I had a young client today who they can’t figure out what’s wrong with her back and muscles. She has found relief with Massage but not every day relief. After her massage I suggested rock tape. .
The first picture is her with no tape, the second picture is simply 3 pieces of tape! .
Two pieces of tape were right down her erectors and then a support piece on her lower back. When she stood up after the tape was done, she no longer had lower back pain and could almost touch her toes! 😁 interested? Come see me

You know what’s amazing? Knowing I’m in the right field of work 🌟
I may be exhausted right now, and the next few months I will be, but it’s a different type of exhaustion. It’s a knowing I helped a whole bunch of clients feel better today. .
Every day when I go into work I NEVER dread it. I could be exhausted and have a headache and feel god awful or be depressed but the second I put my hands on my client, I’m instantly rejuvenated. Nothing in my life matters at that moment. This person is letting me see them at their most vulnerable and trusting me to help them. That’s amazing and I thank every single one of you who have trusted me and let me help you to live a normal every day life 💜 😘

Just a few of the most recent things people have been saying. Seriously, Massage isn’t just for relaxation but to help with chronic pain and help you live a normal every day life!!! Stop living in chronic pain 😡

Had a brave client try her first ever session with me and decided to do a cupping session! I seriously love doing cupping, it’s fun and so interesting as a therapist to see which muscles are holding the most toxins. •

I think it’s safe to say the client left with so much less pain than they walked in with! Cheers to that 🍻 this is why I love being a healer, this type of feed back fills me with joy 💜

Come get your cupping session done sooner rather than later and feel the immediate difference in your muscles 💪🏻

Hope everyone had a safe a fun Memorial Day weekend! Thank you to all the vets out there who have lost their lives to protect us. The least we can do for you is murph. What a great weekend spent with great athletes working their butts off 🇺🇸

Did you do murph this weekend? How’s your body feeling? Arms and chest hurt? Lower back hurt? LEGS HURT?! I still have a few openings this week, schedule now!

• C H A N G E • •

be the change you want to see. •

If you’re not getting the results you want, change. Stop being so scared. What are you waiting for? •

I have this rock as a constant reminder that change isn’t bad. I changed my whole life in the course of two weeks when I decided I wanted to massage. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but I wouldn’t change it. I made the change and I’m the happiest and most successful I’ve ever been. •

Be the change you wanna see, in your self and in the world. It all starts with you 🌈💕🦄

Sometimes it’s ok to break rules. As long as it makes your heart and mind happy 🙃💙

My dear friends over at @pureandsimpleyogastudio are having a challenge!!! Ever been interested in yoga!? Well here’s the how it works.
#yogachallenge 😆🤣🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏼‍♂️ #pureandsimplehearts
Kicks off this Sunday! .
Never tried yoga before? Perfect time to start! 🤗🕉💜
Each day will have a new pose with modifications and how to use props if needed!
Everyone can join this challenge no matter where you are in your yoga journey. .
Need some extra motivation to roll out your mat?? 😉
Some of our prizes include*** new yoga wear, a cupping session, protein samples, MCT samples, etc. We even have an unlimited 2-week membership at the studio for one lucky participant! 🤗
All you have to do is open your heart and play along with us! 🕉💜🙏🏼
Each day we will post a new pose with variations and modifications to accommodate everyone’s practice safely.
On the final day of the challenge we will combine your new skills for a short vinyasa (flow). .
To Participate and be Eligible for prizes please;

1️⃣ Follow us @pureandsimpleyogastudio
2️⃣ Share this flyer, help spread the word and tag a few friends to join.

3️⃣ Post your daily heart opening pose using the hashtag #PureAndSimpleHearts.

4️⃣ Tag @pureandsimpleyogastudio so we can see your beautiful posts! 🤗💕🕉

That Beyoncé booty isn’t always the booty you think! Stop popping it out ladies! I know my lower back hates me 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ it’s actually a serious issue in today’s society and as funny As this is, it’s an issue that causes a lot of chronic pain and lower back issues #freethelowerback

I’ll never forget 2 years ago when a fellow Massage classmate gave me these orchids when I was going through a hard time. I accidentally killed them 🤦🏼‍♀️ but every year at this time with love, and sunlight they blossom back to life. It always just reminds me that even in life we can start fresh, that every new blossom is a new chance to live again 💜 🦄🌺

Good luck with finals this week!! You already know everything you need to know, stop stressing about it and breath. I’ll be at paws for stress Monday and Tuesday from 11-3! Come get your free 5 minute massage and your free 5 minutes of relaxation and stress free mind ☺️🖤

Finals got you stressed out? The weather is finally perfect to get that study break in. Go out this weekend and enjoy some time with nature and all the sounds and views our beautiful area has to offer. I promise you will feel more relaxed 💙

Shout out to Darren from Riverina Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic for fitting me in today and sorting my upper body out with this new piece of equipment that uses electronic pulses or something fancy or rather as he was explaining to me but honestly I was thinking 🤔 Do what you have to to fix me lol So ask them what it is but WOW it works! I feel a million dollars! Also I have had tight Psoas Major muscles and he then dry needled them! Straight from my hip down into the muscle about an inch and a half deep ....yup that was as fun as it sounds! Thanks for helping me get sorted and back on track for my Comp Darren! This guy knows his shit! Even spent an extra 10 min with me to show me some stretches and posture alignments for my hips....so knowledgeable #localbusiness #sportsandinjury #dryneedling #massage #remedialmassage #sore #psoasstretch #psoasmajor #traps #reardelts @elitesuppsaustralia @elitesuppsaustralia #elitesuppswagga

Did some cool stuff for you guys this weekend. I’m now certified by rock tape in basic and performance based taping!! Don’t know what that is?! Well it can help prevent injury, help with injury (movement and relief), helps with movement by picking up the muscle and giving it more room to glide smoothly. Interested? Skeptical? Wanna be a real crossfitters? Just wanna look cool? Come see me and get taped and see how you feel! ☺️ #rocktape #fmt #crossfit #rocktapefmt

Ever been interested in cupping? Well here’s part of what the process looks like. It looks worse than it is, I promise! This client had instant relief from chronic pain we’ve been trying to relieve for the last few sessions. Cupping helps to get deeper into the muscle without the pain of my elbow digging into you! If you’re interested in a session or want more details, don’t hesitate to contact me! Trust the process ❤️🌻

You never know what people are going through, or why they may be late, or why they were crying. Treat people with the utmost respect and with a massive smile ❤️ happiness can change someone’s life

Ever since I was a child I knew I was a healer. I’ve always wanted to help people and I always cared more about other people than my self. •

I’ve found my passion, what I’m suppose to do in life. That’s why I’m so passionate about Massage. Im basically a witch ☺️

Is that ‘fuckwaffle’ and ‘asshole’ giving you issues? Don’t wait, come see me before they progress and ruin your life! 💆🏼‍♀️

Just sayin! Come on in! 💕 shoot me a message or a txt to schedule 💆🏼‍♀️

While heading into these next few weeks of the semester, don’t forget about you 🖤

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