#tbt to when my bestie graduated and I flew up to watch. And today is dedicated to her because 2 years ago today she came to Florida. I miss you so much. #sq46

#tbt I swear I'll remember this day for the rest of my life. Hopefully I get to come back next summer💚 #bestfriends #July9th2013 #reunited #airportsign #sq46 @ashleynychol

Feels like we haven't been separated at all❤ #bestfriend #reunited #1yearapart #sq46 @ashleynychol

We have our own hashtag on here! Hahaha #instaawesome #sq46 #justours @gingippie @ashleynychol

Summer throwback💜 walking on the flood wall a little before ash left. Not a day goes by that I don't miss her. I always wanna call her up and ask her to walk around but then I snap myself back into reality and it sucks... I love you angelbites dag and I miss you so much💔 #angelbites #SQ46 #somanymemories @gingippie @ashleynychol

In 6 days my best friend's leaving, we haven't been friends foreverrrrr but she's been through a lot with me. Her and dag helped me figure out who my real friends were. They've been there for me when it seemed like no one was. Our long talks, your dad and you arguing about Bruno Mars, your Bruno Mars OBSESSION, our sleepovers before competitions, SQ46 (hahaha), makin' muffins;), Titus and bob, your mommy, you yelling at Elyse 24/7, and your freakin HILARIOUS laugh. I'll miss all of that but I'll miss you the most girly. You've help mold me into ME. You've Helped me through this year and EVERYTHING. I'm gonna miss you like crazy Angel bites. I've been balling all day like a baby because it's finally hit me but just do me this one favor and never forget me cause I'll never forget you❤ I love you ASSley -Much Love, Your annoying bestfann Mrrrrrrr #😢 #iloveyou #neverforget #AngelBites #datASS #mmmgurl #SQ46 @dagnymcewen @ashleynychol

Mac 'n cheeseeee #SQ46 😜

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