Out on a daytrip with this cute face!

Other than disappearing his ears I think this is a cute photo xD

Possibly the cutest photo I've ever taken XD Blep!

Mucky pup at the steam railway station x3
(Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I don't know what I was playing at :x)

The face of sheer plead (& inside out ears) when I make him wait for the bit of beef I brought home from work <3
[This picture was horribly yellow cause of our kitchen lights so now it's black and white xp]

Waiting for us to go to bed 😪

Bom por mais que estejamos sempre sorrindo e emanando coisas boas, não pensem que vivemos num mar de rosas , o pior é você querer ser um ser humano melhor e as pessoas estarem acostumadas ao pior é a viver no meio da hipocrisia e da falsidade .
Mais não podemos desistir de tentar .
#boatarde #resiliência #superar #aturar #foconoobjetivo #stress #cansado #stafador #suportar #naoefacil #fe #sonhos #conquistas #naoefacil

Repost from @one_dollar_please from last week when we were sat out on the lawn cause it was so lovely and sunny ☀️

Believe it or not, it was so sunny the other day we even hung out on the lawn!

This again?!

My owners went to crufts and all I got was this lousy muffin! (I'm kidding, he loved it more than any toy we could've brought home aha)

Upside down and still napping x3

I thought I was cold!

All the snow is gone now but I still liked this photo xp

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