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..while i'm waiting 😅🤓 #skylanders #spyrosadventure #triggerhappy #ps3

✨Happy New Year from "The Big Guy!" 🎉👦🏾🎊✨I told my son that I would post this cool picture he came up with featuring his video game favorites---"SKYLANDERS!" 😁✨✌🏾💛🎊✨#happynewyear #happynewyear2018 #geek #chicgeek #skylanders #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #treerex #spyrosadventure #spyro #triggerhappy #boomer #skylandersboomer #bumbleblast #videogame #starstrike #activision #game #gamer #myson #proudmom #popcorn #cocacola #layschips #pizza #dj

Listen man, I'll probably never finish this, so take some Flameslinger line art
#FlameSlinger #Fire #FireElement #Skylander #Skylanders #SpyrosAdventure #MyArt #DigitalArt


This is kinda a shoddy costest, but i really wanted to try doing a look for my boi Spyro. I do want to do some form of a cosplay for Spyro, I loved the games so much as a kid and still love him now.
#spyro #spyrothedragon #spyrosadventure #spyrocosplay #dragoncosplay #dragonmakeup #costest #ps1 #sony #playstation #throwback #childhoodmemories

“Out of sight” Hey guys, biggest shock of the year I know, but taking the number one spot is enigma, to the surprise of absolutely nobody. His traptanium staff is good for hitting enemies and stringing together combos, the staff itself is strong especially when fighting a villain or when near a traptanium cluster. He can vanish leaving only his cloak behind, in Trap Team he can freeze enemies, but this was taken out in future games, while in this mode if you took its path there will be three illusions that attack enemies while you sneak away. Your attacks are boosted once coming out of invisibility so that’s a bonus. His slam is good for spread or when he is surrounded, it’s a good side move, while it is very situational. The real reason that enigma is on this list is what he means to me and this account. I didn’t have Enigma starting out with this account but with the name and it bring a Skylanders account, I chose enigma as a way to represent the account. He represents this account I’ve spent a year building up and while it has pretty much stopped growing at this point, it doesn’t change how much I’ve enjoyed hosting this account. You can pretend like this community sucks, go ahead, but there’s a reason you’re still in it. Merry Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, just have a nice day. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

Two drawings I did a few years ago. I'm so happy that I've learned, grown, and come so far. It's nice to see that my drawing ability and art skills have progressed.
#art #artwork #illustration #sketch #drawing #doodle #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #spongebob #spongebobsquarepants #spyrosadventure #spyrothedragon #traditionalart

“Fuel the fire” our runner-up is somehow a start pack character. I mean besides Trigger Happy there aren’t many starter pack characters that stand out, but here we are, with Spitfire as my second favorite skylander. His punches are fast, streamlined, and are great for combos, especially when he is supercharged. His dash is a dash, it does damage but it’s really ineffective for an offensive attack, on its pasty you can charge it up to do damage, but even on my dark Spitfire (who is in this path) I never use it, it just takes too long to charge and it’s area of effect is basically a straight line. His flamenadoes are what makes him stand out, these do 10-15 hits per flamenado if done right, and on its path you can summon two, this is where Spitfire begins to rip everything to shreds. The flamenadoes in tandem with his punches and his dash for getting around and catching up to enemies, makes this guy and unstoppable wrecking ball of destruction. Don’t even get me started on the supercharged bonus, all I have to say about that is, RIP enemies. His only real draw back is his HP, which is only 600 at level 20 on normal Spitfire, however, his dark version has 800 so that really only applies to the normal version. Now who could be my favorite skylander? If you’re asking that question you’re clearly new here. What do you think of Spitfire? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

“Attract to attack” top 3 baby, and taking the bronze medal us Magna Charge. You may be wondering why the picture is of nitro Magna Charge, no you’re not? Well I’ll explain it anyway, I actually don’t have the normal Magna Charge, and to be honest, I just like the nitro color scheme more, although that may be me talking from having it for so long. Our first swapper as well as the first swap force character, while I like their games over the TFB games, VV just isn’t as good as making characters as TFB are, but when they hit it out of the park, they hit it hard like Magna Charge here. His gun is strong and while it does need to recharge after a while, if you go down the gun path you can launch out a blast that negates the recharge, and you can keep shooting, it’s great, it really is. Keeping with Magna part of Magna Charge, he can pick up enemies and through them at other enemies, or he can summon other items, like sinks, propane tanks, and more. Going to his Charge half, he speed up on his wheel and drag up to four enemies behind him and release the button to throw them, this is good for damage and for getting around, since he is a speed skylander. What do you think of Magna Charge? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

