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💜 Getting this in the mail made my shitty day a whole lot better. And also ashamed that I dare complain of a "shitty" day here in Canada when this little girl and her family are struggling to survive every single day! 💔 #worldvision #sponsorchild #sponsorchildletters #srilanka #begratefulforwhatyouhave

I recently made the most selfless choice and chose to help a child in need. Everyone meet my new sponsor child. Long Xin Pei, aka Pei Pei. This precious little angel has Cerebral Palsy. Isn't she so beautiful? After volunteering with vulnerable children for some time and them capturing a massive piece of my heart. I've always been open to helping a child with a disability any chance I get. I was recently introduced to 'International China Concern' who are an organisation that do incredible things to help China's abandoned and disabled children and young adults. I knew right away I needed to get involved. Little Pei Pei is such a strong little girl and her story is very touching. I'm excited to get to know her more and I'm so thankful and happy to get to be her sponsor mummy and be a small but positive part of her life. It's such a rewarding feeling knowing that I'm making a difference in someone else's life even from 5,492 miles away. I want to give a massive thank you @thisgatherednest & @cr8gfu for introducing me to ICC. If it wasn't for them sharing the adoption of their beautiful daughter Rosie through ICC online and talking so highly of the great things they do I probably would never have been aware of this incredible organisation. I encourage you all to look into @chinaconcern and get involved in any way you can.❤️😇🇨🇳 #sponsorchild #bethechange #china #internationalchinaconcern #icc

Noah's printed out some photos of me & Jovia to send to her. I think she's going to love this one of us in matching sunnies!! @compassionau @nkim_ @sundaynighton7 #uganda #sponsorchild

Our sweet girl got to go on a "field trip" out of the orphanage today and do some fun activities ❤️💙💚 #sponsorchild #sweetbabyT #niñahermosa #guatemala

Thank you Cassidy for sending us this beautiful picture. "Meeting my sponsor child for the first time." #livesecond #sponsorchild #qotd #courage

We went to the Dollar store today, where in Canada 🇨🇦 nothing actually costs only a dollar 💵, and grabbed some fun gifts to send to my sponsor children! I have a boy in Jerusalem & a girl in Cambodia and I know they love happy Mail!! 💌📬
We can't send anything "chunky", so flatter items that tuck into a 6x9 envelope work!
Our sponsored girl just had a birthday so we grabbed her a Barbie colouring card too! 💖
I'm going to write a little note to each of them & tuck these in the mail tomorrow!
This brings me joy... ❤️
#sponsorchild #love #worldvision #charity

Sometimes I think things are impossible and get down on myself, then I remember the strength of others. What we as humans are able to endure. This is my very loved sponsored kid, Maria. I hope to one day meet her and tell her the strength and motivation that she gave me. If you can dedicate your extra Starbucks money, think of the good you you could be doing by giving a kid a chance through sponsorship. #sponsorchild sponsorchild

Happy birthday Seen. Nobody misses you here. #SponsorChild


#whyIrun with #teamworldvision Running with my constant companion- a picture of my #sponsorchild Charity who I met in Uganda in October. I think of how much I love this sweet girl who is full of life and how much I want her to succeed and do amazing things with her life. Then I think about all the other children: the ones who held my hand, wanted to help me carry water, who waved, who wanted to be near us, no matter how short the time. Why would I not run a marathon on behalf of these beautiful kids? Why would I not want to empower them to live the fullest life possible? $50 is a not out, a few beers, a new outfit, a trip to target. It's also a life changing gift. I want to invite you to empower a life. I can not do this on my own. #runforcharity #runforchildprotection #runforcleanwater #gofarthertogether #cleanwaterinafrica

This is Dennis. One of Tumaini's earliest sponsored children and this weeks flashback Friday feature. We featured Dennis and his sister Faith a couple weeks back with Faith successfully becoming re sponsored. If you would like to help out Dennis, visit Tumaini.givingfuel.com/dennismb

As teachers we are told we inspire our students but really they inspire us! My class learnt that a regular fundraising event was to sponsor a child through World Vision. Their first response was to empty their wallets and use their saved up canteen money. Some doubled and tripled the required amount! ❤ #bighearts #childreninspire #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #sponsorchild #worldvision #primaryteacher #aussieteachertribe #iteachtoo

