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Taking the plunge #LoveFL (📷: Weeki Wachee by @__ryan_j__)

summer is for springs

Happy #worldwaterday 💙💧
Today, and every day, every person on this planet relies on fresh, clean drinking water to survive. Here in #Florida , 92% of us rely on water from the underlying #aquifer for our daily needs. This aquifer is hidden beneath our feet, but in some places, water from the limestone passageways makes its way to the surface at #freshwater springs. These #springs are windows into our most vital resource and also the perfect place to swim. My work as a conservation photographer is to help connect people to their often forgotten freshwater... in my world, every day is 🌍 #water day. #thisisyourdrinkingwater #bluemind #waterlust
📷 of @goingowengone by @jmadler during last weekend's water-filled adventures @fl.stateparks

Czujecie już wiosnę 😎 ?
@denley.pl @bolf Na hasło "Trybson10" zgarniecie 10% zniżki na wszystko w sklepie 💲😉 www.denley.pl

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Proljece je a u meni nemir...#springs #nature

These springs have been sitting in the garage for a year now in the box taking up space. Idk if anyone might be interested but if you are, send me a message. They are Neuspeed race springs. Fit jetta, golf, eos, passat, rabbit and cc. #neuspeed #vw #springs #racesprings

In terms of the parts of the #ArmorofGod , the various pieces (the #belt of truth, the #breastplate of righteousness, the "#shoes " of the gospel of peace, the shield of #faith , the #helmet of salvation, and the #swordoftheSpirit ) are correlated to what Paul would have witnessed #firsthand as the #armsandarmor of Roman ... #youdonthavechildren
European settlersEdit

One possible origin of palm in the place name comes from early Spanish explorers who referred to the area as La Palma de la Mano de Dios or "The #PalmofGodshand ".[9] The earliest use of the name "#Palm #Springs " is from United States Topographical Engineers who used the term in 1853 maps.[10] According to William Bright, when the word "palm" appears in Californian place names, it usually refers to the native California fan palm, Washingtonia filifera, which is abundant in the Palm Springs area.[11] Other early names were "Palmetto Spring" and "Big Palm Springs".[12]

The first European resident in Palm Springs itself was Jack Summers, who ran the stagecoach station on the Bradshaw Trail in 1862.[13]:44, 149 Fourteen years later (1876), the Southern Pacific railroad was laid 6 miles to the north, isolating the station.[13]:17 In 1880, local Indian Pedro Chino was selling parcels near the springs to William Van Slyke and Mathew Bryne in a series of questionable transactions; they in turn brought in W. R. Porter to help market their property through the "Palm City Land and Water Company".[8]:275 By 1885, when San Francisco attorney (later known as "Judge") John #Guthrie #Carrying , also colloquially referred to as #palming , is a #violation in the game of basketball. It occurs when the dribbling player continues to dribble after allowing the ball to come to rest in one or both hands

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