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We love this shade, oh yes it's true!
Shade shown: #SpokenFromtheHeart #HelloKittybyOPI

Summery watermelon nails to match this 40°C heat 🍉🔥 #nailart #watermelonnails #watermelon #hellokityopi #spokenfromtheheart

You have been in my life for as long as I can remember. You have helped through so much so far. You helped see the error of my ways most times. You push my buttons all the time and you prank me just because you can. But I wouldn't change a thing. I'm grateful that I had the honor of havong you as a role model to look up to. Thank you for being my rock! I love you, cousine!

Thanks for the coffee big Phyll👌🏻 #truth #seriousgourmetshit #spokenfromtheheart #pulpfiction #joules

Boredom....and playing around with my hello kitty colors! #opi #mypaljoey #spokenfromtheheart #nailsofinstagram #nailart

To tired to share the finished product lastnight. My fingers are a little bit more fun he chose the pink I chose to be special and paint a single (chicken nugget) toe on each foot yellow #spokenfromtheheart #nailpolish and #needsunglasses by #opi & yes that's the crippled foot

How gorgeous is this hot pink from the new Hello Kitty collection by @opi_products ?! This is Spoken From The Heart and this formula of this one was so nice 💖 I couldn't bear to take of my cute little Hello Kitty nail so she'll feature in a couple of swatches ! #SpokenFromTheHeart #OPIHelloKitty #cotypraustralia @cotypraustralia @opiaustralia #hellokittybyopi

OPI Hello Kitty - Spoken from the Heart (NL H85) ❤️ #opi #opihellokitty #opihellokittycollection #spokenfromtheheart

When she asked to make a video, I wasn't sure what it was going to be about... but then she melted my heart ❤️ #lovewhatyoudo #proud #spokenfromtheheart #danceteacher #kindness


Day 3 of #myhouseinseptember Words and Letters. I have kept this little Thank You card from when my children were primary school age. My baby will be 33 this month and my beautiful daughter (who penned the words) will be 36 in November. #memories❤ #children #spokenfromtheheart #wordstotreasure #keepsakes #keepsake @___dhom___ @nick_hewitt6

Summer 🌴☀️ De zomer is alweer bijna ten einde helaas... Nog steeds hoop ik dat ik stiekem nog wat extra vakantiedagen krijg om nog even te genieten van zon, zee en strand 😍
Nee het is niet 1 van mijn meest flateuse foto's... Ook ik heb rolletjes, kwabbetjes en hoopjes op plekken waar veel mensen ze hebben. Maar het feit dat ik in een bikini op een strand durf te lopen, is voor mij al heel wat. Fit zijn betekent niet altijd dun zijn, maar af en toe ook gezond en sportief zijn en tevreden zijn met hoe je er uit ziet. Of dit nu maatje 36 of maatje 42/44 (in mijn geval nu) is.

Since I'm in such emotional pain rn I felt like I wanted to take my time to confess my true feelings about THIS particular person (YOU! @reliquis) who have ALWAYS kept my happy, always been there for me, always been honest with me, always supported me when I needed someone to talk to, always making my smile even ending up laughing so hard after having some "bad days", and most importantly: always loving me for the REAL person I really am, loving me even through my mistakes I may have caused you, loving me for the idiot I sometimes am, loving me inside & out, loving me through our same interests in things, loving me in just general!!! (Something I've honestly HAVEN'T experienced before) you have shown me SO MUUUCH in just a mounth, which is REALLY insane!! You shown me: that I really matter, that my humanity exists (cuz' most people refers me as a character instead, which I really appreciate, but sometimes it's just too much which makes me feel that I've lost my OWN humanity) you have shown me that "true love" DOES exist in this broken world, you have shown me that it's ok to sometimes crawl out of my shell of edgyness & show my most soft side, you have shown me how to care & love someone that REALLY cares & loves you back, you have just shown me how to love in particular, you have just changed this piece of shit into the most happiest person on this planet, I barely think I could POSSIBLY be more happier than I'am rn for having such a strong, lovely, amazing person I'm VERY happy & proud to call "This is My Girlfriend" I just want you to know that I'm just sooooooooo happy to, become the part of your life, to be loved by you no matter what happens, to be the one who motivates you for the better, to be the one who makes you blush & happy, to be the one who makes you constantly smile (even irl), to be the only one for you to care about, to be called YOURS overall, you haven't just saved me from my near-about-to-be depressed you, you saved me from, Complete lonelyness after like.... 3 long years without someone to really care about, saved me in-games situations & some other more personal stuff in general irl, you're just the RIGHT one❤️❤️❤️

'You stayed awake falling into my dreams; little sleepwalker, you let in the bad things.' But it hasn't gotten any easier and I feel trapped in many of these memories. I sleep so infrequent now...... and I'm ready to just flee. I need a distraction, some sort of adventure.

Went to new nail salon today... They did nice job overall... Picked a color to match my personality ❤️😘👍🏻It's called #spokenfromtheheart. #opi #opispokenfromtheheart #tresjolie #tresjolienails #manipedi #pamperyourself #pampered #lovemypinks #sundayvibes #sundaypamperday #treatyourselfwell

Two more orders on their way out! From the depths of my heart I am humbled and floored by the outpouring of love and appreciation for our designs. Disney holds such a special place in our familly's hearts and each pair of ears is an extension of our hearts and love. It is truly an honor to share that with you all! 💜
#cheesybuttrue #sappyiknow #spokenfromtheheart #thankyousomuch #humbling #disneylove #disneylife #disneyfamily #wireears #mouseears #flowerears #floralears #dressedindisney #disneyside #disneystyle #disneyfashion

'Breathe in, breathe out, there's a beauty in seeing the sunset in the loneliest of hearts, even on the darkest of days.
Because, it ignites you.
Fills you back up.
And it's a sigh of relief.' And it's just, I keep getting hit with this void in my soul, a song of sorrow, and it reminds me of how I felt. Sometimes it plays these hints of high notes; an ode to the initial tune that used to make me fly. But it's funny how days like this, I can go from feeling so low, to being filled with endorphins I race off of, back to crashing down. It fluctuates and doesn't hurt any less than to not say anything at all.....

'But when you disappeared, the sun couldn't breathe without you.' And it seems I'm just running in these restless circles. My dreams and memories have been haunted, but I can't shake these ideas from there. I've grown weary of these mind games and there's this saying, still, of 'hai il mio cuore.' You vanished and left these ghosts, little reminders, but my heart refuses to go numb. It still beats in rhythm and hiccups with gentle thought and then stutters to this sadness.
Can we go back to the start? Play out these scenes forward, from the beginning, again, to create such a different ending? Just take me back to the start, it's been such a shame for us to part - it's been suffocating and fading. ---I hadn't seen a sunset since my days back in California and though quite small, I've treasured this arrangement of the moon and the clouds 🌙

Merci beaucoup à Justine M. d'être venue hier au salon. Une pose de vernis semi-permanent @opifranceofficiel aux mains et aux pieds. Le pétillant rouge/rose #spokenfromtheheart de la collection #hellokitty. Merci beaucoup pour cet agréable moment 😊😊 #manucure #pedicure #OPI #vernissemipermanent #pinkred #summer2017 #capferret #bassin #manucurecapferret #bordeauxmaville #igerscapferret #igersbordeaux #igerssudouest

I love this man's insight...such powerful words coming from someone who has seen the darkest parts that this life has to offer.
#faith #purelove #patience #poetry #spokenfromtheheart #addiction

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