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I recently made the most selfless choice and chose to help a child in need. Everyone meet my new sponsor child. Long Xin Pei, aka Pei Pei. This precious little angel has Cerebral Palsy. Isn't she so beautiful? After volunteering with vulnerable children for some time and them capturing a massive piece of my heart. I've always been open to helping a child with a disability any chance I get. I was recently introduced to 'International China Concern' who are an organisation that do incredible things to help China's abandoned and disabled children and young adults. I knew right away I needed to get involved. Little Pei Pei is such a strong little girl and her story is very touching. I'm excited to get to know her more and I'm so thankful and happy to get to be her sponsor mummy and be a small but positive part of her life. It's such a rewarding feeling knowing that I'm making a difference in someone else's life even from 5,492 miles away. I want to give a massive thank you @thisgatherednest & @cr8gfu for introducing me to ICC. If it wasn't for them sharing the adoption of their beautiful daughter Rosie through ICC online and talking so highly of the great things they do I probably would never have been aware of this incredible organisation. I encourage you all to look into @chinaconcern and get involved in any way you can.❤️😇🇨🇳 #sponsorchild #bethechange #china #internationalchinaconcern #icc

Noah's printed out some photos of me & Jovia to send to her. I think she's going to love this one of us in matching sunnies!! @compassionau @nkim_ @sundaynighton7 #uganda #sponsorchild

My inspiration while studying! My sponsor child from Columbia, Juan. Just received updated photos ❤ #plancanada #sponsorchild #reasontostayfocused

Ndimakukonda | I L o v e Y o u
Missing this sweet smile of my Hajira and the memories of Malawi! I can't wait to go back!
Mulungu Adalitse | G o d B l e s s!
#malawimissiontrip #sponsorchild #chichewa

Today was easily the best day of my life and one I won't forget, thanks for the amazing opportunity @brentonbirtchnell these little dudes and their community rock ✌🏾️#sponsorchild #worldvisionmakesadifference

My lovely Francisca is at the forefront of my reflections as 2016 draws to a close...#keeperofmyheart #sponsorchild #tanzania🇹🇿

My sponsor child of a little bit over 1 year, Van Ut👦🏻 Please check out and support Christina Noble Children's Foundation! I've visited their facilities in Vietnam before and believe in what they stand for and do. Just cut out 2 coffees weekly and you can drastically help change a child's life and future🙏🏻 #sponsorchild

Meet Hans - giving to those that are less privileged means the world #sponsorchild 🙂

God jul Saran❤️ #sponsorchild #plandanmark


When you go to the mall to kill time and end up sponsoring two children ❤ Fatu from Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 & Elisabeth from Benin 🇧🇯 can't wait to change your lives ❤ #sponsorchild #lifechanging #makingadifference

I get a little flutter in my heart when I get mail from ChildFund, I know they are working so diligently to help end poverty and the fact that I am helping makes my heart swell ten times its size. I don’t make a lot of money and I am not independently wealthy. I work full-time and take on many side gigs just to make ends meet sometimes but I will be the first to write a check, swipe my credit card or give the last bit of cash I am carrying without a second thought if it means I am helping someone else. So many people, me included, tend to take some things in life for granted and as much as we try not to, we do. We have to much available to us where others do not. Want a new car? Buy one. Want those shoes? Buy them. Want to continue your education? Go back to school, anything we want we make happen, for the most part. As I write this I am currently waiting for that exciting email saying I have been awarded graduation and that I can officially add Master of Science after my name, now think about those that can’t do any of that. Think about those that struggle just for clean water or a bed to sleep in at night. Think about those that can’t go to school and continue their education. Think about those that go to bed hungry. Think about those that don’t have clean clothes to wear. It really is sad to think about and to think just how my children are affected on a daily basis is beyond heartbreaking. I decided to take this journey back in December and I can’t wait to see where this takes my sponsor child and I. Knowing that I am helping build a brighter future for him justifies my decision. For those wondering, this little piece of mail includes an additional donation and an activity book for my little guy. I’d love to see the look on his face when he gets it! I am not perfect, I have my demons; we all do, I am not looking for a pat on the back or an atta girl, I just want to share my excitement and maybe, just maybe inspire someone else to do something for others. #ChildFund #SponsorChild #EndPoverty #HelpingPeopleEndure #BeTheChange #AspireToInspire #ChampagneLifeBeerSalary #ImNotEvenMad #TakeMyMoney #FridayFeels #FriYay🙌 #ByeFelicia #Hashtag #TooMany #TooBad

We have just launched a Charity/Philanthropy section at Cloud Catcher, we are committed to help children from Coffee Producing country. Our CEO have decided to sponsor Jordan Yahir, 4 years old from Honduras.. Sponsorship will provide essentials like clean Water, nutrition & education.
Whenever you purchase coffee from us, portion will be donated to our special project.

#chapolaproject #charity #hondurascoffee #honduras #cloudcatcher #sponsorchild #coffeecharity #helpchild #projectorigin @projectorigincoffee @sasasestic

What an amazing 3 days @hillsong #colourconference with my eldest daughter @emmyorchard ~ I've come away with inspiration, tools for the task and a @compassionau #sponsorchild ~ WOW! ~ Now I'm packing for a crafting weekend with my besties ~ Beyond Blessed 😌

This has to be the most exciting post that comes through the letter box ❤️ #Compassion #sponsorchild #letter #releasingchildrenfrompovertyinjesusname #releasingchildrenfrompoverty

Had so much fun when this one came to visit! Shame she had to return to her village... 😂😂 #melbourne #sponsorchild #friends #danica

#bestillmyheart 😩. all I find myself thinking about lately is how I can fit leaving to go back to #haiti for a week fit into my school schedule this year and why is she so beautiful 😭. #sponsorchild #yvadeline #takemebacktohaiti #fgo #freedomglobaloutreach

Happy belated birthday to my dear Annette! I'm so thankful for you and I hope you and all the girls had fun at the birthday celebration! ❤ @mirembecottage #SponsorChild #BeStillMyHeart #GrowingTooFast #LeftMyHeartInUganda #LoveGodLovePeople #Uganda #Missions #SeeTheNeedBeTheAnswer #GiveBack 🇺🇬
If anyone wants to learn more about sponsoring these amazing girls, visit www.sonriseministriesinc.org

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