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The girl squad

Kami datang dari berbagai macam latar belakang, keyakinan, sifat, kebiasaan, semuanya benar-benar berbeda. Perbedaan membuat kami semakin indah. Saling menghargai dan mendukung satu sama lain. @inijedar

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#TBT with my friends and colleagues @RepMaxineWaters and @RepJohnLewis — don't mess with them! #squadgoals

Now we know what is 2017 trend! 😂😊😁
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The worst of all steps is the first but is the most important ☝💸
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Hottest day of the year so far in Cambridge today! School 7 on the #eftour 🌞🙌🏻😎#efcambridge #squadgoals #effamtrip2017

Me and my crew, how we roll 😎
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Repost from @scottishpowerlifting!

This year AUWC is sending down a terrific group of 18 strong lifters. We have a team of 10 boys competing on the Saturday and 8 girls taking to the platform on Sunday.
Both teams consist of a number of familiar faces as well as a few new additions.
For the boys we have Chris McGregor who will be making his powerlifting debut in the 74kg class. Followed by some of our more experienced club members - Connor Mackie, David Cuthill and Stuart Burnett who will be competing in the highly competitive 83kg class. Thereafter Stuart Vettraino, Gwil Short, Alexander Salucci, and our Club President James Zhou will be battling it out in the 93kg class. Our final two strong boys will be competing in the 105’s - Marcus Heyer and our Boys Captain Pete Tolmie. All of the AUWC boys have been training extremely hard and we are expecting some big PBs.
On the girls side we have two of our most experienced lifters representing AUWC in the 63’s - Jennifer Newton and our Vice President Molly Gray. Followed by new AUWC lifters Jill Tolmie and Leah Mears who will be competing alongside Nina Lepaus, Eve Fordyce and our Girls Captain Molly Tweedle in the 72’s. Finally Annina Jansson, one of our strongest new recruits will be competing for AUWC in the 84’s. Last year our girls’ team qualified to compete at the First IPF World University Powerlifting Championships in Belarus, Minsk. The team finished 4th in the world and 2nd in Europe overall.
Both our girls and boys teams are aiming to collectively defend and retain our title as the Strongest University Powerlifting Team in Scotland for a 3rd consecutive year and potentially qualify for the World Championships in South Africa!
AUWC look forward to seeing everyone on the platform!! Good luck to all fellow competitors, enjoy your deload week and may the strongest team win!! #girlswithmuscle #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #powerlifting #bodybuilding #weightlifting #food #nutrition #gym #training #exercise #workout #gains #strongisbeautiful #strongwomen #powerlifters #edrecovery #eattogrow #eattoperform #motivation #physique #bossbabe #peachgang #powerliftingchicks #bootybuilding #squadgoals

Bye Cancun.. Its been Emotional 🌊🌎💙 #travel #friends #squadgoals #mexico @sctm_m @missgillani @relle1986

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