🤣 Show me your teeth! #dachusseys #stardustadventure

About last nights dinner entertainment. 😍#stardustadventure

One year ago this little bald munchkin started walking 💕 I love the early years and that I was hope to have caught this. #stardustadventure

First photo for school applications 😭 two going on ten. #stardustadventure

What better way to enjoy the holiday than to dance in the rain (before going back to the pool). 🤣#staycation #dachusseys #stardustadventure

Happy 🇨🇦 🇭🇰 Day! #dachusseys #staycation #stardustadventure

Reading to herself about the doctor monkey and the sad baby monkey because he fell off the bed. #stardustadventure #thecurlychirish #biggirlbed

It’s all about having fun together no matter what we’re doing. #whoneedstoys #dachusseys #stardustadventure

Three years and two kids later. This month has been a tough one saying so long to three close friends we consider our tribe in HK. I guess I could say now we have more places to visit around the world to see the people we love! #dachusseys #stardustadventure

Saturday mornings with this funny, inquisitive, chatty little monkey. #stardustadventure #thecurlychirish

A slice of Home flew in today at 5:30 am to bring me not one but TWO DONUTS 😍😘 so happy to reconnect with you babe and more adventures to come. #ayc2018 #stardustadventure

We had a little intern today at the Abacare table at #ayc2018 🧘🏻‍♀️ #stressless #stardustadventure #abacaregroup #

You can learn manners when you start school. For now, we will teach you party tricks. #stardustadventure #thecurlychirish

When clean up turns into dress up time. 🐰🐱#stardustadventure

Today was special. I got to bring my mom somewhere new to my favourite island and eat our way to and from the beach 😆 Her commitment to her kids knows no boarders, she comes every year at this time to celebrate our birthdays together and I look forward to it every year. We get to have girl chats until we fall asleep and laugh at all the ridiculous things we do. I love you M O M DA B O M B! 💕 Icing on top today was having my bestie and the boys too! #stardustadventure #mymomdabomb #tourists

Two years. You are my greatest teacher and reminder of how to live life fully and how to dive into get your piece of cake! Happy birthday my little love. 💕
Thank you Connie for waiting for me to make it there before you guys cut the cake today and organizing such a fun party for our kiddos. ❤️ #stardustadventure #thecurlychirish

Finally the main reason for ever coming to Phuket! The KIDS! #dachusseys #stardustadventure #familytime

Reminiscing our wedding with Mya in tow back at the renaissance for a very memorable brunch. #dachusseys #stardustadventure

Weekender to see the other kiddos. #familytime #dachusseys #stardustadventure

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