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Brohm Lake right now. Absolutely gorgeous and no one around. #explorebc #exploresquamish

🏔😍🏔....I love neature
#thechief #squamishlove #seatosky #neaturewalks

Sunset drives on Howe Sound...#explorebc #exploresquamish

I see inspiration everywhere these days - I think it might be time to paint some fall trees 🍁🍂🍁
#seatoskyart #hwy99 #squamishlove #squamishartist

🌿 what do we love about squamish? everything. how it feels like home (even though we don't call it that just yet). the mountains & the incredible views. the endless activities available. and, of course, mags 99! 🏔🌯 #exploresquamish #squamishlove

Long weekend brought a little piece of sunshine with it💕


Breeze has really impressive kitchens: tons of storage and counter space, and versatile to act as a breakfast area, a kitchen prep station or a work place. #TargetSquamish

Brohm Lake right now. Absolutely gorgeous and no one around. #explorebc #exploresquamish

Sunset drives on Howe Sound...#explorebc #exploresquamish

Early morning on Howe Sound. #explorebc #exploresquamish

Weekend views. 👌🏼
📷: @joshhwoodman

Freshslice Squamish when your on the move or want it delivered to your door we can get it there fresh opening day coming soon#seatoskygondola #seatosky #squam #squmish #questuniversity #howesound #howesoundminorball #squamishlove

Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride 📸: @marlenefordphoto

December reflections.
📷: @tonyaletonya #exploresquamish

Winter views downtown. #exploresquamish #explorebc

Going back to January 2017, where did you think you’d be by December? Have you gotten everything you wanted? Is what you wanted still true? How have you changed? What are you bringing with you into 2018? What are you leaving behind? How could you have done better in 2017? If we’re not happy with where we’re at right now then it’s up to only ourselves to change it. If you are happy, embrace it. Sit with it. Soak it in. Too often we reach our goals and rush to the next one without being appreciative of what we’ve just accomplished. It becomes a to-do list instead of something to be marvelled. You just fucking nailed it. Relish in it for awhile. Then imagine how rocking 2018 is going to be.

Pick a style any style! Is your family more Northern Lights, Holiday Stripes, Buffalo Plaid or Canadiana?

If you happen to be near Squamish (on your way to Whistler, maybe?) be sure to pop into the @kaoskids_sq shop. They've got everything you could possibly need for babies and kids including Little Blue House gear 💙
#littlebluehouse #littlenluehouseunionsuits #littlebluehousestyle #jammies #familyjammies #familytraditions #familytpjs #twinning #simplethings #joysoflife #outdoorliving #memoriesthatlastalifetime #canadaandtherockies #getoutside #beautifulbc #ilovebc #squamishlove #wildernesslove #squamish #whistler #whistlerblackcomb #squamishbc #repost

Nice to see some sunshine again...#exploresquamish #explorebc

Winter is coming.
📷: @yugenchild #exploresquamish

I saw a great Instagram post recently about using these last 4 weeks of 2017 to tie off loose ends, let go of things, people, relationships, jobs that aren’t good for you anymore. The idea of it being that you can then enter 2018 with a clean slate and a fresh start. ⠀

So I’ve been doing exactly that. I’m always purging and reevaluating things in my life throughout the year but there’s something fitting about letting go of dead ends right now before we say hello to 2018 that’s super cleansing and exciting. What could you let go of now to give you the greatest start to 2018 and clear the air?

“You have so much more time. There are so many moments ahead of you, moments that will change everything; incredible moments that will make you forget all the bad seconds, hours, days, years.” ✨Wishing to be back in this magical place, reppin even more #francesluna 😏🌸

Bald Eagle + waterfall viewing from a @squamishrafting tour.
📷: #squamishrafting #exploresquamish

I have been thoroughly enjoying writing for the @squamishchief and sharing my knowledge on nutrition. This week it felt fitting to chat about what to eat for a day of skiing so you don’t burn yourself out. I try to give a shout out to local business in Squamish on where to find the best nutritious stuff so if you’re looking for a ready to go snack bar for the hill go to @caprarunning for the best selection and nicest smiles!

Starting THIS THURSDAY you can now get Hiro's Poke Bowl in to-go form from our cafe Thursday-Monday for $14.00!!

Dreary days call for #lazerbeamsofhappiness !!! Wondering what a family session really looks like? Head to the blog!

A little glimpse of sunshine yesterday. #exploresquamish #explorebc

When I think of going to Whistler in the winter I think of skiing and snow sports but I now have to add eagle spotting to the list. We were driving back from Whistler and we stopped at an adorable and tasty restaurant called @fergiescafesquamish and I saw an eagle sign which reminded me of something I read ages ago about this area being one of the best eagle spotting places in the world. Well, we spotted a few of the 28 or so eagles the naturalists in the area found yesterday, we peered into their telescopes to see a few up close and we learned that in January there will apparently be around a thousand eagles in these trees! Guess where I’m dying to visit in January now?!! #exploresquamish

Teeny bit excited about this!

