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Early mornings on the oceanfront. Love it when the Sound is like glass. #exploresquamish #explorebc

Smiling because I'm in Squamish!!! 😊
#boulderingbabes #climbing_photos_of_instagram #squamishlove #bouldering #climbing

Happy to be back out adventuring with my little love #sulapuppy #squamishlove #stawamuschief

🌿 what do we love about squamish? everything. how it feels like home (even though we don't call it that just yet). the mountains & the incredible views. the endless activities available. and, of course, mags 99! πŸ”πŸŒ― #exploresquamish #squamishlove

Howe Sound looking absolutely spectacular today. #exploresquamish #explorebc

Long weekend brought a little piece of sunshine with itπŸ’•

Adventures with my best friend #squamishlove #exploresquamish #porteaucove #bluebird #love

after work adventures where we live with #joshwakefield #squamishlove

Feeling the #squamishlove by snuggling indoors today! #bcsnow #exploresquamish


Early mornings on the oceanfront. Love it when the Sound is like glass. #exploresquamish #explorebc

Howe Sound looking absolutely spectacular today. #exploresquamish #explorebc

Best seat in the house.
πŸ“·: @saunterwithsanaomar #exploresquamish #explorebc

Learning more about what makes our food go round has been a truly enlightening experience and I know I'll never be an expert because there will always be more to learn. Listening to Michi from @green_bee_honey last night tell us all about bees and how they work was incredible. Not to mention watching the bees from her nearby hives try to get back their honey in the jars πŸ˜‚ eating well isn't tough, you just have to be open to the education of how to do it.

What an amazing evening filled with laughter, stunning views, delicious farm fresh food and wonderful company at @squamish_can's first annual Farm to Table dinner at @squamishvalleyhops. I felt so much gratitude to be amongst a group of people who feel so strongly about our community and the future of our food. Can't wait for many more events to support this non-for-profit doing cool work.

The air is feeling a little more autumn like each day. This morning I pulled up the covers over me just a little bit more than yesterday and the day before. I'm excited to start to welcome this upcoming season with warmer meals, delicious autumn produce and tonight at the first annual @squamish_can Farm to Table dinner. On the table here are some walnuts fresh from the tree and yet to be cracked. This is the best way to have walnuts because they still contain their omega 3s in all of its glory (basically hasn't gone rancid through being subject to the elements). You can truly a taste a difference in your food when it's fresh from the farm ground or tree. Your body notices it too.

Good morning, summer is still here in Squamish! #explorebc #exploresquamish

Into the weekend....
πŸ“·: @tophwebster #exploresquamish #explorebc

Just over a week left to sign up for the Self Care Prenatal Workshop hosted by Richelle M and myself!
Join us Saturday the 23rd for an afternoon of movement, information, self-myofascial release, delicious food and take home tools to help prepare and support your beautiful changing body.
Please message either one of us with any questions!
Visit nataliemacleodrmt.com for more information

We hope to see you there! (The room will not be heated)

#selfcare #yoga #pregnancy #prenatal #prenatalyoga #mokshayogasquamish #prenatalyoga #localsboard #squamishlove #squamish #seatosky #wildheartscatering

Say yes to adventure.
πŸ“·: @jillgwilliam

Over a week ago I deleted social media from my phone and walked away. It felt good and I felt inspired again. I began creating instead of stalling. Social media is so highly curated and can be so distracting that a time out is needed some times. I wanted to reevaluate why I use this tool and it's purpose, but also the direction I want it to go. I don't want to just throw a post up for the sake of posting. I want it to be intentional and I don't want to be noise in your feed. I've come to realize that if you're following me, and as I follow others, it's because hopefully you find my content engaging or interesting in some way, it piques your curiosity. As such, I want to keep within the integrity of that but I also want it to be real. An extension of who I am, not just some version of what I could be. As I evolve, what I post will too but I don't want it scattered. Already I've noticed a theme that I want to incorporate for the next year and it's being Intentional. This is part of it. Intentional with my posts, engaging with my community, who I follow, my why's, how I use social media and so on. Social media should be fun and social and not overwhelming. As we segue into Autumn, this makes for the perfect time to slow down and reevaluate how I can provide value and show up purposefully in the world.

The rivers are busy little places this time of year. #exploresquamish #explorebc #salmonrun

One of the views from Meadow of the Grizzly, one of Squamish' newest bike trails. A massive community effort to build, it is flow riding at its best. Go ride it. After the rain, it's in awesome shape. #exploresquamish #explorebc

The views never get old @seatoskygondola #explorebc #exploresquamish

Flights on flights on flights at @backcountrybrewing πŸ“·: @yvarcade #exploresquamish

I felt more than welcomed at this gem in the mountains today. I love the mountains and I love water. The combination, along with an amazing massage has me feeling rested and recharged.
I'll be back #scandinavespa #seatoskygetaway #squamishlove #selfcareandselflove #waterheals #mountainsarewhereimathome #outdoorwoman #lovelovelovemylife

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