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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Have fun and stay safe 💚 I’ll be spending my day at the gym and on my couch watching Netflix & eating all the food 😝 here’s some great workouts you can add to your next leg day.
Full in depth workouts are on my YouTube channel!
1️⃣ squat to pulse squat | 5 x 6
2️⃣ sumo deadlift | 5 x 8
3️⃣ single leg rdl | 4 x 12 superset with
4️⃣ reverse lunge | 4 x 12
Song is Deep End by THEY (Tarro remix) #workoutvideo #workoutmotivation #girlswhoworkout

Dear Summer,
Where r you ? I am looking forward to seein’ u😎😎
#roses #milktea #sunglasses #fitness #muscle #spring #crosstop #leggings #boba #girls #pink #losangeles #lagirl #sportygirl #sporty

Today I'm feeling: strong, confident, and accomplished ✨How about you?? Let me know down below 👇🏼I look forward to hitting the gym everyday! It's my place to just zone in and focus. Almost like a meditation. I've been feeling so much stronger lately, and it's giving so much motivation 🔥Hope you're having a wonderful day! #motivation #madfit #saturday #strong

It was a very short training. But I were happy to do #parkour runnings today☺️☺️☺️

“Once you decide that you deserve better, everything in your life will start to change. You must refuse to settle. You must never accept things that don’t resonate with your life goals. Prioritize your values. The universe will align you with the greatness that you emanate.” #SelfLove Saturday 💓

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