“The roar of thunder” our 4th skylander is the fashionably late Wild Storm, he’s not like ro-now because ro-now was just late, wild storm was a month overdue, ro-bow was nearly 5 when he was released. Wild Storm is a skylander I liked since the first time I saw him, when a skylander captivated me with their design I’m immediately interested, that’s what happened with Eruptor and chop chop who lived up to their expectations and are both in my top ten characters. His sword slashes are strong and have a combo where he can charge forward and knockback enemies, a common theme with wild storm is knockback, I’ve since dubbed him “the knockback King”. These attacks are strong and fast and my go to weapon with wild storm. His lightning slash is like Gill grunt’s except stronger and knocking enemies back leaving them open for the sword attacks. His third attack is him roaring winds....ok, I never use this attack but it does launch enemies into the air and knocks them back, although this attack doesn’t do much damage. If you jump and press the second attack button, you can take steroids, essentially, and become this hulking powerhouse, the initial transformation also causes knockback. He can claw at enemies which destroys them and he has a combo that on the third move, you guessed it, knocks enemies back. His skychi, I’ll be honest is probably one of the worst in the game. He has an area of effect and you can run around freely to attack enemies, but the damage is only like 80 at best so it’s insanely weak, the ending isn’t even strong like ambush’s was. What do you think of wild storm? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

“Fear the fish” our 5th skylander is both our first supercharger and normally a character I’m not too fond of. About the supercharger thing, while I like the roster as whole, there aren’t many that are top 25 material, if this was a top 30 there would probably be 3 more but for now there’s only two on the list. His trident attack is kinda like a sword which is a breathe of fresh air from his harpoon gun, it does good damage especially supercharged. His lightning bolt is a good distance attack without needing a harpoon, and when you get his soul gem, when you hold down the button, you can summon a lightning storm which is like a screen nuke it attacks everything near you. His jetpack is the same and that was the only half decent thing about the normal Gill Grunt, so that’s good, except you don’t run out of water and when you get on the jetpack you have a whole new move set. You can rocket forward on the wave which is good for getting around, as the trade off for not having the jetpack be on a timer is it doesn’t go as fast. You can also “throw” waves at enemies and by holding the button you can spin in a 360 degree motion and throw out waves in that direction and f enemies get caught in that attack you can juggle them. The Theo attack button is just for you to get off the jetpack. What do you think of Deep Dive Gill Grunt? Do you think he’s an improvement over the original? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

“Weed’em and reap” our 6th skylander who is just barely missing out on the top 5 is Ambush, while he has fallen in my list, I still enjoy him a great deal. His sword slash’s and fast and frantic being able to pull off combos really well and his other attacks work seamlessly together to help attack enemies. His bamboo bash is him rocketing forward on a trail of bamboo, it works well as a dash, and kinda as an attack, the damage is decent but it’s real buff is it stunning enemies, which was bugged in imaginators to last 5-10 seconds instead of like 2, I guess (like everyone else) the enemies got stupider in imaginators. His bamboo shot is him launching out bamboo in 8 directions and or both knocks enemies back and stuns them. On its path, you can charge it up and launch enemies that re near you into the air as well as shoot out bamboo shoots. It also can work as a shield but it doesn’t stay long so I wouldn’t use it as one. His skychi is him locking onto enemies for like 5 seconds and then slashing them and releasing bamboo bombs onto them which is sure to kill almost all the enemies, minus baabarians but screw baabarians. What do you think of Ambush? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