Oh my goodness, Alexis is getting soooooo big! This is such a cool time-lapse of him! Top left is when I first started sponsoring him in 2014; top right was last year (2016); and then I just got these new pics of him (2017) in the mail tonight! I can't believe how grown up he looks now! I love getting his letters and seeing how he's growing in the Lord too. Wow, this is such a blessing! @compassion 😊🙏🏼❤️ #Compassion #CompassionInternational #SponsorChild #ProudSponsor #EndChildHunger #EndPoverty #SpreadLove #SpreadKindness #LiveYourFaith #ChildOfGod #GodsChildren

Can't believe I've sponsored this kid for 9 years now. Can't believe we eat the same thing for breakfast. I love our letters and I've saved every one. In this one, he asks me if our country experiences drought seasons. If you've never considered sponsoring a kid, maybe take some time today to consider it!! #sponsorchild #kenya #worldsapart #snailmail #bethegood #foodforthehungry #fh

Our sweet girl got to go on a "field trip" out of the orphanage today and do some fun activities ❤️💙💚 #sponsorchild #sweetbabyT #niñahermosa #guatemala

Happy Birthday to Jispina our #sponsorchild ❤🍰❤ she's 12 today! I began sponsoring Jispina over 5 years ago, I love writing her letters, receiving letters from her and would love to meet her someday! Over the past several years I've been trying to get our kiddos interested and today I figured out how....have a #birthdayparty for her!!! We each wrote letters to her, read all of her letters, learned some things about #Bangladesh enjoyed a Bangladeshi recipe of #blackforestcake 🎂 and tomorrow I'm going to mail her this picture of her #compassionfamily 😊 #compassioninternational #sponsorachild #giveback #smithknieperfamilyfun

Photo with my sponsor child, Kayla (named after me - her father was previously sponsored by my parents). Taken in Kitui, Kenya, at the local ChildFund property.

Her smile tells a story. Austine is quiet and reserved, but learning to come out of her shell and flourish! #sponsorchild #sponsor #linkinbio #fhghaiti

"This is Mekhoob. He was one of the two @compassion kids we sponsored from India. Back in March, Compassion had to step away from India after serving there the past 48 years due to governmental shifts that shut down funding to more than 11,000 organizations. It's hard to hold a picture of someone you thought you were going to spend a lifetime getting to know. It's hard to know that I can't communicate with him anymore. It's hard to know we are thousands of miles away from each other. It's hard to know if he understands that I still love him even though I had to go away. All this to say, I think of Mekhoob and our other sponsor child Ruthi everyday. I miss them very much.... They have changed my life for the best and I'm forever grateful to them. They opened my eyes to the whole world and what Jesus wants me to do about his kids everywhere. I wouldn't trade the time I have had with them. I wouldn't trade the opportunities I had to love on them and tell them about Jesus. I wouldn't trade the wisdom I now have about other worlds far away from mine. I wouldn't change the understanding of true love I have because of these little munchies. They are and will be forever apart of my soul. And I would encourage you to reach out and love one of these kids who desperately need to know the same love. Sponsor a child today. It will change your life." -Mary Pat •

If you would like to learn more about @compassion or if you would like to sponsor a child today, check out the link in our bio!

One more #fathersday post: My sponsor child, Charity, her father Godfrey and I. Godfrey had the Minnesota goodbye down. He shook my hand and repeatedly told me how much of a blessing I was and how much his family prayed for me to continue to bless his family. I was completely humbled. He loved to take pictures on his flip phone of Charity and I- whether we were dancing, playing soccer, coloring or just sitting with each other. I miss this family so much. My heart aches for Uganda and the kindness of all the people I met. #sponsorchild #worldvision #visiontrip #teamworldvision #gofarthertogether

As I head out to Kenya again in 6 days time, I want to wish my oldest sponsor-son @harryjoseph99 (Joseph!) a Happy 18th Birthday today. Hope to see you soon. Keep working hard at school, then college & then a long & happy & successful life! #kenyabuild #sponsorchild #sponsorson #jamesnelson #jamesnelsontenor #kenya #nairobi #slum #kibera #hope #future #education #aidsorphan #hopeforthefuture #africa #school #inspiration

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