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Remembering SSG Peter Y Turner II, US ARMY,
Operation Joint Endeavor
06/29/1968 - 07/07/2012

From his wife
Although born in Chicago Pete was raised in Fairmont WV, a small town boy with big dreams. His dream was to serve his county, and shortly after graduation left and joined the Army. He was stationed at Fort Lee, VA and gained many brothers. He also worked for the FAA and the Department of the Navy after completing his enlistment. Shortly thereafter he joined the Army National Guard and was deployed to Bosnia during Operation Joint Endeavor. He was an awesome man, infectious smile, always willing to help anyone and a true patriot. He was a Freemason and involved in multiple Masonic organizations, local VFW and the Royal Order of Scotland.

Pete and I met later in our lives, both coming from failed marriages of 15 years. We meet through a local Jeep club that he was one of the original founders. We both loved our Jeeps, his affectionately known as "Sarge" . We enjoyed hunting, fishing, geocaching and spending every moment we could together and with our husky Maxime. He loved the Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers and all things WV University. For me..... he was that once in a lifetime kind of love. He was never blessed with children of his own, but accepted mine (who were adults) and loved them and "his" grandchildren with all of his heart.
Pete struggled with PTSD and alcohol addiction. Although being treated at our local VA, he did not receive the care that our soldiers are entitled to. Pete lost his battle to PTSD with a single GSW to his heart in our living room. Although it is extremely painful to deal with, I take comfort in knowing that he was not alone. He died in my arms with our husky beside him. Pete took his life on July 7, 2012 which was also the 3rd birthday of his special granddaughter Mallori.
Rest in Peace my love............ until we meet again

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I cant post much because i have 3 jobs and i work 7 days a week sometimes double
Hope you guys will stick with my page
Love you all

It's immigrant heritage month so I thought I'd share a story:
Before I was born my parents emigrated from Mexico in search of a better future.
They didn't come from wealth or have much education but they had a fiery spirit which I inherited.
They left their families and suffered tragic losses but even so they persevered.
With little money they came to America just in time to become citizens. They didn't speak much English so they took any job that was available.
My parents worked long hours in pesticide-ridden strawberry fields and flower farms. I remember they'd come home every night with weary faces and clothes that smelled strongly of chemicals.
Still they persevered.
My mother took another job at a discount store to put herself through school at night. My father worked harder to support her.
Sleepless nights, injured knees and backs, and the financial burden of raising three children didn't break them.
I'm grateful that their story has a successful ending. Both of my parents are now retired, and spend their time investing in Mexican-based projects.
It's because of their sacrifices that I stand here today, an imperfectly perfect specimen that proudly declares:
I am the creation of immigrants. I stand for all immigrants, all races, sexual orientations, and all human rights movements.
To all immigrants who continue to shape this country everyday; thank you for your legacy.
πŸ“Έ via @guerrillafeminism
#beautyhasnosize #brownisbeautiful #thursdaymotivation #summermood

Just a little glimpse of Pride. Always remeber BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE! πŸŒˆπŸ¦„πŸ’‹ #Resist #LGBT #StandTogether

#teamsweat Coming for you today. Our FINAL performance at #studio54 πŸ‘ŠπŸΏ πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯LOVE these women and this cast in perpetuity.
So proud of #SWEAT making it to Broadway. Thank you to @lynnnottage for this wonderful experience. I am a better artist, sister and human because of it. ❀️ #standtogether #womensupportwomen #broadway #strengthinnumbers #workingclass #americanheros #reading #PA #johannaday #michellewilson

β€’26 years ago I was born this way. β€’13 years ago I realized I was different from any of my friends. β€’10 years ago I had my first girlfriend. (No one knew) β€’9 years ago I came out to my family & friends. β€’2 years ago today, June 26th 2015 gay marriage was legalized and equality was for everyone.
I'm happy to be who I am and have so many supportive family members and friends. Love conquers all and trumps hate. #june26th #loveislove #gaypride #lovewins #standtogether πŸ–€πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ‘­πŸ‘¬πŸ‘«


For those who weren't able to make it to our event on Saturday here is a video we showed at the event with individuals who stand with Diamond Walk.
Thank you to The Steadies, Maria Oryzduy Senior Producer and Writer of CTV News, Niki Middleton and our models for taking part in the video.
Thank you all again for coming! Please don't forget to fill out the survey.

#diamondwalkfestival2017 #diamondwalk2017 #yeg #antibullying #bullying #yegevents #standtogether #selflove #positivity #bodyimage #art #fashion #culture #community #wearpink #zerotolerance #stopbullying #makeitawkward #thesteadies

The only way to receive is to give, so give it your all & stand together as WOMEN πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’• β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’
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#Repost @rapedoublestandards (@get_repost)
Placing the blame on the rape victim for the way they are dressed is one of the biggest issues with rape culture in America. We need to hold rapists accountable for their actions and not shift the blame away from them. #dontrape #rapeawareness #notyourfault #stoprapenow #stoprape #stoprapeculture #stoprapeeducate #rapeculture #consent #respect #respectwomen #awareness #f4f #followforfollow #igers #unify #standtogether