Forest magic.
📷: @niki.grace.hurst #exploresquamish

Life is like a CAMERA:
FOCUS on what is important.
CAPTURE the good times.
DEVELOP from the negatives.
And if things don't work out, take another SHOT.
It's my work Christmas party tonight. Looking forward to celebrating with some people that I'm not only privileged to work with but to also call friends! Have a great Friday!

Some great Pow Wow action this weekend at Totem Hall. So great to see the youth dancing group out in regalia and dancing so well. The dancers and drummers were so so amazing... Learnt so much from the elder lady Mary who weaved while we talked. Recognized a man from last year's Kinder Morgan protest who I had taken a photo of. It was one of the photos that I wished he could of had as he is so happy in it. So glad that I got to share that with him today. ♥️
#smallworld #powwow #squamish #squamishlove #squamishnation #culturaljourney #regalia #savehowesound #protecthowesound #happiness #community #cedar #cedarweaving #squamishpowwow #beautifulpeople

Chasing waterfalls
📷: @soletsgoleft #exploresquamish

There’s always time for one more cast.
📷 @krownstone #exploresquamish

Squamish is a Bird Watcher's Paradise. Home to one of North America’s largest congregations of wintering bald eagles that can be viewed easily throughout the winter at several spots around #Squamish. #exploresquamish
📷: @chrismckphoto

Meet Gabe!
Originally from Guatemala, Gabe and his family moved to Squamish in 2009 for the amazing granite bouldering. Gabe can often be found lurking in the lush forest with his wife and daughter Luna.
Gabe has been a GWBC member since 2009. He really loves the try hard energy of the Coop. 'Because you don't know the grade of a problem, it makes you naturally push yourself and want to try harder.' Though he won't admit it, Gabe recently got the first ascent of the boulder "X-terminator" found on the squaminator boulder in The North Walls. With a humility that's hard to find these days, Gabe avoided all questions about what grade it might be. Many a folk have tried this line and had not yet succeeded. We know it's mf' hard!!! Strong effort and big Congrats to Gabe! Follow Gabe here and check out his amazing art! @gabnamurti
#cooppride .
#extendedfamily #squamishclimbinggym #grandwall #squamishgym #squamishbouldering #squamishclimbing #squamishcoop #squamish #xterminator #terminatorboulder #gwbc #crusher #exploresquamish #squamishlife #strongman #gabe #artist #climber #boulderer #trainharder #trainsmarter #sendyourprojects #bouldering #squamishlove

Afternoon light coming down the road after a lap on Half Nelson. #explorebc #exploresquamish


This time last year I was excited to see a @nourishwhistlercornucopia series at the annual Food & Wine festival held in Whistler. It was in that moment I made a goal to host a workshop as a part of this series. A year later here I am! Co-hosting a Meatless Monday Workshop with 2 incredible women @backtoroots_nutrition & @amandadawnnickerson and I couldn’t have been happier!⠀

Thank you to the 30+ people who joined us for a delicious lunch and allowed us to cook for you. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Misty mornings.
The @seatoskygondola will be opening for the winter season on November 24th. #exploresquamish

The view from downtown #Squamish.
📷: @squamishresort #exploresquamish

A walk in the woods.
📷: @tammertron #exploresquamish

The beauty of Howe Sound.
📷: @normhann #exploresquamish


Post adrenal fatigue, I’ve come through not the same shape I was going in and that used to bother me. I would get angry at myself and my body for it. It wasn’t until I studied nutrition and did the inner work to realize that our bodies always have our best interests at play. The body works to protect itself and heal constantly. It does things in direct correlation to what’s being thrown at it. ⠀

The more stress we force on it, the more it has to work to protect itself. So I stopped the body hating and the negative thought patterns. It wasn’t helping. My body was trying to PROTECT me! Who tears down the very thing trying to protect you? ⠀

Instead of looking in the mirror and picking myself apart, I’d find 5 things I love. Instead of being upset cause something didn’t fit quite like it used to, I’d remind myself that change is inevitable & now it’s a chance to try something new. Anytime I’d enjoy some chocolate or a treat made by a friend, I’d ENJOY it and not guilt myself over it (this actually causes more stress otherwise). Instead of trying to fit into societies standards of beauty, I embraced what made me amazing: hips, strong legs, a damn fine behind and a killer smile. I acknowledged that it’s never about perfection, but progress. Are you working towards your goals today even in a small way? Then you’ve nailed it. ⠀

So today, I want 5 things you love about your body and I want you to tell yourself those same 5 things when you look into the mirror 👇💋

