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Getting my winter run on. Thanks @runcrs @tribe_fitness and @speedrivertfc for the @raceroster #springrunoff this morning.

Photo @materas// Springtime and the rivers and waterfalls run strong with snow melt from the higher elevation snowpack in the Cascades. 120 foot high Tamanawas Falls is reachable by a 3 mile forest hike in the Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon. Follow me @materas for more images like this from Oregon and around the world. #oregon #waterfall #springrunoff

It's only cold if you're standing still #springrunoff

First run of the season and first time running this course. Amazing weather and supporting a great cause the only killer were all the hills!! #springrunoff @runcrs @canadianrunning

CONGRATS to Tristan Woodfine @speedrivertfc (24:15) & @tasha_wodak (27:55) our Champions at today's 40th running of the @raceroster #springrunoff 8k! BIG s/o to ALL who crossed that Finish line today 👏👏👏 #runcrs #runTO #acroad

The crew run run run. Feeling the spring vibes all through the park on this gorgeous day for the race roster spring run-off with ma girl @lren89! Bring on the sunshine and the sweaty runs of summatime!

#springrunoff #raceroster #toronto #runningman

Holy #highwater the Gallatin is chuggin! #velocity #springrunoff #seasonsoftheriver


Slot canyons and $20 shoes from Walmart. In one of the former we saw plenty of the latter.
Remember, rubber boots aren't only for rain and shoveling poo. They dry quickly, are excellent at keeping water out in the first place, and don't weigh all that much.
Unlike the athletic shoes the next aisle down.
#slotcanyon #utah #kanarraville #springrunoff #dryfeet #wetfeet #coldfeet #bluefeet #cheapgear #theyliveinmycar #imighttoosometimes #i15 #sandstone #notzionbutclose

Missing clear mountain streams and hot springs
#idaho #hiking #hotsprings #springrunoff #takemeback

Our office today.
When we first arrived this site was an unfinished mess. The previous owner left it a field full of brush, willow stumps, burdock and endless thistle.
We have cleared it up, added a pad for a sheshed, created a huge natural rain-garden and you can see the clients on the right, leveling the fire pit area.
The whole area will be seeded out with a lawn/meadow mix and be allowed to re-naturalize over time. We are so excited to see this site evolve 😃
#ilovemyjob #raingarden #springrunoff #permaculture #gardeningwithdeer

Il blu è proprio il colore piú adatto agli occhi.
L. Frank Baum

Exploring snow caves in September...makes me smile!
#emformdesign #sonorapass

The #SočaRiver (pronounced so-cha) of #Bovec #Slovenia is so amazingly clear and runs over white rock. I can't wait to come back for #springrunoff with a crew and run the #stouts of the region!
#JulianAlps #churchas #whitewater

Morning workflow. Cleaning up trees I plucked with the mini the other day and continuing to grade the gully. #landprep #waterflow #springrunoff #hydrodynamics #cabininthewoods #ironmountainranch #tunkvalley #offgrid

Modalità: Come vorrei la @ryanair.official ✈️

🌼May 2017 was off to a cold start but would heat up fast- too fast! My mom decided to jet off to Saskatoon to surprise Calista for her 30th Birthday! Shyelle and I face timed my mom from her rental car in anticipation! A few days after the epic surprise Calista and my mom drove down to BC where "Carl" enjoyed the rest of the month here! 🎪We enjoyed Trail Silver City days- Dwayno ate everything in sight and we laughed watching "Shall" and Ma on a few rides. 🍕🌯Trail is beautiful and only about 45 mins away. We all took part in our annual Jewel Lake Provincial Park May Long Camping trip- our hottest one to date- we all got burnt! ☀️The quick heat brought on tons of mountain melting runoff... water began to rise! 🌊The rivers in the area flooded the highest in decades! It took out a ton of trees and did a lot of damaged but thankfully my parents house was fine! My parents beach got destroyed as tons of trees got mowed down but definitely better than house flooding- the beach will hopefully even out next year! 🍅With this new found heat we were able to finally get our garden planted! 🥒The last weekend of the month was Shall's going away party as she would be jetting off to Australia in the next few weeks! ✈️ 🇨🇰 Ma, Carl, Shall and I enjoyed shopping in Spokane to celebrate all of our birthdays as Carl and mine are 20 days apart and Shall and mine 10! 💸 Dad and Carl drove back to Saskatoon at the end of month so Dad could help with much needed townhouse renos. 🎈My birthday was then spent with Pork Chop, Shall, and Ma on the beach, as we wanted to get in some Laker time before the tourists would come the following month and overtake the beach! 🍾28 is going to be a great year- I feel a little lost but I think I'm lost in the right direction. 🏹 #explorebc #trailbc #trailsilvercitydays #fair #rides #christinalakebc #birthdaymonth #maylongweekend #letitgoitsmaylong #family #flood #springrunoff #kettleriver #garden

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