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This is the view i love most in #srjc. Suddenly reading all the articles about how SR will merge with AJ in less than 2 years' time makes me feel so nostalgic. There will not be new kids who become sports crazy, raving over the fish soup at the kpt outside, buying waffles and bbt back to scl, playing music in the classrooms at night while studying, having consultations, mugging till school closes, eating daily specials from good news cafe, complaining about queues in the canteen during breaks, rockfest, will run, thanksgiving concert.... And for me, playing bball every single day. Obviously still wasn't good enough to get into the nationals team but having so much fun with the boys. Got my first shoulder dislocation then, my ankles were also cui but bball is ❤️. Can't believe its been 7 years since graduation. But its also thanks to SR that i met my fave bunch of ppl #sr老人院 ❤️❤️ and other fantastic peeps. Being in SR also opened up my naive world so much since its the first mixed school i've been in since kindergarden. I never knew guys could make such good friends. Hahaha. Oh well, still a proud #srjcian in the end.
Rant over.

20 Facts About Me - tagged by @moon_and_stars ^^
1. Happily attached to @bryanthongz for 3.67 months or sth :B
2. Typing this for the second time cause I was a genius and deleted the first
3. I play the piano guitar and used to be from harp :3
4. I draw when I'm bored.
5. I sing in the shower HAHAHA
6. I have a bro @benjaminmoh mehhhhhh
7. Just ate bak kut teh at farrer park!
8. I have a sticker fetish ~w~
9. I have caring friends (: #8sexylookingbabes hahaha
10. My Erzi is @kuan_kahteh
11. I miss my gay wife @fadinghopes but we never got to meet up :(
12. Grew up with @joannemarijo <3
13. My sexy babe Lisa needs to get Instagram D:
14. I wish to start up a business with @bryanthongz but I'm gonna let him do all the management stuff :B
15. Glad to be an #srjcian
16. My cat is called Momo :D
17. I have a great family ^^ 18. I kinda miss PL but I'm just really lazy to go back :B
19. I love and miss you guys @clouddchaser @xiaohuirockzx @myidiosyncrasies , meet up for dinner after guitar or sth? :D
20. God's child :D

TAGGING YOU BOOBS TO DO IT NOW HAHAHAHA @bryanthongz @benjaminmoh @fadinghopes @joannemarijo @cereallygrazz @bouncingcastles @pandypoopee @hopw @jiamss @eeveeteeooh @cereallyprawns @clouddchaser @xiaohuirockzx @myidiosyncrasies

This. Was. Thanksgiving. Concert. 2013. At. SRJC. And hell were they all sound awesome, with such pulsating energy which echoed through every corner if the hall. They came, they performed and they made me proud to be a #Srjcian! I love my teachers.. There show tonight has certainly made me sure that this was the right choice! That #MarilynMonroe, that #PSY, the epic #LadyGaga and that smooth criminal, #MichaelJackson.. If the real people were here to see my teachers perform today, they'd be astonished! #Love #You #SRJC #Thanksgiving #Concert #2013 ;)


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