Stump Lake under a crisp November sky. #exploresquamish #explorebc

Adrenal Love Potion 💕⠀

This little beverage hits us right where we need it: our adrenal glands. This little Adrenal Love Potion is full of the herbs and foods that we need to bring vitality to this often burnt out organ. ⠀

When our adrenals are flat, we experience fatigue, headaches, sluggishness, brain fog, weight gain, skin breakouts, hormonal imbalances and more. Our adrenals are what help us get up and go and help control our sex organs (flat adrenals rarely helps our sex life). ⠀

This Adrenal Love Potion contains plenty of vitamin C, healthy fats, energy boosting magic and blood sugar balancing properties:⠀

✨ Coconut milk⠀
✨ Hibiscus ⠀
✨ Cinnamon⠀
✨ Raw honey⠀
✨ Ginger Root⠀
✨ Beet Powder⠀

Simmer in a pot on the stove, stirring occasionally then drain into a cup and enjoy 💕

Enter to WIN!
#Squamish's largest 2-day market returns to the historic West Coast Railway Heritage Park on Friday November 17 and Saturday November 18! We've teamed up with #RefreshMarket to offer a day of local food, style and artisan culture.
👉🏼 Tag a friend below and be sure to follow @refreshmarket for your chance to win:
- Two pairs of tickets to visit Refresh Market on Friday November 17 or Saturday November 18
- $50 Refresh Market cash to spend inside
- Four passes to @roperunnerparks (Value: $196)
- A $50 gift certificate and swag courtesy of @backcountrybrewing
Contest closes Monday, November 13. #exploresquamish

How do you take your mornings? ⠀

With a shot of coffee? In a rush? Eating breakfast as you run out the door? With a morning seated meditation? With a movement meditation? We all have our own morning rituals but it’s whether or not they serve us. Does your ritual set you up for a day of success or does it make you feel rushed and frantic? What kind of day could you have if you enjoy your mornings and they made you thrive?⠀

I used to hate mornings. Alarm clocks. Staring at social media as soon as I woke up. Rushing out the door. 50/50 on whether I’d eat. It didn’t really set me up for success and I brushed it off as if it didn’t matter. I used to try and force myself to work out in the morning but I hated it! It didn’t really make me feel awesome. But once I took control of how I wanted my day to flow, my morning rituals became important. Life improved. ⠀

Now my mornings are slow. Wake up by 8. I meditate before I do anything else. No more looking at social media until I’m further into my morning. My mornings are sacred and I don’t want others stories to fill my space and influence my mood. Once my meditation is done I’m up, breakfast is made, tea is drunk. If it’s sunny I sit outside for at least 15 minutes to catch some very important Vitamin D. I get changed. I set my to do list. I check emails. I message people and begin connecting with friends. It’s rare you’ll hear from me before 10 because that’s my time. I try to be fully present in all that I do these days. ⠀

So what could you improve on in your morning ritual to slay the day?

One of my favorite hangs. Mountain Burger House. Just can't beat that home town, real town atmosphere. Hope this place survives the changes to come... #oldsquamish #gentrification #squamish #exploresquamish #squamishlove #cafe #classiccafe #downtownsquamish #culture #local #thereallocalexperience

Join @nataliemrmt and @richellemuscroft for a 3 hour workshop filled with information and discussion, yoga practice, healthy snacks, take home handouts and fascial release balls!
Our goal is for you to leave this workshop with the tools you need to prepare, support, and maintain, a happy healthy body throughout your pregnancy, delivery and post partum.
Where: The Yoga Studio. 37776 second ave, Squamish
When: Friday December 8 2017. 5:30-8:30pm
Please message either one of us with any questions!
#squamishyoga #squamishlocals #squamishlove #prenatalyoga #prenatalworkshop #prenatal #smr #therapyballs #selfcare #therapeuticbasedyoga

Alice Lake Provincial Park is a great place to explore the trails. #exploresquamish

Where do you go when you need time out? To take a knee? To feel inspired? Getting outside of our comfort zones and breaking up routine allows us to think in new and creative ways, to forge a new path, meet new people, figure yourself out. ⠀

Spending time with a dear friend this weekend was exactly what the soul needed. See, since recovering from adrenal fatigue I’ve found myself in a weird place. Like I’m finding out who I am again 2 years later after being so sick. Things that I was okay with are now no longer acceptable. New boundaries are being created. I’m speaking my mind more. Testing limits again. Relationships are being changed. Things are getting adjusted. It’s no coincidence I picked up a new sport, changed careers and am already planning a move in 2018. It’s all apart of this new shift, figuring it all out again. ⠀

When we’re in a bad place with our health, it can be too easy to assign our identity to that illness. It consumes us. But then once we’re through, there comes an adjustment period to figure out life post-bad health. Go with it, don’t fight it. It’s all a part of your journey.

Ocean finds.
📷: @priceanne #exploresquamish

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