“Slice and dice” our 7th skylander is someone I’ve liked since I first saw them, I mean how could you not? As I mentioned in the previous post, Eruptor and chop chop were one of the first two I wanted, I ended getting chop chop and bash as birthday presents, along with sonic boom since I didn’t have an air element at the time. I remember playing the hell out of this guy, same with Eruptor when I first got him. His sword swings are quick and powerful and along its path it gets cooler and cooler looking until it looks like a sword from hell, it also has combos and gets stronger and stronger as well. The vampiric aura is a great support upgrade, basically whenever you kill an enemy with your sword, you regenerate health, for SSA it’s 7 but I think it varies on the game. His shield which is not pictured, is good for projectiles, however, it does have a time limit so you can spam it, I thought the arkeyans were advanced but they can even make a shield? His shield bash is his only attack in his shield without the path upgrades, it’s alright, it’s ridiculously close ranged but it does decent damage. His final upgrade on the shield path is it absorbing damage and then launching it back out at enemies, to be fair I almost never do this attack right, but when I do do it right, it’s amazing. His bone brambler is the closest thing you’re gonna get to a projectile with chop chop, it’s strong and it’s soul gem upgrade strengthening it helps a great deal, I use it sometimes as range attack. His Wow Pow, or at least for Series 3, kinda forgot Series 2 on the account I don’t have it anymore, is him summoning a sword for the sky, not joking, he then charges up, you maintain normal speed during it, so it isn’t all bad charging, at full power he releases s flurry of sword slashed for 5-7 seconds which kills just about everything. What do you think of chop chop? Let me know in the comments below -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

“Born to burn” our 8th character is the flagship fire element and could be argued to be one of the flagship Skylanders with the exception of spyro and stealth elf. He’s been in everything, every one of the games as a repose or an NPC, he’s in Academy, and he’s the Skylanders float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, glad to see Activision like him as much as I do. I remember Chop Chop and Eruptor were two of the characters I really wanted from the original 32 and I got him along with boomer, zap, Dino rang, and hex, Eruptor was the standout of the group for me. His lava blobs are good for damage especially on the path where they explode, bounce, leave a fiery pool, and then explode again. Speaking of a fiery pool, his eruption is great, you’d think with his name being Eruptor that his eruption would’ve returned for superchargers but no, it’s the magma ball. The eruption is slow on the blob path but on the eruption path, the eruption is near instant and he summons volcanoes that damage enemies as well as the fire balls that come out of the eruption as well. His magma balls are just kinda there, they aren’t even a projectile he just kinda spits it up and you can roll it around, and until superchargers you had to release them one at a time, although superchargers buffs it by having all three come out at once. The main draw to the magma balls are his two wowpows. Both involve him swallowing the magma balls and lava barfing, either around him or launching it into the sky. Both are ok for what they and his lava barf variations wow pow is good for an area of effect that is greater than the eruption if that means anything to you. Speaking of lava barf Eruptor I found him in a Walgreens.......yep. What do you think of Eruptor? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

“It’s feeding time” our 9th skylander is probably one of the more unique of the original 32, while everyone else is a mythical monster or an amalgamation of that respective element, Terrafin is a shark that just swims in land, and he’s freaking amazing. His punches are strong and have a good speed and fluidity which fits his fighter aethestic, the series 3 version makes his punches even stronger with the wow pow, so that’s nice. His punch path gives him extra combos and stronger punches to boot. His burrowing is his main attribute as it was brought back for superchargers minus the belly flop. He can avoid enemies and sneak around, if you go down its path you get a razor fin and you go faster so that’s nice, his soul gem also allows him to pick up food and money, so basically if you go down that path you never need to resurface. His mini-sharks are only good for support, on his series 3 version. They appear at will to attack enemies thanks to the wow pow, the actual attack makes you summon them by standing completely still, and their damage isn’t even that good. What do you think of Terrafin? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

“Target acquired” starting our top ten us sword tron as I so eloquently called him in an older post I deleted a while ago. I know some people were mad it wasn’t luminous, some people even wanted spellslamzer even though he realistically had no chance, based on how blaster tron turned out I’m perfectly fine with him being the light villain. His sword swings are good and powerful he can also shoot out a blast in a combo, also the sword is cool as hell, I’m just gonna say it now. If you hold down the first attack button blaster tron can fly and when the button is released he releases a flurry of blasts which is good to use, and the jetpack on its own is good for mobility. His second attack isreleasing a ball of energy, which instead of damaging enemies, powers up blaster tron, kinda like knight light’s shining slam. I hardly use it as you have to be at a stand still to use it, by holding the button blaster tron will fly again and when released plasma protector will encase him for a little while which makes the move itself more useful. He can release rockets out of his jet pack that can form an electric tripwire that damages enemies, kinda like whirlwind’s clouds mixed with voodood’s tripwire, I never use it, again you have to at a stand still and you don’t even get an extra benefit by holding the button down, the attack is just kinda there, I would’ve preferred his jetpack slam from Trap Team honestly. His skychi is him becoming giant (ok......) and stomping on enemies, despite this attack not making any sense it’s not too good as you slow down incredibly and the damage just isn’t worth it. What do you think of blaster tron? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

