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Very serious girl time with Mama and BBccinos #fuelcoffee #stardustadventure

Basically I love valentine’s day now. #stardustadventure

Two sick monkeys playing outside ❤️ #stardustadventure

My little fruitarian just got lit up by this trick 😬 #stardustadventure #thecurlychirish

She may be small but her spirit is big and bright. #stardustadventure #thecurlychirish #myigikai

I do love these best nine collages! @andreawadadavies 🦄@eimear_hus 👰🏼@hollywood_hardiman 🤵🏻@liv.magazine, Christmas and blowing bubbles in these memories! One theme rolling through them all... #daChusseys #stardustadventure #2018bestnine

There were multiple moments she copied me praying in the temple the way my grandmother and my mother would. This is one of those traditions meets religion and culture that I am proud to pass on and she very quickly picked up. This is the final moment of the year that took my breath away and made me feel grateful for this one l i f e. ❤️ #stardustadventure

Tourist alert! Ciaran’s first time to the Buddha and we had a serendipitous dinner with my great auntie who Mya must think is my grandmother. ❤️✨ let all the magic continue into the new year! #dachusseys #stardustadventure

Love this cheeky face. #dachusseys #stardustadventure #showmeyourteeth 😬

Staycation bliss 😚🏝🌊#dachusseys #stardustadventure

So much fun at the carnival and then a walk in the park. Gorgeous weather! #dachusseys #stardustadventure @j_changsta @husseykillian check out the kicks! 🦄 thank you!

Merry Christmas from the Chusseys #stardustadventure #dachusseys

I just came across this and imagine these two cooking up a storm and having a game of MJ and then dancing together! My memories of Christmas and holidays revolve around my grandparents, an epic dinner that filled our big red wood table, cream carpet and always being amazed that we kept it that way after having everyone at the dinner table. #stardustadventure #weareallstarstuff #homesick ✨🎄✨

No love for snoopy. #stardustadventure #thecurlychirish

It’s never good bye. Just see you somewhere else on this star stuff journey...#stardustadventure #moyee&;myah #bff @amyrose86867

To have shared two ceremonies with my mom in town and with Mya was so special. I used to be afraid to bring her to ceremonies outside what she taught me in a Buddhist tradition, for fear of her judgement but what came from sharing the drum circle of women and a full moon meditation was a bonding of our roots and our blood. It was fun and grounding and will burn bright in our hearts until she’s back again in the spring. I’ll remember most just cuddling my mom at the end of the full moon meditation and holding her hand while we sat. ❤️ #dachusseys #mymama #stardustadventure #grateful #heartfull #dontgo

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