More fun under the bar today!!!
Squats 370x3, 330x3x2 thankful for the drop sets...😓
Press 177.5x5x5, that’s a set/rep PR
Chin ups BW +10lb 4x5
Dips BW +25lb 4x8
#tiredaf #startingstrength #ssonlinecoaching #happyplace #metime

Ever have one of those weeks that just literally kick your ass? Gosh it’s only Tuesday...but one more day closer to wedding dress shopping with my girls!!!! Can’t wait for a fun night with some of my FAV ladies!!! 💜💜💜
Getting caught up on some videos! Sunday was squats and bench & Monday was deadlift and press! Making time for your sessions on busy weeks is hard sometimes, but you feel so much better when you do!
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Crushing some #hookgrip deadlifts today, 350x5x1. SSOC Coach @dldeaton has really helped dial in my form and make the transition from mixed grip to hook grip. After a deload earlier this year I’m hitting old weights with faster bar speed and more efficient mechanics. Thank you @startingstrengthonlinecoaching for helping me along the way!

Watch Peter PR his vertical jump, or uh, his deadlift!😂

SSOC client, Peter celebrates lifetime PRs on both his squat (170kg) and deadlift (190kg).

Peter is coached by SSC & SSOC Staff Coach, @adam_skillin.

Loving my current program! Another great session! 💜
1in deficit deadlifts: easy single at 265, 255x3, 250X3X2
2 count pause press at forehead: 90X1, 85X4, 82X4X3
Barbell rows: 125X10X2
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SWIPE➡️to see some awesome client successes!
• Chaitanya benched 100kg for a smooth triple. He said “it’s a weight I thought only superhumans could do.” Congrats!
• Marian squatted an easy single after recovering from a significant back injury. He is coached by DPT, SSC & SSOC Will Morris.
• Malgorzata deadlifts a PR of 147.5kg (325lb)!
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Yesterday’s training. Nothing exciting, nothing to see - just work.
Deadlifts 385x3, 335x5x2
Bench press 275x5x4
Barbell row 185x6x3
Barbell curls 80x10x4
#metime #happyplace #startingstrength #ssonlinecoaching

Please take a moment to check this out. This is such an important topic, not only for the teen and college age population, but this also carries well into adulthood if issues are not addressed. Further, when a child lives with a parent or other family member with disordered eating, it significantly increases their likelihood of suffering from it as well.
I would never say that barbell training cures an eating disorder. That requires a multifaceted approach with many healthcare professionals, however, I have seen on several occasions from women and men who suffer, refocusing to a strength goal can completely change their habits and mindset.
My experience with several of these individuals shows that instead of focusing on the scale, they begin to focus on the weight on he bar. Once this happens, they begin to care about the progress and slowly understand that fueling their body appropriately for the next training session is incredibly important.
In fact, it’s a must to keep going. I can’t think of a better way to shift a young woman’s or man’s mindset about their body. Instead of restricting and focusing on not measuring up, they begin to see all the things they (and their body) are capable of.
This is important stuff. Eating disorder statistics are harrowing. I am so proud of my friend and colleague @nessoszast and all the athletes who have made this shift so far. You know who you are, and I think you’re absolutely incredible. ❤️ Link to full vid in bio 💪🏻😍

Jumping for joy because yesterday I benched my competition PR for an RPE 8 🙃 much thanks to @angsloanb_ssc for making me a strong bishhhhh 😜

I’m finally getting excited about training again!! Everything is feeling great as we are gradually getting the weight back up! Woohoo!! 🤗🤗 And being home for a whole 2 weeks feels SO NAHCE! 💜 #macros
2 count paused squat- light single at 215, 200X3X2, 195X3
2 count paused bench- 150X1, 140X4, 135X4X3
And incline bench 80X10X3
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Most frustrating thing about coaching at a commercial gym? When I am coaching a client mid set- or even worse spotting in bench- and a member walks up to ask a question!...GAH! Clearly I just ignore them because its fucking rude. 🤬Anyways..that’s my rant. Counting down the days til we have our home gym! Today’s session felt good!
Deadlift: light single @ 275, 215X5X5- really trying to focus on LEG DRAHVE! I got it better in the drop sets finally. I told myself to ‘’stay over the bar’’ and that helped!
Press: 90X1, 82.5X6X2, 80X6X2
Aannnndddd I’m wearing another super cool shirt from @startingstrengthonlinecoaching! => link in my bio! 💜

