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We love this shade, oh yes it's true!
Shade shown: #SpokenFromtheHeart #HelloKittybyOPI

An evening with Laura Bush and Diane Stai #spokenfromtheheart #instituteforwomenshealth @pbeckham123

When she asked to make a video, I wasn't sure what it was going to be about... but then she melted my heart ❤️ #lovewhatyoudo #proud #spokenfromtheheart #danceteacher #kindness

OPI Hello Kitty - Spoken from the Heart (NL H85) ❤️ #opi #opihellokitty #opihellokittycollection #spokenfromtheheart

I was so blinded it was hard to keep my eyes open, but it's just such a heart warming feeling to go somewhere, to a place that used to mean so much that was going to be your forever home, a place you thought you would never be able to go back to, let alone drive by, and to be able to go in there and not feel a thing! Truly letting go of bad things in your life and moving on from them is an experience like no other. Something no one will understand until they've lived it themselves. And being in bad situation and coming out on top with your head held high and a smile on your face and truly overcoming that battle is such a beautiful thing to me! #spokenfromtheheart #iammeagain #freeyourself #letgoofthebad

How gorgeous is this hot pink from the new Hello Kitty collection by @opi_products ?! This is Spoken From The Heart and this formula of this one was so nice 💖 I couldn't bear to take of my cute little Hello Kitty nail so she'll feature in a couple of swatches ! #SpokenFromTheHeart #OPIHelloKitty #cotypraustralia @cotypraustralia @opiaustralia #hellokittybyopi

Vendredi je suis passée l'air de rien chez Sephora et j'ai craqué sur deux opi Hello Kitty #letsbefriends et #spokenfromtheheart 💗


Note from mummy:
Mummy's little Bailey, I'm so sorry that you're feeling so much discomfort while going through your teething stage. Stay strong my little #开心果 (happy fruit).
#mummysboy #loveyoutothemoonandback #loveyoutobits #spokenfromtheheart

When in doubt, love...
Love your issues for they teach you patience and humility.
Love your challenges for they teach you strength and empathy.
Love your enemies for they teach you forgiveness and compassion.
Love your flaws for they teach you character and grace.
Love yourself. Start with what you can. Say kind words to yourself and others. Show love even when love isn’t deserved. Why? What you think, what you say and what you do are all connected... and therefore they ALL matter. Practice love today.
{for more posts like this follow my other account here: @hopehealingnow} #spokenfromtheheart #wordsonlove #hopeandhealing #love #loveyourself #lovequotes #loveislove #selflove #showlove #belove #showlove #theloa #thesecret #doallthingswithlove #whatyougiveyoureceive #givelovetogetlove #givelovefirst #lovethyself #lovethyneighbor #lovethyenemy #loveyourflaws #loveyourchallenges #loveyourenemies #thinkpositive #lovebig #stayinaplaceoflove #myreligionislove #jennystradling #freedomtocreatefreedom

Oggi ho ricevuto un bellissimo successo!!! È da Laura Bush!!! Laura Lane Welch Bush (1946) è un'ex First Lady degli Stati Uniti d'America, moglie dell'ex Presidente George W. Bush
Today I received a wonderful success!!! It's from Laura Bush!!! Laura Lane Welch Bush (1946) is a former First Lady of the United States of America, wife of fromer President George W. Bush.

#laura #bush #laurabush #spokenfromtheheart #book #firstlady #hillaryclinton #michelleobama #usa #president #fotografia #photograph #foto #photo #autograph #autografo #firma #sign #signature #fanmail #ttmsuccess #ttm #throughthemail #dedication #personalisation #authentic #georgewbush @laurawbush

It’s a blue and gold Christmas. It’s been many years since I felt the Christmas spirit. Christmas to me has always been a struggle. Between losing my grandmother right before Christmas and always being to Poor to give my kids the Christmas I thought they deserved it was the worst time of year for me. But this year has taught me so much about myself. Through the power of personal development, faith, and this amazing business I have a new outlook on life. As children we believe in the innocence of Christmas and the holiday season. We wait with anticipation for the most magical time of year. But as adults we lose sight of the magic and focus on the negativity. I lost sight of this over the years. I became jaded to the magic. And I’m sad that it came to that. But because of this amazing year and the people I have in my life. I am able to say I have the magic back in my life. I can’t wait to enjoy this holiday. And in the process I get to help so many people experience the magic as well. Happy holidays from my family to yours.

