One single, early anemone.

😱 this cover stopped me in my tracks in the supermarket! @reallivingmag I feel this month was made just for me so thank you so very much, you are so kind to put everything I love into one amazing issue! 😂😘 I’m taking some time out this week, a little staycation from my paid job and turning my attentions to the non paid oh-so-joyous jobs of life admin 😳😬 I know once completed my three page list of life’s menial tasks that I will feel organised and fabulous, ready to tackle the world.. but still.. getting through it is another story.
So, very happy to have a little break from current reality imaging how I can incorporate a floral wall into my lounge room. Thanks for the inspirational time out @reallivingmag sweet smells of spring in the air with blooms plucked straight from my blossoming garden! Back to the illustrations next week xx 💕🌸🌷🌸 #AlexandraNea #RealLivingMagazine #Spring

May 2018 throwback 💜 #springblooms #lilacs

Lupin; Archaic Revival.

When the bloom is so big you almost can’t fit it in the photo! My big girl is throwing a DOUBLE bloom at the moment, and isn’t she a beauty!! 😍🌸💚 #bloomin #springblooms #bloomgoals #prettyblooms #biggirlinbloom #echeveria #mygardenblooms #succulents #succulentobsessed #succulover #succulentsofinstagram #myplanttribe #myhealthyobsession #allysplanttribe

Plum blossoms and beautiful fabric,very early birthday present, couldn't resist. #springblooms #springblossoms #bedroomdecor #beautifulfabrics #interiordesign #interdecor #sorrynotsorry

The sweetest little helper!⠀

Earlier this Summer we had the pleasure of capturing the lovely @sophiefelts & her family for the rebrand of her floral design company. Eager to run around the garden in the morning’s oppressive heat, Sophie’s young children were all sunshine & smiles at the prospect of assisting Mommy!⠀

Florals @sophiefelts, art direction @veronicarogers_

“Look at these flowers 🌸...”
📷: @thor_thebeardedviking

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