The goal of your products pages isn't for you to think it looks good. The goal is to get your conversions higher let the numbers tell you what your audience wants.
You want to split-test different elements and see what converts better. Sometimes simple converts better than pretty.
Remember you need traffic to to split-test but before you get traffic here are some conversion boosting tips you can implement on your product pages.

1. Quality product images - don't just use the imported images and call it a day. Select the best ones, edit them or take your own (If it sells on amazon prime you can get it quicker than epacket)

2. Quality descriptions - delete all of the imported descriptions..seriously. Hook them first emotionally. Talk about the benefits of the product and include a call-to-action (add to cart/buy)

3. Use scarcity/urgency - check out Hurrify or Countdown Cart app in Shopify

4. Have a trust badge. If you don't have one google "trust badge" I use one that says Guaranteed Safe Checkout with some trusted payment icons

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Сплит-тестирование - является одним из наиболее эффективных способов получения точных количественных данных для оценки успеха вашей связки и дальнейшей ее оптимизации. 💪
На практике сплит-тест сводится к попеременной демонстрации вариантов трестируемого элемента из связки 📕📗📘, это может быть: предложение (товар/услуга), креатив (объявления, баннеры), посадочная страница, ЦА, различные варианты цен и т.д.
Каждый элемент сравнивается на своем уровне, то есть при тестирование запускаются, к примеру, креативы различного исполнения и по достижению статистически значимого числа для анализа, вы будете располагать конкретными сведениями о том, какой из креативов работает лучше по сравнению с другими, тем самым можно будет выстроить наиболее прибыльную связку. 📈
Именно поэтому не всегда удается выйти в плюс первые месяцы ведения рекламных кампаний в Директе и Google, и это нормально, нужно уметь сливать часть своего бюджета для получения данных для анализа. Редкая удача залить сразу в плюс, обычно это происходит, когда низкая конкуренция или просто если ты везунчик. 😎 Тестируйте все, что только возможно и будет вам профит. 💵
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Es gibt im Online-Marketing nichts wichtigeres als Split-Tests. 💪 Höre niemals auf zu testen und optimiere auf deinen Landingpages und Anzeigen stets nur eine einzige Sache. 💡 Wie testest du bei deinen Projekten? Hast du bestimmte Tools, die du regelmäßig benutzt? Teile sie und schreibe sie unten in die Kommentare.

Failure is key to being successful. I know that may sound odd but trust me, when you fail, you learn. And when you learn, you succeed.

Ich sage nur. Zahlen, zahlen sich aus💪🎯 Link in Bio @adriangiger

Am besten immer Mittendrin😂😂😂 Link in Bio @adriangiger #adriangiger

Split (A/B) Test Ads are a great way to play around with your audience. You’re able to use the same image or two different images and play with two different audiences. Whichever ad cost you the least amount per click it STOPS (if you set it up that way 😉). 💜 I’ll be going live tomorrow night at 8PM CST to discuss Facebook Ads...Care to join me? .
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Shhhh!! Don’t mention the snow! ☀️😎
I’ve seen way too many photos of snow for one day! And that’s before I even look out of the window, or attempt to get out of the house. If you’re in the UK, there’s a decent chance you are snowed in (or there’s enough to keep you away from the office at least!).
Days like this are a good time to think about putting some good conversion optimisation tools in place. If your website is surveying users, and you’re running a few split tests, then you don’t need to be in the office in order to make progress. Give it a go!
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#SPLITTEST HMMM 🎹 ✌️👍🏽👎💍😍😜

Tutorial: Splittesten mit Thrive Optimize, dem neuesten Plugin von Thrive Themes.

Wie wichtig Splittesten für deine Konversion-Rate und damit deinen Umsatz ist, ist kein Geheimnis.
Meist ist dies aber ziemlich umständlich 😟

Da kommt Thrive Optimize genau richtig, denn damit kann Splittests mit wenigen Klicks anlegen und starten 🙂

Wie das funktioniert, zeige ich in meinem Tutorial. Klicke den Link in der Bio!

Wie sieht das bei euch aus?
Nutzt ihr Thrive Optimize schon oder welches Tool verwendet ihr zum Splittesten?

Awsome day with the bro Rakich!
Proud of how far this dude has come and how far I have come in a short space of time
Thanks for your support bro boom #6figure club with macroactive!!!

I'm ALWAYS testing stuff and experimenting to see what works, what doesn't, and sometimes to even see what I can get away with, lol.⠀

Here's are the results from a test that I've been running on ellorywells.com. I've been testing to see what questions on an opt-in form get the highest conversions.⠀

In this particular test, I've got 3 different forms. And, I'm sharing the full image w/ subscribers of Catalyst Monthly. (http://links.ellorywells.com/monthly)⠀

Here's a snippet from the article coming in February's issue:⠀

While at a conference in 2017, I heard the owner of a digital marketing agency say, "You should never collect a lead without asking for a phone number." At first, I thought, "Oh, wow, that's a great idea!" My second thought was, "Hmmm… I wonder what that does for conversion rates." So, I started testing. ⠀

Up until this point, all of my opt-in forms were either email only, or first name and email together. I'd always left the name as an optional field, but I never stated that it was optional. So, I started adding the phone number field as optional, and I made the name field required.⠀

The question I wanted to answer was this: "Does asking for a phone number turn people away and decrease conversion rates?"⠀

As you can see, one of my tests outperformed the others by 58.62%. But to know which was the best, which was the control, and which decreased conversions, you'll have to subscribe =)⠀

Get the full details of this test and more amazing business-building information that you can take immediate action on by subscribing at: ⠀


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Splittests zählen zur Pflicht bei der Umsatzsteigerung. Du brauchst lediglich >2 Varianten deiner Webseite gegeneinander zu testen, um zu erfahren, welche davon mehr Umsatz generiert. Mit uns kannst du Splittests ganz einfach in wenigen Sekunden erstellen und in Echtzeit auswerten. Das solltest du unbedingt für dein eigenes Business nutzen! #splittesting #splittest #conversion #marketing

Day 3 of "The Splits Challenge"
Today's crotch to Floor measurement is 42cm. Modest improvement of 2 cm. Happy to take it.

Who's joining in? Let's see how long it takes to get to full Splits. Post your improvements in the comments below.
Next measurement on Wednesday.
#SplitsChallenge #Splits #movement #mobility #flexibility #resilientbody #becomeresilient

Reviewing January's issue, making tweaks, and planning improvements for February's issue.

Issue #2 includes a valuable time tracking tool to help you keep your entrepreneurial discipline, how to find inspiration and simplification in your business, and some amazing split testing results that you can use in your business.

Subscribe now - http://links.ellorywells.com/monthly

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