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This is the view i love most in #srjc. Suddenly reading all the articles about how SR will merge with AJ in less than 2 years' time makes me feel so nostalgic. There will not be new kids who become sports crazy, raving over the fish soup at the kpt outside, buying waffles and bbt back to scl, playing music in the classrooms at night while studying, having consultations, mugging till school closes, eating daily specials from good news cafe, complaining about queues in the canteen during breaks, rockfest, will run, thanksgiving concert.... And for me, playing bball every single day. Obviously still wasn't good enough to get into the nationals team but having so much fun with the boys. Got my first shoulder dislocation then, my ankles were also cui but bball is ❤️. Can't believe its been 7 years since graduation. But its also thanks to SR that i met my fave bunch of ppl #sr老人院 ❤️❤️ and other fantastic peeps. Being in SR also opened up my naive world so much since its the first mixed school i've been in since kindergarden. I never knew guys could make such good friends. Hahaha. Oh well, still a proud #srjcian in the end.
Rant over.

3 years here, not at all a smooth sailing experience. But I miss this place. The energy. The morning dash for the orange cone, praying for the music to keep playing before you make it to the cone. Among ragged breath and Mr Naha screaming for us to "Hurry up!" cos the music is stopping, it's like Will run training everyday. Then among you there are the rushed footstep of students, like cow being herded into their stalls. Then not to mention the dreaded yellow slip for the Early bird programme awaits you if you are late for three occasions. Then the pink for for the fourth. Then the green form for suspension. Of the place in sch, the stinky "the study" is the place for hard core muggers, people to air their socks and sleep. And then there is the sweet voice at 8.45pm pleasantly chasing student off campus. And then the light goes off, and tmr is a new day. I don't remember much my time of wakefulness, but more of the time I doze off like the doll on the dashboard going left,right, front and back, slept and salivate on my Lecture notes, play Flappy bird in lecture.The people I met here are the nicest people. They are caring, conscientious and super friendly. Not mention the aunty at foodstall, they are always so nice and chatty! I know this is kinda up close and personal but idk I cherish my time here. I'm proud to be a SRJCian.( But not so sure of they are proud to have me as their graduate haha)
#livelovesrlife #lovesrjc25 #SRJCian #sp #spiritofthephenix

Happy birthday to my Sister from another of Mother, my godson's mum, my bitch.... thank you for the awesome 9 years of friendship! More birthday to come! ❤️ although we don't meet often, we know we'll always be there for one another. Love ya! (: #srjcian #classof2008

This. Was. Thanksgiving. Concert. 2013. At. SRJC. And hell were they all sound awesome, with such pulsating energy which echoed through every corner if the hall. They came, they performed and they made me proud to be a #Srjcian! I love my teachers.. There show tonight has certainly made me sure that this was the right choice! That #MarilynMonroe, that #PSY, the epic #LadyGaga and that smooth criminal, #MichaelJackson.. If the real people were here to see my teachers perform today, they'd be astonished! #Love #You #SRJC #Thanksgiving #Concert #2013 ;)


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