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Happy birthday to this fox 🐺❤️ You deserve a day as special as you! I'm so happy our paths crossed and grateful you always keep me level headed when I "can't find" my stuff 😘 Cheers to 31 🍾 #absolutepassion #squak #foxpack

Thank you my beloved squad❤️ I really never expected this farewell gift and it's the best gift I ever recieved. I'm so blessed and happy that I meant so much to you all. I know I'm the most sesat one in the gang and the most loudest😂 Thank you for all the memories,I will cherish them always. This box is full of so much love and effort from you guys and I'm really touched🙆😘💕 Thanks for putting in so much effort and dedication ya. And to @leeziyi_0426 for being the wuxim one to make this box and all the little secrets inside😂 thanks to all who wrote wishes and little notes☺️🔖 I'll never forget all of you and everything you done for me. I still remember the birthday surprise you all gave me this year. That was also unexpected and I'm so grateful for the love u all show me❤️ All the best in your studies and pls🙏 love each other more, I hate to see y'all fighting :( my whole journey in CGL has been filled with laughter and also sadness. I'll come back Penang to visit u all as much as possible😉 Love you all muaks😘 #squak #janczefemmss

Thankful for this group of weirdos...they are my favorite people in the world and I am glad to call them my friends #squak

"Do chickens have large talons?" -Napoleon Dynamite. I held a chicken today. Her name was Esmeralda Villalobos. She had these straight up orange eyes that were beautiful in a dangerous, demonic type way. Her feathers were super soft. Esmeralda was a real peach, that is until she pooped on me. 💩 #chickens #poop #squak #eggfactory #muchlove

the spirit bun buns made a second appearance friday night #squak

#eaglehuntress #lyleowerko #documentary #squak • birds of prėy 🦅

The boys #squak#

Happy birthday to my buddy ol pal #squak @kyle_ainslie

We will make sure your future bathroom looks bomb. #squak #midcenturymodern #dayoff #helpingthekostyzyns


Met this little creature up the mountain earlier, he was winging it so couldn't keep my beak out #owl #spain #holiday #mountain #pun #bird #squak

Life is good! Hanging at Olbrich Gardens with Dad #hepaidthe$2 #ilooklikemydad #bigjuice #squak #tropicalair #clearthelungs #readyforsummer

#eaglehuntress #lyleowerko #documentary #squak • birds of prėy 🦅

Sometimes your local mountain is the most beautiful mountain.
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Pretty please with sugar on top

And then this happened #squak #oldgriz

*realizes she can't get up squaks* #lifealert #cantgetup #squak @kperkins922

Damn look at those whiskers


What do you think they're saying? 🐦🐦🐦
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Squad goals... 🐧 🐧 🐧 This experience was definitely on the bucket list ✅. Wow. #ushuaia #patagonia #cold #penguins #argentina #islamartillo #theyareSOfreakingcute #squak

It is a known fact that parrots are highly intelligent creatures, but this was not always the case. A 30 year-long animal psychology experiment changed the way that scientists and people everywhere view parrots.
The subject of this experiment was a male Congo African Grey Parrot named Alex. Alex was purchased by Animal Psychologist Irene Pepperberg from a Chicago pet store in 1977 when he was roughly a year old. Pepperberg brought the bird to the University of Arizona, where the experiment began. Alex’s name is actually a backronym for “Avian Language Experiment” or “Avian Learning Experiment”. In his 30 years working in the experiment, Alex developed a vocabulary of over 100 words, but was exceptional in that he appeared to have understanding for what he said. For example, when shown an object and asked about its shape, colour, or material, Alex was able to label it correctly over 80% of the time. He could describe a key no matter what its size or colour, and could always distinguish it as a key. Alex could identify 50 different objects and recognize quantities up to six. He knew all of the basic colours and 5 different shapes. As well, Alex was able to understand concepts of “bigger”, “smaller”, “same”, “different”, “under”, and “over”. (CONTINUED IN THE COMMENTS)

This just about brought me to tears 😢 Never, EVER will any of my babies become "throwaway birds"