But maybe it's because I was never destined to be THAT girl. Maybe because I was destined to be something more. To be that girl who just lives her life. That girl who loves herself for who she is, and doesn't rely on male attention to make herself feel alright. That girl who knows what she wants and fights until it's hers. That girl who still has insecurities, But at the end of the days says "whatever". Yeah I wanna be THAT girl. #thatgirl #girlswholift #fitness #balancedlife #healthy #fitness #spokenfromtheheart

Note from mummy:
Mummy's little #采花贼 (flower thief 🌼🌸🌻🍃), I often laugh over your love for picking flowers and leaves from the garden, but really, it's my heart you stole.
#mummywillbehomesoon #mummysboy #loveyoutothemoonandback #youstolemyheart #spokenfromtheheart

‘You Are My Getaway.’ And it’s just, I can’t let go of this; this feeling of ‘home’ that was created, with you. I discovered home is where the heart is and my heart found you when you found me.
I’d take you anywhere with me, run to the ends of the earth, chase the stars, and do anything within myself to show you that you are my world, beyond more than enough, and that I’d fight every single moment for you.
I don’t ever want a day where I can’t stare into those handsome blue eyes, hold you within my arms, and show you just how much I love you.
I believed love was like winning the lottery and I got lucky and struck gold with you. Immense happiness consumed me and there’s not a day I don’t want you by my side living with you as my partner. You had me instantly and I was asinine for being cautious; I was scared, but you took note of the little things, gifted me this smile on my face, and your very essence consumed me with warmth.
I’m sorry. Sorry I’m an idiot, a stubborn fool, and that I betrayed your trust. I’m sorry for the dishonesty and for being so insensitive, but I am not sorry for being with you, loving you, and wanting to make this up to you for the rest of our days.
You are my ‘il mio amore, siempre.’ I don’t want to lose you and I don’t want your scent to fade, ever.

When my family is fighting or having a bad day, I always whisper to myself... “Well, at least we’re not ugly.” 🤷🏻‍♀️ #SpokenFromTheHeart #Homeschooling #😂 #AlotOfFilters

BADU: So let me ask you: What do you, as a man, envy about what it means to be a woman?

LAMAR: There’s just a certain knowledge instilled in a woman. There are these things that women have that men just can’t grasp: the understanding of love; the understanding of being; having a certain type of care in your heart and knowing when to be compassionate; knowing how to be a confidante . . . •

#recognizethereal #artrecognizeart #wordsmatter but #actionsspeaklouder #dopesouls #realwomen stay #focused #driven #embodiment #femininity #diversity #spokenfromtheheart #truth #growth #artist #urbanflora #urbancontemporary #bewithoutjudgement #buildup don’t #breakdown

‘keep talking because i love to hear your voice; its the only thing, i need.’ I finally felt okay, it took so long to get here. I felt love, happiness, lust, and a longing that had been absent in my heart that it was all I began to crave. I missed you when you were just moments away and it’s just, I was beaming; glowing quite actually and bursting with this affection you gifted from knowing the small things to the way you breathed on my cheek as I slept.
But it just seems like I can’t count on anything and I ruin everything that is good - I’m sorry. I was never dishonest about the way I love you.
It was disrupted too quickly.


This sweet angel right here asked to go "worm hunting" this morning. As simple (and adorable) as it sounded it was a powerful message to me..and really what I needed.
When the clouds come out and a storm rolls in, you can still find joy in it and what it brings.
Life flows with ups and downs no doubt! But worm hunting is best during a good rain. I want to try to find the best of something even during the worst of storms.
#practicewhatyoupreach #easiersaidthendone #spokenfromtheheart #healthmindhealthyheart #mindsetispowerful #wrappingmyheadaroundit #findingjoyinthelittlethings #kidsknowbest #wormhunting #🐛 #storm #muddybuddytotherescue #kidswhoknowbest #seeingthesunthroughtheclouds

OPI - Spoken from the heart

❤️ is ❤️!! I've topped the OPI Gelcolor colour 'Spoken From the Heart' with OPI Gelcolor in 'Chasing Rainbows' to celebrate 🙌🏻 @opiaustralia #loveislove #spokenfromtheheart #chasingrainbows

Before First Lady, Laura Bush was a teacher and a librarian. She founded the Texas Book Festival; and along with the Library of Congress, the National Book Festival.
I’d say she’s in our tribe... or, we’re in hers!
#spokenfromtheheart @laurawbush #laurabush #happybirthdaylaurabush @scribnerbooks @simonandschuster @librarycongress @texasbookfest

I may have met one of the most charming ladies in all the country at a literacy luncheon today...thank you for inspiring me to #readaloud to the next generation. #literacyeducation #spokenfromtheheart

Spring / Summer nails. Beautiful new OPI colour #beautysecretsnorwood #opi #spokenfromtheheart #nails #manicure #readyforcupday

James: Hi Love, happy, happy birthday! I just want you to know that your energy is a beautiful light in this world especially in MY world. Never forget that. I love you ❤️ 📷foldedandhung #jamesreid #nadinelustre #teamreal #jadine #jadine💜 #spokenfromtheheart #alwaysistheirforever

Spoken From the heart ❤️#opispokenfromtheheart #spokenfromtheheart

👉 "when your training becomes a lifestyle and not just the latest fad, that is when you truly get to know the person you wish to become"
#spokenfromtheheart #pt #lifestyle #karate #mma #neverquit #natty #nofilter #fthehaters

