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#transformationthursday I always get asked what do I do to keep my shape so here it goes:
_ 112 lbs vs 125 lbs. My fitness goal had never been to be stick skinny. When I first started my fitness journey after my first born, I got tiny, too tiny in my eyes. I was overtraining my body and not eating enough. I was so scared to get “fat” that I didn’t realize I was washing myself away. (Pic on the left is me in 2013)
_ The pic on the right is me today. I keep a balanced diet and lift weights 4-6 days a week. I don’t restrict myself from foods I love, but I always eat in moderation. This is not a “look at me” post. It’s to inspire women and show them to lift those weights and eat your food! No need to starve yourself, when you can get better results by lifting weights and maintaining a balanced diet. One thing you should never forget, be inspired by others BUT always be your own motivation! #bebetterthanyesterday #fitnessjourney #inspireothers

#deadliftsfordays #form #fitness #retro #physique #gains #motivation #squats #bench #c4 #protein #training #muscles #BPITeamPower #pause #reps #explosive @johnalvar3z.nj @thedualathlete @kylon_tcsf @jhonnyth0 @iamjordanbeast did some heavy singles 155, 165, 185 and then 190 lbs a mini pr 5 extra lbs then I cool down with only 135 lbs 💪💪💪💪💪

Nap time mit meiner Kleinen 😴👶🏻❤️

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***Off-set KB Bulgarian Split Squat***
Nice different variation of a Bulgarian Split squat putting more emphasis on core stability and hamstring awareness👌
Keep your core braced throughout, weight on the heel of the standing leg and keep that KB in the front rack stabilized to help maintain good posture

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Many people “can’t” train their legs because they have back pain. In 2012 I broke my back in 3 different places in a rugby injury; and refused surgery. You don’t have to activate your back to train legs. It’s all about technique and strengthening the muscles that support your back. I’m pain free, and can still ride my wheels 🏎💨 #legday #excercise #gymlife #fitlife #fitspo #instadaily #instafit #squats #training #gains #muscleup #muscle

Thick short 🔥. 100% squat proof, form fitting, hidden waistband pocket. Im 5’1 145lbs in a size medium! Shop link in bio! #thickerapparel

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