We enjoy our holiday in Ticino with its wonderful possibilities and be it on a walk through the sophisticated Ascona. :)

Wir genießen unseren Urlaub imTessin mit seinen wundervollen Möglichkeiten und sei es bei einem Spaziergang durch das mondäne Ascona.♡
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Can't believe my little men are freshman 😭 #sportsMom

High school soccer season has started up! Very proud of both the boys. Caleb will be playing his third season of varsity and Corbin is starting his first. We are very proud of the hard work and dedication they put towards playing their hearts out. #highschoolsoccer #varsitysoccer #soccerskills

Today I was talking to a very good friend of mine. She was telling me about some things she has going on. At first I felt bad, not sure what to say to help her feel better. But she was not looking for "the pity me" stuff, she just wants to educate herself, research and stay positive.
Which made me remember although we're doing or going through 2 different things we're both working on educating ourselves, researching and looking for the positive in all situations.
I've heard people say about "God only gives us what we can handle." We either freak out go negative and forget the lesson. OR you sit back look at what's happening/ happened and see what you can learn from it.
Teaching myself how to stay positive and look at the GOOD in things has been hard. I mean it's Monday, so that means i tell you 39 horrible things about Monday right?! Or be thankful I have another Monday to be annoyed about. Smile. Find something I've learned and make it a good day.
Don't give up on something because it's hard. It's hard because it's worth it.
Keep smiling friends

Who says you can't wear your bling with a ballcap? 🏈 Sports Mama, this customizable Signature Living Locket Watch with Swarovski Crystals just belongs on your wrist. You're sacrificing your weekends and mornings, so #yousodeservethis. #backtoschool #sportsmom #momofboys

Trying to get Lanna Banana ready for volleyball tryouts. #volleyball #middleschool #DadAndDaughter #SportsMom

Another year starting!
Swipe to see how fast boys grow up and start to dodge out of a picture after one has been taken...
They are growing way too fast!
Hope everyone had a great night!

We sat waiting for the mail ALL day today waiting for our teacher assignments for the 2018-2019 school year. As news of classmates receiving their letters started rolling in anxieties soared.
Thankfully the girls were placed with the teachers they were hoping for and they are now excited at the prospect of returning to sxhool next week.
But man did this day get me thinking. How is it possible my babies are going in to 2nd and 3rd grade. How am i old enough to have a 3rd grader? Have I done everything I can to prepare them for the year to come?
Such a bittersweet day filled with pride to be mommy to these two amazing young people and sadness that my girls aren't babies any longer.

Kolby and I saw THE BRIGHTEST rainbow I think I’ve ever seen on the way home from football practice tonight. It was amazing!! 😍 What a wonderful reminder of the beauty that can come after the storm. #wyhomeing #sportsmom #boysoffall

Out here watching my girl get after it playing soccer!
Color street Lisbon nights have been on fingers over a week now and mint Maldives on my toes for 3 weeks!

Made it just in time for Meet the Team Night after my first day and Back to School Night!! Wow! Manic Monday, but a fabulous one!! 🖤❤️ #middleschoolteacher #sportsmom #coachwife #doverproud #meettheteam #sportskids #proudmom #lovethemtobits #footballfamily

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