Hey everyone, my life has been a little nuts with Hanukkah, buying presents, jury duty, boyfriend being sick, etc. but I’m gonna at least try to finish up instead of catch up so here is day 18 of #AdventAdventures17 with Organic Cream of Earl Grey. This one has notes of cream and vanilla so when I filtered it and added honey it’s aroma was almost of butterscotch. And look at those blue/grey pieces of cornflower and marigold! I still like Bigelow better but Davids Tea gets bonus points for that delicious amber color. Day 18 also had “Chemistry” by Martin Maccines. A woman tells (and it’s always interesting when a male author has a female POV) a story of her and her husband’s account of each taking pills to fall in love with one another. The fascination of where the line is drawn (and explicitly mentioned) on what to medicate and what to leave to chance in a short, clinical almost disturbing little pamphlet of a short story, like the paper included with a pharmaceutical prescription. #ssac17 #24daysoftea #ssac2017

Day 7 of #AdventAdventures17 features a cup (shared :)) of Organic Saigon Chai and “Edna in Rain” by Marie-Helene Bertino. With whole red peppercorns, the chai blend somehow wasn’t overpowering, even after 3-4 minutes of steeping. Personally I like my chai more on the side of Bengal Spice by Celestial Seasonings, really packed with cinnamon, clove and allspice. Still, this one did the trick for how cold it’s gotten! The short story was very short, maybe only 6 pages! In it we meet Edna, a woman on a walk when suddenly it starts to rain not water but every man and woman she’s ever been with. It’s pretty delightful until a sad, mysterious turn at the end. “He was relentlessly smiling, if there is such a thing. Like those days when you can’t get away from the sun, even when you are inside negotiating a dry cleaning bill, it shines and shines.” #ssac17 #ssac #shortstoryadventcalendar #24daysoftea PS. I did not upload yesterday’s story (day 6) because it was the first I really, really didn’t care for. But perhaps I ought to do more research on the subject material.

Tfw bae can't decide what to read in the bath. #ssac17 #jimgavin #daphnemerkin

Excuse the hiccup, this should have been posted on Tuesday :) #AdventAdventures17 continues with “Glitter and Gold” a black tea with yellow sugar star shaped sprinkles. Reminds me of goodnight moon and New Year’s Eve. Steeped for maybe a minute so the cinnamon wouldn’t succumb to the bitterness of the black tea, and some white sugar really opens up the spices! “Help Me Follow My Sister Into The Land of The Dead” by Carmen Maria Machado is a story presented through a single webpage of a gofundme campaign. Imaginative, spiritual and heart wrenching, any quotes I’d provide would spoil the whole thing. Loved it. Cheers to playing catch-up during the holidays! #24daysoftea #ssac #ssac17

A strong tea and strong tale for day 4 of #AdventAdventures17. Another green tea, organic silk dragon jasmine, the first straight tea of the calendar. This one I steeped for maybe 30 seconds but the aroma and flavor brimmed with strength, overwhelming any sugar I added. Still, the flavor was just the catalyst I needed to transport me to “Kings” by Hasanthika Sirisena. Packed with research influenced by DH Lawrence’s time in what is present day Sri Lanka in the 1920s. The retelling is imaginative with glimmers of his personal life. “He has changed from his sarong to a chauffeur’s uniform, immaculate white suit, and cap. The bleached fabric accentuated his skin. James was attractive, in a way.” #ssac17 #ssac #24daysoftea

Day 3 of my #AdventAdventures17! It’s starting to creep me out how the teas and stories are complementing one another. The strawberry rhubarb was light, fruity but had an unexpected aftertaste. Today’s story (or yesterday’s) was “Lady with Invisible Dog” by Christopher Boucher. A topsy-turvy telling of an invisible dog, a narrator who can make anything happen by saying so, and an actual established department to file and send notarized apologies. The whimsy in this story still relies on very concrete themes like death, money, love and loneliness. The invention of magic is still very human and very raw, highly highly recommend! #ssac17 #ssac

