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Can't ya tell I ❀ chopping my hair off 🀘🏻

Happy girl to get rid of some hair! #littlegirlhairstyles #haircuts #bob #stackedbob

New cut, really accents her foilyage highlights!😍 #foilyage #stackedbob

#Repost @brodi6921 (@get_repost)
Side view of this shattered graduated bob @sherincosm
Thanks Edgar!
#silverhair#stackedbob #lovemyhairstylist #grombre

This little sugar cube got 8" chopped off her hair today. She loves it! (And so do I.) #summerhair #stackedbob #shorthairdontcare

Feeling like myself again! Thank you @meandpig for bending the barbershop rules and cutting my hair. #selfie #haircut #stackedbob #thisisme


She came in with shoulder length hair that another stylist gave her saying it was a 'stacked bob'. I'm not here to bash because I don't know the story, I just listened. Asked lots of questions to make sure she knew how much we were cutting off to achieve what she was describing. It was a go! After cutting the basic shape, blow drying, then dry cut my finishing touches like I always do with any bob.. the look on this clients face when I was going in with my Vidal Sassoon techniques I've learned @zhairacademy to give her lots of texture and bounce. She goes "I've never seen anyone do that on MY hair! I've only seen it on tv!!" The happiness and joy on her face brought so much cheer to the shop. I had one client there that stopped in and another customer that all witnessed this woman go from coming in saying she hasn't had a steady hair dresser in Years.. then told me she has been looking for me for a long time. She bought every product I recommended for home care because together we built trust. It makes me teary eyed replaying it in my mind. Everyone was so happy for her. All I did was cut her hair the way she's been wanting. One thing I love to do is educate and encourage others, and if I get the chance to do that in this industry to other stylist, then I've achieved a goal. But one thing I'll never stop is being behind the chair to listen, serve and change the lives of any person that chooses to sit in my chair.

Bye bye long hair! I forgot about a before picture for this cute bob transformation so I had to get the hair on the floor. The look on this girls face when she saw the back absolutely made my day! She was in love with her new hair style! #stackedbob #bobsfordays #shorthairdontcare #longtoshort #haircuts #bobcuts #jasperwalmart #smartstyle #BookMe #205-221-0730

Sassy new summer cut for Jenn! Love it!!! πŸ˜Žβœ‚οΈπŸ’πŸΌβ˜€οΈ #bookwithme #behindthechair #alinebob #stackedbob #okcstylist #okcbarber #hairrage3

Chop chop βœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈ by @beth_societysalon

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