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#ssap2017 is in the books #gigantichawkracing showed up and had three people fly the Gigantic Hawk colors. Dora was talked into the race even though he did not get a bike until two weeks prior to the race, a Kona Wo fat bike. Dora did not have his gearing set till Friday afternoon before the race, and had to change it once we pre rode the course. Dora put up a 30th place finish in the sport New York Class on a fat bike running 26-18 gears, with a total time of 2:46:51 Stuart raced his single speed voodoo with a plus tire in the front and started the week off rubbing an over sized tire in the rear end of his bike. After swapping the 2.4 for a 2.25 Ardent in the back Stuart pulled 34th in the sport New York category, improving his time by 51 seconds over last year. He finished the race with a time of 2:55:51. Nick showed up on his Karate Monkey having just gotten it out of the shop after the rear wheel decided to go out of true on a Thursday ride. Local shop fixed the wheel but when asked how the wheel came out nick was told “bad but better” with a wheel the constantly rubbed on every hard turn nick came in 12th in the sport New York Category with a time of 2:26:58. Steve camped with the gigantic hawk crew this year and while he officially rode for Thomas Bike Works, Steve is a Gigantic Hawk! He showed up and raced on his Thomas Bike works single speed. Sunday morning at the start gate Nick looked at Steve and asked him what his plan was for the day, “I am gonna try to keep up with you” he said. George blew the horn, and no one saw Steve again until the race was over. Steve finished 8th in the Sport New York class with a time of 2:24:45. #singlespeedapalooza2017 #singlespeedapalooza #singlespeedisstupid

He survived! And actually did extremely well... finished 16th out of 48 and was only 6 minutes slower than his time last year when he was training! 🚴🏼🏁 My hubby is a beast! ☺️❤️💏 #SSAP #SSAP2017

Single speed guys lining up for the race and ready to go! 🚴🏼🏁 #SSAP #SSAP2017 📸credit: Rick Rogers

Preride for the yearly pilgrimage to #singlespeedapalooza #weouthere #ssap2017

Home for the night. #SSAP2017

once over and some new shoes for ol'yeller before #ssap2017 #singlespeed #mtb #dicknose #zoiks

Got a 5 hour layover at JFK making me miss pushing this 60lbs rv around Southern California. The #stagecoach400 and desert was not for me, but was able to find some other places to actually enjoy riding this thing. Next weekend it will make its transition into a single speed for #ssap2017, and bring it down to less than half the weight.

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