If a girl wants to build her own car, it’s ok. If she wants to race, it’s ok. If she wants to model with amazing cars, it’s ok. I’m still amazed when guys say wow, you like cars, but you’re a girl. That’s an old idea. Cars are for everyone. #girlslovecarstoo ❤️🔰

Make a BOLD MARK not a dull impression
Owner @mel_yissa

#BarbieDreams 💖😍😍😍
Owner: @bxillest

Your car, your choice. Own your stance 🤜 #nomoreexplanations //
Repost if you agree 🙌

Owner: @ladiabla.s550
For #tbt we’re highlighting one of our favorite #GirlsWithStance
Since her last feature, she’s added killer wheels and a special message you have to read. Ha! I looovvvve it!!

The girl behind the wheel of every musclecar is BOSS 🙌
Owner: @srt_hauteee

Like this post if car stays #slaying 🙌💖

Obsessed! Her #S5 is sick!
Owner: @audis5_ari

Daily Mantra 😏

Be a bad ass with a dope car
Owner: @reaper6vette —————
#girlswithstance #corvette #wheelcrushwednesday

All gold everything
Owner: @marleen_305

Came through drippin’
Owner: @xo.vizmarie.95

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