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I spy a girl with a banana 👧🍌

| the boys at dinner | ❤

| who turned my baby into a real girl??? | 😱💕

| party animals | 🎉

| I looked down and saw a little girl who was happy as a clam | ☺💕

| oh happy day | 💘

I married that. #boom

Mickey and Evie ❤💗💚


Hahaha....they're going vogue

I asked him if he'd be my model for some faceless portraits. I guess I couldn't resist. #oops

All ze giggles.

My babies <3

BitBit looks so tiny against the tree & overgrowth behind here...my sweet girl 🐴

Throwing it back to Christmas. I was being a tree. You can tell its a tree because of the way it is.

🎶I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky🎶 #sierra_sandwich #ourchildrenphoto

🎧In you I see dirty
In you I count the stars
In you I feel so pretty
In you I taste God
In you I feel so hungry
In you I crash cars
We must never be apart🎶🎶

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