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You guys. I can’t deal. She’s too darn cute! Look at that face!

Spots, so many spots 😍


The Eastern newt is an interesting amphibian is from eastern North America and can be found in small lakes, ponds and streams, but also these little guys have recently been found in homes as amphibious pets.🐸 These pets can range from a lighter orange-tan to a dark red color and have unique spots of a darker color covering their body. These little carnivores eat a variety of small insects, they can be fed red worms, earthworms, dried insects🦗 or commercial amphibious mix, a balanced diet should include all these. For captive housing, these newts should be kept in an aquarium filled halfway with dechlorinated water. Their habitats are pretty simple but live insects can be provided at meal time to allow these pets to hunt, and filter must be provided in their habitat, and a haul-out area (place where they can get out of the water) is a must. One can be made using driftwood, cork or basking platforms. Also love or plastic plants can provide a safe hiding place🌿for these little guys. #waterdweller #spotsfordays #insectsyummm

Spots for days 🐆

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