Ahhh I’m already late! Day 2 of my #AdventAdventures17 included a subtle Chocolate Macaroon tea and “Forty-Third C Platoon” by C.P. Boyko. The tea had crystallized rock sugar in addition to dried coconut flakes but the diluted watery taste almost set the mood for this story. There’s hints of cocoa at the end but I prefer to sip real hot chocolate instead of chocolate tea. Anyway, this story chilled my heart. An unnerving collection of vignettes following an all-women’s platoon. The horror magnified because war is indiscriminate. I even gasped when one soldier carried her comrade as her body had almost severed in two. “Imagine what fun inventing a gun/That kills loneliness,
Fuckups and war?” #24daysoftea #ssac17 #ssac

Day 1 of my #AdventAdventures17 were a warm chocolatey cinnamon spice Snow Day tea and “The Face” by Laird Hunt. A green tea (therefore really easy to overstep and turn bitter), smelling of cocoa and popcorn (look at those pieces! 👀) but all those flavors vanish when oversteeped. Anticipating my obliviousness I added a small spoon of sugar so it offset a little of the bitterness for a tasty light flavor. “The Face” is a retelling if a retelling of a crime yet a bend in reality. I screenshot some of my favorite exchanges as I looked for just who was telling the truth. Another one of my favorite quotes (not pictured) was “but she had been just that good looking. The kind of good looking where you didn’t ever want to go anywhere again and started in to wishing that the lord of days and hosts would smite you down where you were so that you would never have to look at or think about anything else again.” #24daysoftea #ssac #ssac17

Orang yang bahagia bukanlah orang pada lingkungan tertentu,melainkan orang dengan sikap-sikap tertentu
-Hugh Downs
#hmjakt #ssac17

Christmas countdown begins. #adventcalendar #ssac17 #christmas

Happy November everyone! I love advent calendars so I thought this year I’d post a short review each day for December for my 24 days of tea (David’s Tea) and short story advent calendars (Hingston & Olsen) with hashtags #24DoT17 and #ssac17 I’m not getting paid for this, I just thought it’d be fun to do what with everything online trying to divide people up. If you have one of these or a different advent calendar, hit me up so we can compare notes or get festive together! #christmas #adventcalendarreview #imbecominglindabelcher

#tbt Discovered that a guy I met at #SSAC17 (John Drazen), played against me in my last college basketball game. He had almost no photos from college basketball. There are maybe 10 pictures that exist from my extremely short college career (#ThanksMom!). In three of those pictures, I'm guarding John. His #RPI PhD team won the research paper competition at the @sloansportsconf and my #TCUMBA team won the case competition. Such a small world!

#TBT to the Kellogg SBC invading the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in March #SSAC17 #sportsanalytics #mykellogg

Being selected to participate in this year's MIT Sloan Analytics Conference and share www.reely.ai with the sports world is a huge highlight on our journey. 🏆 #AI #ESPN #SSAC17

Once we can fogure out a way to show how numbers such as these help players, teams and management in Europe at varying levels İ will be content to say that analytics has been able to help basketball grow properly #advprobball #advanceprobasketball #ssac17 #hoopsanalytics #euroballanalytics

If you want to hear a guy say "umm" and "like" a lot, you should totally go watch the video of me presenting at #SSAC17. #Woof #NotMyFinestMoment #TCUMBA

Fortunate to join Shane Battier, Marcus Lattimore and Greg McGarity on this panel yesterday at @sloansportsconf! #ssac17
#Repost @mit_emba with @repostapp
#MITEMBA representing at @sloansportsconf with our own @ae_commish! 👐 📷:@kostastavros
#MITSloan #StudentLife #sports #conference #Boston

Last one from Shark v. Fox. Tried to get the Cubes to bite on the Plankey #ssac17 #fleming

Congratulations to Jon Gulbransen, Mitch Howe & Paige Sabo, winners of the 2017 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics First Pitch Case Competition!
The #TCUMBA team bested UT and Dartmouth to win the competition in Boston, MA this weekend. #SSAC17

We had a blast at #SSAC17! Check out LBiDynasty.com to learn more about our love for #sportsanalytics. @SloanSportsConf ⠀⠀⠀⠀
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