Quite an interesting deadlift session. I was in my head about getting outside. Waited until the last minute, barely 2 hours of daylight left. Sometimes, I get weary of spending 2-3 hours, four times a week to train.
I have a squat goal of 300. Back 5 years ago, no females at WSC had hit it. It is still my goal, but now, it is seriously old news. Basically every female at our very densely female gym, has hit and surpassed it. Still I persevere. Lol.
Today I wasn’t feeling it. A little grumpy, Sloan making trouble (she hit coop in the head with a metal bucket), trashed house, full sink, laundry everywhere, online coaching to do, but I made myself get out there. The heat sucks, responsibilities overwhelm me, but Beau’s answer plays over and over in my mind. “What does she do that I don’t?” Him...”she never misses a training. Five days a week. Consistency trumps all.” Cursing him, I warmed up the damn deadlifts.
Am I glad? Meh, but I definitely feeling less ornery. I also feel less overwhelmed and less worried about all the shit I have to do. My thoughts have settled. The heat isn’t too awful, and I found a cool true crime podcast that reminds me at least I am alive to deadlift. Lol.
I was a little pissed that 265 was an 8. Perhaps on the light side, but I had a 9 to hit, so I figured 285 would settle that score.
First attempt (featuring Jagger), was glued to the floor. I chastised myself, started some shitty internal dialogue and got pissed and hit it again. “Good Lord that 285 was ridiculous compared to last week’s 280. Five more pounds. Wtaf...” Studying the barbell...well, look at that. It was actually 295. Ten pounds heavier than I intended. No wonder it “felt” like shit.
Today was a good lesson in “things aren’t always what they seem”. Everyone struggles with motivation. All you have to do is show up, warm up and often, the rest takes care of itself.

1. 295 glued to the floor.
2. 295 for an RPE “almost pissed myself”
3. 245 for third set of 4s. Focused on fixing the soft lockout (of 295) for the drops. Rep 4 was loose off the floor, but I’ll take it.
4. When all else fails, a good reminder is to show up, shut up and train 😍💪🏻

Haircuts and straight-razor shaves @dapperbarberclub with @wolf_strength today. Almost 40, but we still got it.😉 #teamssoc #ssonlinecoaching

Great tips for safety and spotting while barbell training! #startingstrength #barbelllogic #ssonlinecoaching
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What questions do YOU have about safety in the gym? Ask us down below!👇🏼

New episode on Barbell Safety just dropped! Check it out and be sure to subscribe...you don’t want to miss out on this awesome free info from @barbell_logic 🏆

Coach Mallory and I were discussing our women’s strength program this morning. She’s on vacation, but so invested in the program and our beautiful athletes, she needed an update on how the class went last night. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
I let her know that the “Two Jess’s” both squatted 235 for 3x5. Holy. Shit. 15 smoking fast reps for both. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Also of note, our very first member of this group, failed her first rep in the squat, set two, rep four.
This is inevitable, as we cannot continue to add five pounds to the barbell every session indefinitely, but it was Jen’s reaction that really moved me. She was upset. Tearful. But she didn’t quit. We modified her rep scheme to get some more work in and when I told her to save her deadlifts for Thursday after a frustrating press session, she ignored me and went on to perform a perfect set of 5. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
I relayed all this to Mall, like a proud parent, and she says to me “That’s pretty awesome. Shows the impact of 10 weeks on your brain and your heart, not just your muscles”. 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
And that pretty much sums it up folks. Strength and beauty come in all shapes and sizes. See what 90 days of acquiring strength and optimizing nutrition can do for you.
Check my bio for contact email and more info!

This is a fantastic deal! #startingstrength #ssonlinecoaching

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🔥BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!🔥 Use code “schooliscool” for 50% off your first month PLUS 2 free t-shirts of your choice! LINK IN BIO.

DETAILS: Discount code applies to all packages including online coaching, coaching + nutrition and coaching + nutrition + concierge medicine.

Available for new sign-ups only.

I did not want to train today at all- going from @reynoldsstrong’s home gym back to Life Time is lllaaammmmeeeee. But, I got it done and of course I feel better! Reals >> feels @wolf_strength 😂 and putting your squat back on LP for rehab also isn’t exciting- but at least it is being paired with a fun low stress week. Floor presses and 2 count pause presses- counting down the days til we have our home gym! #92daystilJerettishome!!

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