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RECOGNISE | Identify limitations & dysfunctions

As a result of our postural habits & activity participation, we may overtime develop stiffness and tightness in certain parts of our body. This can be on the surface level - such as our muscles & fascia, but can sometimes also develop in our joints, leading to loss of mobility at a much deeper level.

Our comprehensive STACKED assessment is performed to identify these areas of restrictions, as well as pinpoint the root problems. Establishing the nature of movement-control loss aids to develop an individualised plan to fix your movement needs to meet your goals.

We will be holding some free workshops in June, and are looking forward to sharing with some of you what we do. If you're keen to attend, drop us an email at getstacked@workliftbalance.com & we will keep you in the loop!

RESTORE | Build Strength, Eliminate Risks

Our progressive STACKED training approach ensures your body undergoes further restoration even after your initial rehab period. We work on your weaknesses and movement limitations to prevent and eliminate pain in your daily or competitive activities.

Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance your performance, or have been dealing with a longstanding injury, we've got just the right training program for you.

Our Founder, Shern, doing an interview with Channel News Asia this morning about injuries sustained during training.

Do you know the majority of our clients are desk-bound athletes? That's why we've named ourselves Work Lift Balance because we're constantly trying to help people juggle their Work (marketplace & home) and their Lift (sports) by creating balance in their bodies with physiotherapy.

Young athletes need to establish the groundwork of fundamental movement to create solid foundation of athleticism as they mature.

Here we work on two important elements with Jordan:
Balance & Coordination

It is important to develop balance at a young age when the brain is growing and learning how to move. Having good balance and coordination will also improve strength.

For all STACKED training, our primary focus is on mechanics & functional strength.
If an athlete can keep good mechanics and go faster and further, pain-free, performance will be optimized.
Start young!

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As a Photographer, I rarely have the time to order personal portraits of my family. Last week while editing photos, I accidentally came across this picture of my kiddos that I took last year. I was reminded how much I loved it, and took the time out of my crazy ass day to finally order it. This 30x40 canvas is my absolute fave!! #stackedkids #bloomphotography #bloomphotographyaz #hellobloom #azchildrensphotographer #princesssophia #princesssophia2013 #aleksanderthegreat #dommymonster #canvas

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