Mr Lee Siong is a Malaysian that came to Singapore. Mr Lee Siong dreamt of getting a stable job so that he can settle down in Singapore as a Permanent Residents. He said that living in Singapore has helped him grow as an independant individual. Through his understanding on the ever increasing currency rates between Singapore and Malaysia, he travelled to Singapore to work and live the Singaporean life. His current motivation is to be a manager like Nick Fury as in the movie he created an important role in controlling the Superheros such as Iron Man, Hawk Eye & Etc. 😎

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A member of parliament for Sembawang erected a monument to commemorate the hardwork our forefathers had to go through so that the younger generation knew what they had to go through. #lost #standupforsingapore

A burst of colour erupted as children whizzed down the 32m-long High Adventure Roller Slide at Admiralty Park. The slide is lined on both sides with bright motion-sensor LED lights, which will illuminate it from 7pm to 11pm daily.

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One of the only hotspring in singapore island. #lost #standupforsingapore

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The significant of Yishun country club is that there are alot of visitors:) #LOST #StandupforSingapore TEAM 1!!

The construction of the Masjid Petempatan Melayu was completed in 1963, where it served as a place of worship for the Malay Muslim community in Sembawang. It was named Masjid Kampung Tengah, after the kampung it was located in.

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Very lively place feel tired but happy 😃😃#lost #standupforsingapore

The place is very cooling #lost #standupforsingapore

masjid petempatan #LOST #standupforsingapore

The building became the residents of seniors engineering staff and senior royal navy officers after WW2. It then became a restaurants since 1981. #LOST #standupforsingapore

This mosque is isolated from civilition. It is unique because it looks very traditional unlike modern ones nowadays.
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The significant of the place is the last kampung mosque in Singapore!! #LOST #StandupforSingapore TEAM 1!!

The place is located near a body of water and caters to wedding and private events. It serves western/chinse seafood and steamboat
#Lost #standupforsingapore

#LOST #StandUpForSingapore @bpghs.pm2018 @WoodlandsWaterfrontPark “Today was a great day “ -Team 1

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