CLEANSE TIP #2: Cleanse from technology (as much as you can). Switch off your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, TV, any other electronic device at least an hour before bedtime. Sleep is an integral part of getting a good cleanse so give yourself a deep and distraction-free rest. We're bombarded with technology from all angles, and our senses are often on overdrive - so exercise discipline in when you can and can't use technology (for social/entertainment reasons) and experience a somewhat digital detox! . . .
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So...this is me. Taken just months apart. The photo before represents me being chained to my bad habits. Each week I would tell myself I was going to “do better next week” only to fall back into my old habits again and again.
The after photo represents finally being able to break free from those habits that once had that tight hold on me.
How did I finally break free from them? It started with the 7 Day Cleanse, the structure of it and the mindset shift that also happens in that week. With the momentum I saw in the 7 Day Cleanse along with the internal changes that happened, I was easily able to stick to the Mama Recharged Meal Plans afterwards. What you can’t see from this photo and the other before/after photos is the internal changes that happen and what results from that - the increased energy, better mood, feeling of lightness, AND the freedom from those cravings! ✨Check our my video where I talk all about this over in my IGTV channel @mama_recharged
💊There are no special pills or powdered in this cleanse. We use whole foods in a strategic way for massive transformation. •
Our next 7 Day Cleanse starts Monday, October 22nd. Join us and start your transformation. Link in my bio for details and to join.

T .... I .... R .... E .... D ......... AF? 😩😴 So tired and it hurts on the inside? 😓

So tired that you are jumping from caffeine to sugar and not getting anywhere? ☕️🍬🍫 Unexplanied (or if you have kids - explained 🤭) fatigue is one of the signs you could do with a little loving with a NOURISHING cleanse 🌸. This isn’t about starving your body, it’s about being gentle with it and with you - nourishing you with real foods 🥑🍌🍓🥕 and lifestyle guidance 🧘🏼‍♀️. I’ll be going through all of this at my talk next Tuesday 23rd of October @thesourcerousehill In @rousehilltowncentre.

If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue you need to be gentle with yourself and be under the support and guidance of someone like myself in order to get things back on track completely for you.

This isn’t about spruiking a gimmick - it’s keeping things simple which is often the best way.

Link in my profile for tickets.

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🤔....if you decided cold brew we have a special for you! TDJ Coffee Cold Brews are on special for $36 for one week (usually $42!). Sale ends next Monday so get your orders in quick - follow the link in our bio to place your orders now 😘

Yep it worked 😋.
This amazingly creamy and delicious chia pudding from Vegetarian Recipes from Retreats recipe ebook 🌱 by @thewholefoodartists tastes amazing just like it did at our retreat. 🥗 Being on a 6 week detox I love using chia seeds as they help remove toxins & debris from our digestive tract & bowels.
I highly recommend this gorgeous ebook....oh and Carly if you are ever needing retreat catering x
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Cleavers is going nuts still! Yay! My post flu body is craving it along with the other “spring greens” which are conveniently also taking over the garden -chickweed and nettle. Prescribing myself buckets of tea with these wonderfully nutritious greens. #springgreens #springcleanse #herbaltea #medicinalherbs

CLEANSE TIP #1: To begin your cleanse, make your evening meal as light as possible: stick to vegetables and light proteins. Take out all heavy carbohydrates from your dinner: no rice, pasta, wheat, barley, oats, semolina or heavy meat-based proteins. Giving your digestion a light dinner will mean you are able to break down this meal a lot earlier and allow your body to properly rest, cleanse and rejuvenate as you sleep at night. .
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A thought for the week ahead...
This Spring, what will you cleanse & declutter from that is no longer serving you, to manifest & make way for more of what YOU want? 🙌🏼

Day 8 check in for my Spring Cleanse. Here’s a few pics of meals over the past few days. I worked my office job on Wed & Thursday which meant I had to be organised.
For anyone that knows me that in itself is a challenge. But this time I passed with flying colours 👏. I’ve also had a dinner party and a baby shower to attend, but I stood strong and avoided the temptations.
This has been the strongest willed I’ve been on any protocol I’ve done but I think it’s because I don’t feel like I’m missing out. The meals that April from @simple_life_project & @red_rock_karratha has come up with means I eat a broad range of flavours and textures, my taste buds have come to life 🥦🥕🍠🍆🌶. My kids and hubby have been having some also as they have been eyeing off my food.
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Spring is here, time for a cleanse..... but what to juice 🤷🏼‍♀️ Green Juices have been very fashionable BUT did you know kale, spinach, rainbow chard, collard greens and silver beet all contain oxalates and other naturally occurring anti-nutrients, so the vitamins and minerals in these green veges will be best absorbed in your GIT after being lightly cooked (steamed or sautéed) 👩🏼‍🍳 best not to juice them 🥕🍋🥕🍏🥕our fav slow press juices start with celery carrot lemon ginger mint green apples..... keeping fruit to a minimum as it’s best consumed as a whole food with the fibre intact 🌈😀🌈 😀 happy spring cleanse #wholefoods #springcleanse #greenjuice

I am loving this tea from @loveteaofficial !

This organic tea contains dandelion root, ginger, licorice root, burdock root, nettle leaf and fennel - aiding your pathways of elimination. Take my word for it- it's tasty!
The licorice and fennel give a nice hint of sweetness, which is great when sugar cravings pop up.

You get this tea when you sign up to the 4 week guided Birch Cleanse. A great and tasty addition to further aid you on your detox journey.
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🌸 Nourish Yourself with a Cleanse🌸

Feel like your farts are enough to power a monster truck 💨💨🙅🏼‍♀️ Farting is not unusual in itself but when it changes, when you feel like an air ballon as the day progresses, when you sit on the 🚽 and it takes a good 30 seconds of solid farts before you even get close to doing a 💩 then it’s a sign you may have gut dysbiosis.

And a sign that you may benefit from a little Nourishing Cleanse.
When you have a lot of gut issues you will probably need more support and not everything that I would recommend on a typical cleanse would I recommend for you - this is when it pays to work with someone who knows what they’re doing instead of following the latest detox trend going around.

My Nourishing Cleanse is not about getting you to starve yourself or take loads of supplements - it’s about looking at ways to really nourish your body through good food, diet and lifestyle.
With an ebook on the way I am really excited to kick things off with a talk at @thesourcerousehill on Tuesday the 23rd where I will be taking you through how you can support your bodies natural ability to cleanse (that’s right, we are detoxing at this very moment! 👊🏻) looking at foods to include to NOURISH yourself 🥑 and foods to avoid 🍔, as well as lifestyle factors 🧘‍♀️ all focused on helping you reset your health and wellbeing.

This isn’t about spruiking a gimmick - it’s keeping things simple which is often the best way.

Link in my profile for tickets.

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Every now and again life will test you... it’s how you deal with it that will dictate the outcome.

In this place for a week to write my book. No expectations! 😍🙏

Pretty spaces bring smiles to our faces, don’t they fellow #girlboss babes? Here’s to some time away from our computers this weekend 😘

Not the best at taking selfies (that’s probably a good thing) but just showing you the beautiful @endotaspa Charcoal Detox Mask I love to use. So purifying for the skin 🌱. My skin always feels & looks so great after using it. 💫Detoxing is more than just diet. We can reduce the toxic load on our bodies by using natural products on our skin & in our home. Generating lymph flow through means such as exercise (movement & sweat), infrared saunas & dry skin brushing is also great to help clear toxins from the body 💕
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Our Spring Special is open for bookings... check out our Insta stories for details.
Spaces limited and only Standard and Standard Vegan cleanses are included in the special. .
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