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It was so hot in Etosha National Park we thought the animals were planted statues to entice tourists, until the Elephant ‘wagged’ its tail.
Surreal to see such large, bizarre and beautiful creatures in real life.. Never know what’s going to happen on #yourtripourtrip with @wilshireclothing ...

Last weeks ‘Watermanship Beginners Course’ was conducted in beautiful summer conditions, finishing with practical skills in the pristine Margaret River.
Students faced fears and built a skills base to hold them in good stead for any future aquatic ventures.
It was especially humbling to see a student of Finnish heritage face crippling fears of the ocean (from previous traumatic experiences) and finish off the day with over 1 minute breath holds; smiling all the while! 📷: @driftwoodphotography_mr

Pipeline awoke again today! Here’s a framie of @andrewjacobson sampling the goods.

Morning traffic at Longy.

Missing winter wedges 💨

African safari guy 🗣 “Follow that road till you get to the sand then just follow the tracks”... half an hour later, okkeee


The joy of the world is the wealth of cultures and creatures on it. Fear is born from the ‘unknown’.. and conceived from fear and lack of understanding is hatred based on nothing but smoke and mirrors... don’t be the sheep to small humans with cruel minds.. The earth may seem large but is actually very small.. we need to lose the idea of borders and what’s ‘mine’ and stop turning a blind eye to the injustices both in the man-made world and the natural world.. especially we that live such a privileged existence. (Don’t mean to harp on but I watched the news for the first time in a long time last night, and it scared the sh*t out of me)

Devil in the back, sun roof top.

“Steps”......... Zoom in on the face of the wave.

Dolphins. The most graceful, intelligent and inspiring ocean residents. What an incredible capture 🙏🏻
Here’s hoping you have yourself a dolphin kinda day.
📷 @mijlof (shot bru!)

Burleigh Heads last week, and hopefully next week, yeww

"Sometimes everything just lines up perfectly," said @kalanicphotos of this Costa Rican dream scene. "When the water temp is 80° so you trunk it, the lighting is perfect, nobody else is out and there’s swell... doesn’t get much better than that." #stabfullframe

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