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I don't always match my drink to the record I'm listening to, but setting this new @5paddlesbrewing Dark Poetry to a Colin Stetson/Sarah Neufeld soundtrack seemed pretty much mandated by the artwork. (With a copy of "Salem's Lot" on hand just to complete the aesthetic.)
#drinklocal #craftbeer #spookyvibes #indiemusic

Thick fog from a few weeks ago.
Gorgeous time to take a picture
#foggymorning #photographersofig #photography #beautifull #spookyvibes

Alex's spooky model from last term.

Probably one of the best psychological horror games to exist on the last gen of consoles. #condemnedcriminalorigins is hands down one of my favs and still scare the hell out of me to this day. I can only hope we get an end to the story or maybe a new entry all together because it’s still terrifying game. #horrorgames #spookyvibes #psychologicalhorror #xbox #xboxone #ps4 #ps4pro #overwatch #fortnite #codww2 #fearthedark and fear the ones who do not fear the dark. #Serialkillerx is the true terror you should fear

Whenever I try to take pictures of my vinyl display shelf I always end up getting distracted by my spooky little table. My camera slowly pans down on it and I'm struggling like "No.. But.. The records.." but by then it's already too late. I promise one day I'll make a post about my favorite vinyls... Until then, keep your eyes wide open because he's coming 4 ur dreams, man 👀📿

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