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Hi Friends 👋🏻 Thought I’d take this opportunity to informally introduce myself, I figure it’s the least I could do! Firstly, I want to thank each and every one of you for following my journey and allowing me the privilege to share my heart and home on a daily ❤️ Just a few raw and fun facts! .
Became a Mother at the tender age of seventeen. Hardest challenge and biggest accomplishment to date 🙏🏻
Married my hunky varsity football stud shortly after University. He stalked me when I worked at The Gap, we agree to disagree on this fact lol 🏈
Three additional babes came along, beyond blessed even though we suffered a couple heart wrenching losses 🤱🏼
We have lived in two provinces, three cities and thirteen houses. Hence my desire to decorate and make each residence a safe and warm family home. I come by this honestly, I was a decorator even as a little girl, my Mom was my inspiration. She always said “ either you have the vision or you don’t, some people are just born with an eye. “ 🙌🏻
I left my Special Education career to raise our family, a necessary decision when faced with the reality of a travelling spouse. No regrets, no compromises...instead an immense sense of gratitude to watch my children grow and flourish 👫👫
I could bathe in CHOCOLATE, my daughters share my ADDICTION 🍩
Love Actually is my all time favourite movie, mildly OBSESSED 🎬
I can’t dance one iota but MUSIC is my muse 🎤
I want to retire on a Hawaiian Beach surrounded by grand babies 🌴
2016 / 2017 has been more than I ever could of imagined or dreamed of. Still navigating my way through my little design / decor / Lei businesses but rest assured I am savouring it all and taking not one moment for granted. I am content, consumed with gratefulness , excited for the future and incredibly humbled by everything life has thrown my way...including YOU 💃🏼
Love Tanis xo

Thank you to those who told me to stop dreaming, to stop posting on Instagram and to get my head out of the clouds. Thank you for not supporting me because I realized all I needed to succeed was myself. Some people won’t ever understand you because your low is their high. And that’s okay. Shine on.👸🏻👸🏼👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿 #saltypineapple #standtall

some days she has no idea how she'll do it, but every single day it still gets done... 呢個世界上根本就唔存在「我唔識」呢回事。當你要靠自己嘅時候,就自然乜都識。
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Some of you know, but for those that don't, I've been working on a book and it's FINALLY releasing!

Using my background from a variety of leadership positions in sports and business, and the @NFL, I've authored Stand Tall: How to Lead From Within and Build High Performance Teams.

Go here to pre-order & get reminded of the special release date: JeronMastrud.com/book

Oh, and speaking of release dates, I chose to release on my 30th birthday coming up December 17th!
The 30s have sounded terrifying but I'm ready to kick it off strong with my first published book!

Thank you for your support in advance! #StandTall

Get on the list - JeronMastrud.com/Book

Lately I’ve been challenged with a bit of anxiety, particularly with teaching. Something I’ve never experienced before. Whenever I think about getting in front of the room and instructing for an hour my lungs get tight, I get short of breath, and I talk myself out of it. I’m still working on the root cause of this barrier I’ve built and why I’m resisting one of the things I’m most passionate about. PATIENCE & TRUST 🙏🏻 has become a profound mantra for me as I try to connect the dots. There may not even be an answer but I have to trust the journey. That I WILL return to where I left off....except stronger, more confident, and more connected than ever💪🏻✨
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♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️. So just get all your “ HO HO HO THE PAYMENT “. together boys and girls and do “ THE “ DRAKE GENERAL STORE “. ♥️💚♥️. #whatfun #thedrake #sojudith #justdoit. #blackfriday #onesie #onesiecouture #torontolife #dancemetotheendoflove #repost #followthem #dothedrake #trustme #neverstop #getdown #standtall #soready. #hohoho. ♥️♥️♥️. @drakegeneralstore 💥

Rich would’ve loved this page guaranteed. Legends are immortal.
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Not a fan or frills? Thats ok, our Lyric Leotard is just as beautiful. In Sea Glass Almond Blossom with a sweet rose trim or Eggshell with Periwinkle Hand Stitch, these leotards pair perfectly with our shorts and skirts this season in sizes 2 - 8 years.

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Sometimes my greatest motivation comes from within. And I notice that every time I'm full of life and vitality and I go to another for further support, not only does it often fall short, that vitality is gone.

The moral of the story is this: You are more than worthy of standing in your own strength.

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💞 💞 💞
Whatever your circumstances, always be prepared and grateful. No matter the odds, take a chance. In this time, nothing lasts forever.

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