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The #unpackaging video of my new #stand_up_paddleboard : #RRD Granturismo GT Wood - 12'6" x 28 1/2!
@rrd @rrd_international

So my crappy start to the day wasn’t all bad-not being able to work meant I got to test the torn adductor out in the surf. I wasn’t ripping, but in the water 8 weeks before the orthopod said I would be able to! And got to hang with a pretty cool little turtle for a while 🐢, aaaand spoke epic projects in the works with @andrew_pap_ So thanks to the filthy bogans that busted up my studio so I could get in the surf. If you could just fix up the invoice for the damage that would be grand #whydodickheadsexist? #dereks

"Eu só quero a calmaria de um lugar
Que sopra o vento da paz
Me guiando às águas tranquilas..."
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It’s all about keeping smiles on the kids faces! Nothing better in the world! 🤙🏻🇺🇸 #gusukrewe #paddlinglifestyle #allaboutthekids #destin @gusudestin @croninsurf @surfrio @standuppaddlehq @standuppaddlemagazine @mojo.swco

Aprendendo, equilibrando e remando ainda... Será que sai !? 😂
#StandUpPaddleSurf 🏄‍ #OndasCalmas 🌊
#VoltaNaIlha 🏝

When it's to flat to surf, n not enough wind to kite surf! And,You're as much of an addict to playing with boards as I am , than you bust out the trainer kite and your skateboard in the parking lot....!🤗🤗
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What do you think about the health of SUP surfing?
“I'm saddened by the current state of SUP surfing, or the lack of it.
The constant over-promises and under-deliveries of SUP Tours is dramatic and we're lost until the WSL or equivalent gets it under their umbrella. Something that won't happen with the current shape of the sport: it's fat and slow ;-(
The lack of free SUP surfing videos is also worrying. Even more than the lack of a pro tour, because videos online, like it or not, are what drives today's culture. And we all are to blame on this.
The industry is pointing toward other disciplines that sell more now, but we all know the origin of the sport is in surfing waves and if we make SUP surfing cool again, we'll all benefit from what we love apart of regaining the respect.
We (brands, athletes, and individuals) must work to put SUP surfing back where it deserves. SUP Surfing needs a reset, needs to inspire and needs to grow from its ashes. We have to promote stuff, videos and photos surfers will love, not hate. We're are surfers. And we must communicate the art of surfing. Surfing with the benefit of having a paddle.
Nothing against racing, touring, inflatables, or yoga. Just passion for SUP surfing” @carles_carrera
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Glassy mornings🤗 @h2standup

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