Tip: Love “silhouette” images to show the beauty of the lightness high-end dress . You don’t need very much , this photo was done in a Artist atelier garage door, with backlighting !

Tip : Certain professional cameras , like Canon EOS 5D Mark III, allows you a double exposure in camera . In the first frame you get the person’s silhouette and in the second shot you do an over layer with some spring trees with little flowers up side down to get this gorgeous result !

Tip : transform your clients in pop art ! This family has these pictures on their Kitchen . I loved it 💙

Tip: don’t be afraid to have the sun in-front if your camera , use a flash to bring light to your clients’ faces !

Tip: compose your photo giving a second plan information 😉

Tip : keep simple ! Colors in harmony, few natural accessories & a cloudy day at the beach to a gorgeous shooting ✨

Tip: when you say to your client that the headshot session is over and you catch the best photo 😉

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