Thank Master Eon! We now have more Skylanders in stock! Separated by game (Spyro, Giants, Swap Force, Trap Team, Super Chargers, and Imaginators) you can now find the element or piece you need to further your journey through Skylands and put Kaos in his place!
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“Fruit punch” Our 11th skylander is Camo, why was this guy part of the forgotten 8 again? He probably has one of the coolest designs of the original 32, I think it may all come down to his release, notice how all of wave 5 wasn’t revised until Swap Force? It’s because of their release they were super hard to find and therefore it looked like they didn’t sell. His solar power ball does decent damage and it can be used three times in a combo like fashion. His soul gem also involves using all 3 as a force field that heals you gradually, while the timing for these fire balls is off at best, it’s a helpful ability. His firecracker vines are good swarms if enemies especially down is path where you can shoot two powered up vines at once. His melon shield is good swarms as well, and down its path they both get stronger and you can stop it from releasing, making it become an actual shield. In his thornhorn variation he also can release pumpkins that explode into mini pumpkins that damage enemies, same with the firecracker vines. What do you think of Camo? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

“Hey! I’m on fire” our 12th skylander is the pitch shifting hot head, seriously I can’t be the only one this happens to, his voice switches from really high, to medium, to sounding like he took ten testosterone pills, like seriously, this happen to anyone in Giants? I also have a story with hot head although I did share it during the zook post so I’ll be brief. Hot head was the character I wanted most was hot head from Giants (eye brawl was second), we found him at a Meijer of all places when going grocery shopping, my grandma let me get him, on the condition that I would have to wait until Christmas Eve to get him, there was a sea where you could get a core character 50% off and I chose zook and the rest is history. His flamethrower arms are good for spread as you don’t go any slower when using them, not like going at normal speed as a giant is anything out of this world but still. He can launch an oil blob which on its own can damage enemies and leave streaks of oil to slow enemies down, using the flamethrowers or the spark shower can light the oil and enemies covered in it on fire doing extra damage. The previous mentioned spark shower is a really cool attack that can deal with chompies and can be used for support damage if you play your cards right, the problem is that it takes 3-4 seconds for the spark shower to activate leaving you open to bigger enemies. His hot rod soul gem ability is just so hilarious and random it’s actually kinda amazing. You can run over enemies, or should I say chompies because that’s the only thing you can run over. It is a way to get around faster, so I guess that counts for something. What do you think of hot head? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

“Who dares face me” for our 13th skylander we have the fire, for some reason, element Tae Kwon Crow, I would’ve preferred pepper jack honestly but he is a good substitute. His ninja stars are good for straight damage and on their path they both get stronger and you can shoot three at once giving you a sort of damage area when throwing. His flame kick is fine on its own, if you went down the star path it serves to power up the stars and not much else. However, ok the kick path it becomes much more useful. You can do a combo kick ending in a roundhouse of flames which damages enemies and then you can throw stars at them the stars and the kick work together well. His buzzer beak summon is ok, it takes about 2 seconds leaving you open, on the kick path you can summon three, but they’re only there for support and even then they die if they get hit once, so at least that’s true to Trap Team. The giant buzzer beak takes 5 seconds to summon and while he does impact damage he’s just a bigger version of the normal buzzer beaks with slightly more damaging attacks. His skychi is him throwing giant ninja stars, they’re good for range and going through swarms of enemies but the Danae isn’t all too good especially for a skychi. Also, I know people don’t like how TKC is the fire villain instead of pepper jack, look on the bright side, at least it isn’t grinnade. What do you think of Tae Kwon Crow? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

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