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One of my favorite parts of working in a teaching hospital is the look of wonder in the med students eyes when I invite them into one of my births. "Oh my god, that is the most incredible thing I've ever seen," one med student said to me this week on her 11th birth. "I've never - I mean, wow! That was so so different." I love when the residents turn to me and say, "Chloë, any ideas? We've been pushing with this unmedicated 18yo having her first birth nearly for two hours with no change - what else can we do?" I love having a midwifery student at my side and quietly whispering to them, "No, don't touch yet, wait, wait just a moment more, wait till baby is crowning, let the baby come to you, ok now." Some days I steal the med students from doing errands and pull them into a labor room. "Do you see how much pain that patient is in? Let me show you how to make that manageable so they can cope with it." Everyone loves to learn how to improve another persons pain. And in the clinic I teach more than they have ever learned - I teach gentleness, consent, practicality. "Why do we always refer to people in our notes as 'Patient'?" I asked one med student. "Why don't we use their names?" She was stumped. "Maybe cause most people can't remember their names?" We shared a knowing smile and talked about brining humanity back into medicine. At the end of the day she hugged me. .
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And slowly the morning comes as I squat on the floor in the hospital bathroom, massaging the back of woman hard at work in labor. Or maybe it came earlier, when I was ordering pitocin and antibiotics for a very sick baby inside a very sick mom. Or maybe it was around the time that I sat on the edge of the gurney with my patient and explained to her exactly how birth works, and why it wasn't yet time for her to be admitted. All day long and all night long I have sweat and cried and rushed and fretted - is this the right decision? How can I best support this person having the birth experience that they want and need? How will she remember me, my tone of voice, the force of my fingers?
🔹 How can anyone say that midwives are not needed here? How can any administrator look at the work we do and shrug their shoulders? We decrease c-section rates, improve infection rates, teach residents, save babies. We are always here, and when the attending is asleep I'm here to answer questions, give recommendations. Midwives are integral to the New York City hospital system, and they are harming themselves, their reputation, and their patient safety by pushing us out.
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I'm thinking this morning about a phrase, 'Everyone deserves a midwife, some people need a doctor.' New York City public hospitals are currently undertaking a slow but thorough dissolution of midwifery care for the most vulnerable and underserved populations. Using the excuse of a hiring freeze due to economic stress, the Health and Hospitals Corporation is terming midwives "redundant" and refusing to fill open positions. Without full services, the midwives working at H+H hospitals are unable to cover the labor and delivery units 24/7, leaving huge gaps in care. We NEED midwives in NYC. We need them now. Midwives have been shown over and over again to provide just as good if not better care to low risk people during their pregnancies and births. They are considered THE solution to rising parental mortality rates. Please talk about this. Sign the petition (link in the bio). Call into radio shows. Talk to your representatives. Talk to your friends, family, co-workers. Taking midwives out of NYC public hospitals is unacceptable.
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