Let your imagination set you free and your ambitions guide you! Sundays are for good thoughts and online shopping. #spokenfromtheheart

Have you ever fallen in love with the same person over and over again day after day. Even if there far away ...there on your mind no matter what your doing throughout your day ...💘tag ur true love 💘
#love #quotes #spokenfromtheheart #staypositive #staytrue #always #missingyou #trustthewait #truelove #yourstrulyforever #ldr #relationshipgoals #meandyou #miss #babe #nelly #justthe2ofuss #musicfans #instagramers

From the Hello Kitty collection ❤️ Spoken From the Heart ✨ #opispokenfromtheheart #opiswatch #spokenfromtheheart

Wanted to share with you all how I lost my baby weight. The day I gave birth to my son I was 192 had gained 52 lbs my total pregnancy. When I started going back to the gym at 5 weeks postpartum I was around 168. I wanted to lose my baby weight desperately so I ordered a bunch of things that I thought would help. I got a waist trainer, fat burning pills, sweet sweat. I was depressed for a while cause the weight wouldn't come off. It wasn't til I did my research and I started doing fasted cardio 3-4x a week and I stopped taking all that stuff and went on a strict diet and I stopped drinking alcohol for a good while. I also didn't go out and tried to get 8 hours of sleep each night. On top of cardio I weight trained 4-5x a week so there were times when I would go to the gym 2x in one day. Once I lost the weight I started to add muscle and that's when I really loved my body💜My body will always be a work in progress I love this lifestyle as long as I live I'll always try to be the best version of myself that I can be #spokenfromtheheart #bodyafterbaby #fitmomforlife #strongisbetterthanskinny

' F R O M H E R E ----> T H E R E ? '

Just anxious to travel and experience and have a holiday out of here. Longing to have someone to grab and make some damn memories with but fretting I'm getting to old. Wanting to see and do more.
Allow me to have the window seat though; there's something magical in watching the sunrise chase the skies as the flight goes from east to west ✈️

Я не умею делать красивые раскладки, так что вот :) #лакоманьяк раньше были сплошь #opi, потом сплошь #essie, а сейчас я мисс спонтанность (или мисс лак в подарок) и на самом деле большой разницы между дорогими и дешевыми лаками я уже не вижу, дело в фирме, а не в цене. Тот же #koton за 99 рублей прекрасно носился неделю :) а розовый #opi #spokenfromtheheart на третий день уже выглядит не очень. Какие лаки фавориты у вас? У меня пожалуй #essie #nowandzen, #essie #lacqueredup, #zoya #zp647, #koton #plankton708 и #essie #stylenomics :)

It's sometimes the people who appear to be the happiest r the ones constantly getting hurt #spokenfromtheheart #honesttruth 😩😩🙄

'I long to hold you once before I'm a ghost of a memory....' And life is as fragile as a dream, but we do not live in dreams. However, we deserve better, to be better, and be wanted and loved just as fiercely as we love someone else in this state of mind.
Like I said, I've gone off balance. I was on a sure path and fell landing in an uneasy place. And although I tried to fight it, I was confronted with overwhelming emotion and a heavy heart; I lost my mind set and gained some floof.
This is a reminder that I can transform my body to what I worked so hard for, and from there evolve beyond. My dreams are obtainable and my desire to figure compete can still come to fruition. Road to Cali - Tales of a Wannabe Bikini Girl - Revengebod2.0 and all the other nicknames this journey has, here's to its reboot. (Noting my horrific posture ✌🏻)

'......silence can be more accurate.' And that was just it. I couldn't continue to express myself when it felt like so few understood. I didn't just take a few steps back, I fell completely down. Depression wears differently on everyone. Some days it's been an imaginary weight preventing me from moving, to days where I killed my training at the gym, compared to others that one moment I was laughing and smiling, but the next filled with fear and panic; my will diminished and instead was replaced with severe anxiety.
Earlier this year, I was fine. Some of my situations weren't the best, but they were becoming better. I'd found this glowing happiness and constant in my life that kept me moving forward, towards my dreams, encouraged, and excited me to do more. But when that constant disappeared, this loneliness slowly began to creep in until finally it was so overwhelming I couldn't stifle it anymore. I was consumed with doubt, heartbreak, and an unsettled sadness. My soul desired more than what was obtainable, but when it mattered the most, in needing a friend, they weren't there. And even now, I'd still take that friendship. It was truly special on its own and meant so very much to me. It felt like such a blessing to have a friend that understood past situations and converse on commonalities and hobbies.
So that's it. I stopped seeing light quite the way I used to. Silence became more accurate. I removed myself from the world that doesn't quite 'get it' in order to keep myself safer and be able to find a way to cope and continue to move forward.
There is nothing worse than not feeling good enough for yourself anymore especially when it seems like you aren't good enough for the things you long for and the people you desire.

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