Love Wins #gaypride

We are all #equal #gaypride

True Colors #gaypride

#SwipeLeft ... the πŸ’© this man does and his supporters tolerate are not even funny anymore it's just sad and pathetic. You can't make this mess up. β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–« Time magazine asked President Donald Trump's businesses to remove several fake Time covers hanging in his clubs.
β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–« The Washington Post's Dave Farenthold, who has covered the presidency's effects on Trump's businesses, reported on Tuesday that four of the presidents resorts and clubs have framed Time magazine portraits hanging in them, complete with fake headlines teasing articles like "TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS . . . EVEN TV!" β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–«β–« #Trump #DonaldTrump #impeach #resist #antitrump #POTUS #AgentOrange #FuckTrump
#standtogether #illegitamatepresident #fakepresident #notmycircus #notmymonkeys #racist #rapist #treason #deplorable #impeachtrump #boycottrump #dumptrump #narcissistic #lying #cheeto-face #megalomaniac #idiot #snakeoilsalesman #unite #resist #OrangeAintTheNewBarack #SCROTUS

Mee our beautiful new #TealSisters! Stacy on the left, Liz on the right, they have been kind enough to share their story! Read or share your own on our #website at www.battleforbekah.org.
#NoOneFightsAlone #StandTogether #Warrior #Survivor #TealTuesday #OvarianCancerAwareness #InspiredByBekah

#justlikeyou #gayteens I a BLACK GAY TEEN SOON TO BE A MAN lives on this earth as a gay male I walk, talk, and also breath like any other person on this planet I been bullied and hurt by homophobic ppl in my life I always hear ppl call me gay, fagget.....but that dont stop me from my joy in life I stand for transgender ppl strong cause I had a transgender sister and yes she passed away cause of a homophobic person I wish all my GAYS, TRANS, AND ALSO STRIGHTS A GOOD DAY @peppermint247 @itsbambii #justlikeyou #standtogether

You have NO idea how nervous and scared I was to post this bc I have always felt self-conscious of my body but knowing and seeing my children grow healthy and strong due to exclusive breastfeeding is beyond words that could explain.
I am not posting this picture for attention, I am posting it to show how proud I am with the decision of how I choose to feed my kids. After seeing so many stories and woman shamed for their decision and feeding in public I am simply proud I can produce milk, to create a bond due to BF'ing and the ZERO fucks to consider "other's feelings" when it comes to my hungry child. No ones negative (OPINIONS) matter to me when it comes to my children.
✌🏼->*PLEASE, if you feel offended or some type of way due to this uploaded picture… please remove yourself from my social media & if you know me personally, from my life as well.
❀️ I want woman to embrace their bodies and the capability to breastfeed!

We had a great time this weekend speaking with this amazing group of women about running for elected office. Did you know that just as many women who run for office win, as men who run for office? The reason we don't have more women in office is because they aren't running. Are you interested in running or supporting a candidate? Message me for information about future workshops and gatherings and to connect for opportunities to support great candidates. 2018 is just around the corner, let's show up and do this! #women #showup #standtogether #takeoffice @heidiismighty @slo_progressives

✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏾✊🏿 Change happens when we stand together, to fight for one another and not just for the issues that affect us personally. #standtogether #politicalsketches

Show your love for our country by sharing #GodBlessAmerica

I have a confession to make. All through my second pregnancy I was determined to breastfeed. I read up on so much, and prepared myself as best as I could to give myself the best chance.
I didn't breastfeed my first for very long at all, and the disappointment, and feeling of failure contributed to a diagnosis of postnatal depression.
But I'll share a secret with you now. I don't enjoy it. I don't really like it. But I'm doing it. I'm so happy that I can this time around, and I feel like I have, and still am, working bloody hard for it! But I don't get that warm and fuzzy feeling from it. Maybe I'm still in the hard, early stages. Maybe these feelings will change and I'll grow to love it. I hope so! But for now, it's not some great bonding, loved up thing for me.
So I want to encourage every mother. Whether you're breastfeeding, formula feeding, expressing full time, mix feeding, tube feeding - however your baby is receiving life giving food, you're doing SO well! As a Mum who has pumped, formula fed, breast fed and mix fed, I can vouch for pros and cons for all ways. There is no 'easy way out', and you should never feel ashamed, embarrassed or disappointed. Learn to feel strong, happy, and confident that you are giving your baby the best. You are doing SO well xx .
#empoweringmothers #motherhood #standtogether #breastfeeding #formulafeeding #bothisgood #pnd #ppd #letsjustfeedbabies #loveyourmother #mum #mom #encouragingmothers

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It's easy to know where you're heading to when the sea is smooth. But when the sea (life) gets tough, it's easy to get lost. Having a friend by your side who knows you well and is vigilant can help you stay on course.
#freemasonry #iglodge #friendship #standtogether #masoniclife #brotherhood #fraternity #life #orientation

7 year old Marissa: After all this time? 26 year old Marissa: Always πŸ’™βš‘πŸ’« (all credits to @vicscribs πŸŽ¨πŸ‘) #20YearsOfHarryPotter #HarryPotter20 #jkrowling #YAASQUEEN #1997 #childhood #bookworm #magical #myescape #bestmemories #books #films #potthead #fandom #family #wandsup #standtogether

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