.
If you personally know one of fallen, then ignore everything previously stated and everything that follows; I would not presume to tell you how to honor your heroes. If you know any veterans, do not thank them for their service, this weekend is not about them. Instead, ask them about their fallen comrades, and share with them a toast of fine whisky and respect, if they’re so inclined. If you know neither one of the fallen, nor a veteran who knows one, there are any number of websites that list the names of the men and women who have given their lives in defense of our country, all of whom deserve our undying gratitude and respect. Personally, I will be remembering a fallen comrade of my own this weekend, and I would invite all of you to do the same: Rest easy SGT. TANNER STONE HIGGINS

Happy 241st Birthday Marines! Checkout this veteran owned and operated clothing line @notdeadyetapparel #starspangledBAMF

Honor their legacy.

HAPPY 4th of July all you Star Spangled BAMFS!🇺🇸
We have been getting a lot of feedback from customers and ambassadors who have been wearing our patriotic tees around, and while most of the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, they've shared some instances of people making negative comments based on assumptions of political leanings. Let us be clear: WE DON'T HAVE A POLITICAL AGENDA. Our patriotic tees always have, and always will reflect our patriotism, for the country we love, not its leaders or the policies they institute. America is a damn fine dream, and it's NOT DEAD YET.🇺🇸 Have a great 4th of July weekend people.
N O T D E A D Y E T A P P A R E L . C O M
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#throwdownthursday one of youngest Star Spangled BAMFS doin a little mutton bustin'! Thanks for sharing @beansncornfed !👊
N O T D E A D Y E T A P P A R E L . C O M

Today's WOD was tempo based. 1 second positive to 4 second negative. Great workout. Oh yeah there was also 2 sets of 500 crunches. I did one. Also did a 30 minute ab attack early this morning so that makes up for it.
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