Happy 25th birthday to my favorite human in the world! ❤️🎉💕 I am so proud of how incredibly far you’ve come in the last year, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year and beyond! You inspire me every day to be the best version of myself, to be kind, and to always remember that an individual can make a difference in the world. I love you so much!!! Thank you for being the wonderful person you are 😍 You deserve to be celebrated every day!
P.S. I thought of something funnier than 24.......25!! #15yearsandcounting #spongebobandpatrickforever

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend / Sister It's Crazy How Much Shit We Been Threw Together And See How Much You Have Grown I'm So Proud Of You And We Can Weeks Without Talking But When We Get Back Together It's Like Nothing's Change And I Love That Happy Birthday Patrick #happybirthday #sister #spongebobandpatrickforever @vajj89

Yes I'm 22yrs old and yes I still watch Spongebob! Who's with me? 🙋 #nevertoooldforspongebob #spongebobandpatrickforever

Latepost : Alhamdulillah tiup lilin lagi Aey ..
Masi dgn kue rasa kabel alias dibeliin
Semoga masih sll ada keberkahan
Bersama dg datengnya kembali spongebob gue yg lama menghilang dr peredaran .. yg katanya lagi hobby nyangkul .. wkwk
Smoga kita gak akan pernah lupa untuk saling mengingatkan yg terbaik
Thankyou so fu*kinmuachh😘😘
May Allah bless us as always
Patrick&Spongebob forever!! #spongebobandpatrick
#sahabat #blessed #ulangtahun
#tambahtua #wuatb

You + me = the perfect Indiots💛💛 #spongebobandpatrickforever #real #friendchip 💓

My girl Holzy is 21?!! Seems like just yesterday we were watching Sleepover and eating mac n cheese. You are one special person and I love you. Cheers to being 21!!🍾🥂🎂 #spongebobandpatrickforever

you know what's better than 24?.... 25 #spongebobandpatrickforever

This really is my best friend my ride or die this dude has had my back since day one and helped me with all the problems I've faced. Thanks for being there mickey mouse you dont know how much youve helped. I got you best friend through thick and thin like youve done for me @celeb210
#spongebobandpatrickforever #batmanandrobin #thatsmybestfriend #iloveyou #bestfriend #chinupbuttercup #b&;m17

Long distance ain't got nothin on us! 😎🌸 #ItsLikeYouNeverLeft #BFF #spongebobandpatrickforever

Deine mutter mag dich nicht mal auf MDMA💖👽#Spongebobandpatrickforever

This was right before Highly suspect. I find it rather strange that Johnny and I both decided to wear Cure tee shirts 😂 he needs to just marry me already @highlysuspect #thecure#soulmates

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