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IT'S ARRIVED! Whilst it should never have come to this, don't forget to send your survey back because this affects real people and real families 🇦🇺❤️😘🌈 You can see the project we were recently involved in here - https://www.facebook.com/FlixAus/videos/1426588694104731/ #marriageequality #loveislove #spreadlovenothate @billybrine

Spend life who makes you happy, not who you have to impress ❤️ #spreadlovenothate

Jehovah bu ezeeeeee ❤ @tcharls_ozuruigbo @kensteveanuka production #setpix
#spreadLoveNotHate 😘💪

Thank you so much Jiyong for allowing Dara to perform! :') As a blackjack i'm sure we all know how much of a sweet girl Dara is and how much she really wants to perform. Plus her determination to keep going is so admirable. Fighting Dara unnie! Blackjacks is ALWAYS here for you supporting like we always do. 😊💖 2ne1 as a whole has been a blessing to our lives and seeing how happy you are performing again made us happy too! 😄💯 #MotteInKL
#Daragon #gddara #gd #gdragon #jiyong #kwonjiyong #bigbang #2ne1 #peaceminusone #YGentertainment #kpop #kdrama

People will always have something to say about you, about your life. They'll insult you so bad. So you can't be happy with yourself.

Then, because you're very insecure about yourself, you're trying so hard, so that other people will like you.

But, you know what?

People who's truly like you, will always like you no matter what. And people who's don't, they're will always do the same. Spread hate speech everywhere like a real men. You must be proud of yourself, I guess.

The main question is not about who's gonna be like you just the way you are, but... do you like you? Do you like yourself just the way you are?

Love yourself first, because that's who you'll be spending the rest of your life with. ❤

Rizka Dwi Widyaningtyas
Ngawi, 15 September 2017


PS: I'm not a niqabis. But I love wearing it.

God was testing me today🌹I was in LA this morning takin care of some things and on my way home I stopped at a vegan bakery while I was still there to pick up some goods for my long trek🍩💜 A homeless man by a Starbucks had stopped to ask me to help him buy a donut but my untrustworthy self said what most would say to easily dodge the situation:"I'm sorry I don't have cash." I wouldn't even look at him while saying it and felt so useless as I even finished the sentence. What was worse was that I walked out with 3 small donuts and a cupcake to then walk AROUND the man because I knew I couldn't contain my guilt from saying no to him. Anyhow, I was at a stop light heading towards the fwy to get home and of course being in LA there's a ton of people that walk around asking for money and food so be that as it is, another man approached my car asking for change in his small McDonald's water cup to which I had gestured from my window "no, I'm sorry." The light was long and I knew the universe was speaking to me..so I called him over and gave him the half donut I DIDN'T even finish and another whole one then blessed him goodbye. Even after an act of kindness I still felt unworthy of a title of being "kind" however I do have to say the more I reflected on what had happened, the more peace I brought to my emotional wreck of a self.. I can always work a little harder everyday to be a better person not for the pleasure of others approval but for myself. With a heavy heart I held back/fought my tears and just got lost in my music on the ride home🎵💕 I don't care to seek validation through a public post like this really, I just hope that whoever took the time to read can relate and spread love and selflessness in our world. That is all friends🌍🌸 #alwaysgrowing 📸: @stylesbywinnie 😘

......do good to others with a genuine honest heart....and good will come back to you. #lawofattraction #spreadlovenothate #positivevibesonly #stayontop

Almost every person I know seems to think it's ok to criticize my body. I am so happy that I have grown enough to not care anymore! People constantly tell me that I'm "too manly" to those people: all that matters is that I am happy with the way I look and I love my body! I would much rather look like Wonder Woman than Barbie. To the people that seem to think I'm too skinny, my thighs are too thick, I shouldn't have cellulite, or any of the hundreds of other comments I get on a regular basis, YOUR COMMENTS NOW FUEL ME. It has become a motivating part of my day to look how I want to look and not how society thinks I should look. I want to be strong not skinny. I say YET AGAIN it is MY body. I love this body for exactly what it is! #justpreuett #selflove #strongnotskinny #encourageothers

I'm so happy with the small circle of people I have in my life right now.
(-) @delhfuse .
Makasih loh bunga nya
#PMBA2017 #spreadlovenothate


I don't believe in fairy tales but I do believe in love and all the magic it holds. Spread the love ✌💓 #spreadlovenothate #believeinlove #austintx #downtownaustin

This is quote is unbelievably accurate. Love has the power to accomplish everything and people don’t realize it. Hate and harm are unfortunately ubiquitous in the world we live in, but we must realize love is contagious and spreads fast. #spreadlovenothate

This person has been relentless with trying to make fun of all my snaps forever now....I know I know, why didn't I block him?! Because it keeps me grounded and knowledgeable to the fact some people live in a negative close minded world. I have only said funny things back to this person engaging in his humor about me and laughing at my own self but some people don't understand humbleness and want to pick out every flaw to lower your self-esteem which lowers your vibrational frequency. Don't let these people convince you to make fun of your own self just because you want to make light of the situation... Laugh at yourself always but not in a derogatory way and spread love to the ones that send you hate because at the end of the day love conquers all. #ihopeyouwakeup #spreadlovenothate #standupforwhatsright #cancelnegativevibes

Peace is not the destination. Peace is the way. ✌🏾☮️❤️✨🌻
#hippies #senioryear #lasthomecoming #peace #love #positivity #pride #spreadlovenothate

Train your mind to see the good in every situation. I encourage everyone of you to stop looking at what you don't have and start appreciating everything you do you have. So many things in my life money can't buy. Family, friends and good health. ✌🏼
#positivethinking #positiveenergy #positivevibes #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuilding #spreadlovenothate #motivation #keto #ketodiet #ketogains #ketoaf

Depression , anxiety , suicidal thoughts are so much more common than we think , its really sad and to be honest scary how it's becoming the norm for young kids . I am not someone to share a lot on social media but this is a topic close to my heart because I've been there & it is a dark dark miserable place to be I don't know how & when I snapped out of it but it's a part of me I'll always take along with me in life . Thing is many people don't "snap out of it" yet alone even show signs that they are depressed or on the verge of suicide - most of the time it's the girl or the boy with the big smile trying to make everyone else's life right ... Take time to really care for those around you .. it really doesn't cost you a thing to let someone know their not alone. #Iloveyou #suicideawareness #depression #anxiety #SpreadLovenotHate #FortheSakeofOurChildren #usingsocialmediaforgood

Couldn't ask for a better day☀️✌️
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