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Come friends! Pls join my team in #sqkii #colourwithme event and stand a chance to win $10,000!! Team ID: G95QwW

Pls drop me a DM if you are joining my team so that I can keep track of who is in the team (for splitting of cash prize if we win! If not you won't get any share of the prize haha) 😃😃 Sign up at https://colour.sqkii.com/menu

Skqii is back with another collaboration with OCBC! Sqkii and their human friends are giving away a 99.99% gold bar to someone with a heart of gold.
Quickly grab one of these #MakeADay challenge cards from our store by using ‘OCBC Pay Anyone’ to make a transaction and stand a chance in winning the gold bar! 🤩
#northspineplaza #sqkii #thesandwichguysSG #stuffedwithgoodness #burpple #sgfood

the things we spend our time on instead of hunting for the #sqkii mouse HAHA @eshton

The weather seems good today. Maybe I should go for some mouse hunt? I wonder where could the mouse be @sqkiimouse? 🤣

Haven't been doodling much lately cause I was out in parks looking for a mouse coin. Some of my rewards so far are - turning 2 shades darker, cardio training, fresh oxygen, nice views, discovering places I didnt know existed and that parks can be so eerie even in the day time. 😂

#huntthemouse #sqkii #doodle #drawing #instadoodle #rustydoodle #liho

-Alright alright! Definitely one of the highlights of the tasting event is this warm Pandan & Coconut French Toast Sticks served with Gula melaka dip😍😋 THIS IS REALLY GOOD! The toast itself is just perfect and chewy inside. Top that with the dip and damn! What a way to end a lovely meal indeed😊 Blessed to have been invited! Cheers to my next tasting event (if I get a chance😅)! #missionsgcafes #onefarrerhotelandspa #pandan #gulamelaka #sqkii #flipflopsg

If you're one of those people who joined the #HuntTheMouse craze for the past few days or so, better meet the man behind it! 😏 Head down to our Real Journeys session this Thursday and hear from Mr Kenny Choy, the co-founder of Sqkii, his entrepreneurial journey! 🙌 Sign-up link is on the bio! Do hurry as the deadline to sign up is tomorrow, 23:59! #sqkii #onerbfam #realjourneys

Fusionmania- Miso Clam & Mushrooms ($12.90): This was actually pretty good. Loads of bonito flakes😋 Just go easy on mixing the spaghetti with the heavy cream sauce

First up,I would like to applaud my fiancèe who actually follow my crazy idea to #huntthemouse from @sqkiimouse right after a week of not seeing each other due to her business trip.
Secondly,I've dragged her out to cycle with me. It was unimaginable that we managed to clock a distance of at least 10km with the the help of @obikesg free weekend ride 😂. I'm so proud of her that she has learnt how to cycle because of me,giving her 💯points for her efforts #relationshipgoals
Thirdly,we were so determined that we went to comb the entire area from outram->harbourfront->labrador park->hortpark->kent ridge park within a day. Haha this sounds like the worst torture you can imagine even though We were so upset we didn't manage to find the #goldencold but we found love and companionship.
Finally,just want to let @cindyteowx knows that thank you for everything that you have done even like the case of silly requests ❤️ #beautifulsunset #sqkii #kentridgepark #HuntTheMouse 👍

We are delighted to have Karl Mak, the co-founder of SGAG, and Kenny Choy the co-founder of Sqkii over for our very first Real Journeys session this semester on Thursday ☺️ So if you're interested to start your own media and advertising company or interested about this industry or just simply still venturing, this RJ session is for you! 🤘🏻 Sign-up link on our bio! #sgag #sqkii #onerbfam #realjourneys
Deadline to sign-up: September 12, Tuesday, 23:59

6 Sep 2017, Wed: The amount of @sqkiimouse scratchcards my mousehunting team & I have accumulated in just 2 days! We're coming for you Sqkii 🐭
#sqkii #HuntTheMouse

Because Singaporeans are going crazy over a mouse 😂🐭 Hello Mousey, come to me. I get Rainy to share his food with you ❤️ #huntthemouse #sqkii #squeak #🐭 #pastamania #ocbcpayanyone #funwaytokilltime

5 Sep 2017, Tue: Back at @kraftwichsg again today for lunch, @sqkiimouse scratchcard hints and team bonding 🐭
#kraftwich #kraftwichsg #kraftwichbyswissbake #sqkii #HuntTheMouse

4 Sep 2017, Mon: Killing two birds with one stone (or catching two mice with a slice of cheese) by having a healthy & delicious lunch and getting scratchcard hints at @kraftwichsg , one of the official partner outlets for the @sqkiimouse hunt 🐭 .
#kraftwich #kraftwichsg #kraftwichbyswissbake #sqkii #HuntTheMouse

The 🐭 enjoys a good view, but where is the 🐭? 🤔🐀🌃🇸🇬 #huntthemouse #sqkii #singapore

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