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@dughand continues to blow me away 🤘 thank you so much dude for my awesome little spooder 🕷❤️ #newtattoo #spooder #spider #boldwillhold #neotraditional

Is this the key to world peace? Do we all simply need jumping spooders to dote upon? I may need a spooder intervention, but I’m warning you now, I will fight you.

Naked and Afraid Spooder 🕷👀
#resincasting #Spooder #justanotherkeymaker

Crap attempt at spoopy spieder 😅

#mua #sfx #spider #spooder

Phidippus regius (regal jumping spooder) exploring her new digs. I'm already hopelessly smitten. 🖤🕷If you weren't bothered by or sick of my spooder photos by now, you may be soon.

Never come to California. It's full of Fiats stuck in traffic. #4Five8 #Spooder #TrafficProbs

Seen in North carolina last week. Her name was letsgetthefuckouttahere hahahaha. I believe its the day where we got nonstop pouring rain #massivespider #spooder #spider #queenofspiders #arachnid

@lea19990_ ♡ guck dir diesen hintern an #spooder

Truly, my parents are rich in spiders #spooderfriend #spooder #spiderfriend #spider


Apparently little miss spooder here heard we take in amputees so she dangled her quintuple amputee, daredevil ass right in front of me on my descent down the driveway this morning.

#spooder #spider #arachnid #orbweaver #daredevil #amputee #ishouldntbealive #lookmathreelegs #ballsofsteel #moreofamanthanme

Jumping spooders don’t spin webs like the orb weavers we see outside, who use those magnificent webs to their catch prey. Instead these spooders are visual hunters who use the enormous eyes on the front of their heads (they’ve got some of the best vision in the Arthropoda phylum) to track and pounce on their prey. However they do create little webbed nests for themselves and that’s precisely what Mabon is doing right now. I read that jumping spiders often make two such places in their enclosures, one for sleeping and one for eating, both located near the top. This is why I halved a bell cup seed pod and attached each half to opposite upper corners of the spoodarium. They’re comically large compared to Mab, but she does use them as a perches, wanders in and out of them a bit, and now is using one as an attaching point for her new bedroom, so I guess they worked out for her after all. I’m beside myself watching her busily construct this private nook. It’s about time to turn out her light, so I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the morning. Good night, Mabon. 🕷🖤😴

Jeremiah!!! Is that you!?!? #spooderman #jeremiahlonglegs #spooder

Can't brain, too much spooder 🕷😍

Is this the key to world peace? Do we all simply need jumping spooders to dote upon? I may need a spooder intervention, but I’m warning you now, I will fight you.

∆What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive∆

#web #spider #spooder #brown #out #side #outside #nature #busy #road #park #woods #photo #daily #photography #jump #brown #love #cute #i #like #coot

Currently having the most unproductive day because I can’t tear myself away from watching little Mabon. After waking up I went over and turned on her light and saw that she was right where I’d left her when I turned it off last night. A short while later, when I returned from feeding the birds outside, I checked on her again and she’d since moved out onto the screen that serves as the ceiling of her spoodarium and was having a look around. We breakfasted at the same time, only my coffee went cold because I forgot to drink it while watching her catch breakfast and then 2nd breakfast a short while later (each meal a small flightless fruit fly). I’ve taken a bunch of photos of her today, but every time I mean to post something, Mab goes and does something else, like perching on this tentacle and surveying her domain. 😍

Well, it sounds like there’s almost unanimous agreement that this P. regius is a wee Mabon/Mab. Thank you! So mote it be. ☺️It’s been an eventful 24 hours for this little spooder. Little does she know that in the space of a day she traveled from Tucson to Memphis to Oakland to her new home here in Portland, OR. I wouldn’t be nearly as cute and alert after all that travel, but Mab appears to be in fine fettle. In fact she just caught her second fruit fly and, although it’s difficult to see here, is currently nomming away. In a little while I’ll turn out her light to give her some proper nighttime. I’ve wanted a jumping spooder friend for so long now, it’s amazing to me that she’s actually here. And I’m delighted that many of you are so taken with her too. I look forward to getting to know her and improving my ability to photograph and record her to share with you. 🖤🕷

Is it just me and my pareidolia or do some of the markings on her spooder booty resemble the bright orange Hausu cat? Maybe it's just me...

This sweet and fuzzy P. regius looks like the world's smallest Tachikoma decorated for Halloween. I'm currently puzzling over names for her. Closest so far is Mabon, Mab for short since she's autumnal in coloring and the equinox is just a couple days away. But since so many of you have been so warm and enthusiastic about her, I'd love to hear your ideas too.

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