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Concentration is important! #musiclessonswithmama

Want to win a Cannador? All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter and guess how many pieces of candy are in all 4 jars combined!

So true. Thanks for an awesome meeting, @splimmteam! #potandparenting #splimm

This is why it's the City of Roses. We finally made it to Peninsula Park to see the garden in full bloom.

#saturdayinthepark #stopandsmelltheroses

Tonight's bedtime reading brought to you by the always aesthetically pleasing MARY Magazine. We loved seeing our words among such beautiful images! Grab yourself a copy so you can peruse its loveliness.

#Splimm #WeGoHigh #MaryMagazine

I had a chance to chat with Jenn Lauder from Splimm recently and loved our conversation. Please check them out and read our interview! We would love to hear your thoughts! 😊💖🙏💫#Repost @splimmteam
“It’s hemp, it’s a part of the cannabis family, so why don’t we use it as a platform to promote a positive view of cannabis.” -Kenia Taylor, @CannaSmack

We thought we were just reviewing lip balms, but we learned so much about a wonderful company working hard to dispel negative stereotypes and provide real cannabis education. We even had a chance to talk about parenting the next generation of change makers. These mamas have created awesome products with an admirable mission. Check them out!⠀

#Splimm #CannaSmack #PotandParenting #WeGoHigh

New guest blog and a great read via @splimmteam "A few weeks ago a friend and I were trying to schedule a phone conversation. I mentioned casually that I couldn’t talk at 8:30 because that’s when I read to my daughter every night. She was surprised, slightly horrified even. ‘You still do that?!’…”https://thelilmamas.com/guest-blogger-jenn-yes-i-still-read-to-my-9-year-old-everyday/ #splimm #mama #MAMAS #reading #kids #parenting #pot #potandparenting #justkeepsplimming

It’s so hot that we’re eating all the strawberries and dreaming of the cool breeze that blew across Sauvie Island last weekend while we picked them.
#StrawberrySeason #PickYourOwn #8Pounds


Concentration is important! #musiclessonswithmama

Tonight's bedtime reading brought to you by the always aesthetically pleasing MARY Magazine. We loved seeing our words among such beautiful images! Grab yourself a copy so you can peruse its loveliness.

#Splimm #WeGoHigh #MaryMagazine

The Splimm Team has been working hard on our first kid's book! Because Your Mama Loves Weed is a great way to introduce your children to the facts around cannabis and to start important conversations that foster trust and honest dialogue. ⠀

This unique piece of children's literature will be available for preorder at Splimm.com starting next week!⠀

#Splimm #WeGoHigh #PotandParenting

Issue 20 of Splimm hit inboxes this afternoon and it is awesome! We've got everything you ever wanted to know about cannabis topicals, a cannacouples' guide to a weekend in Portland, and an introduction from the Splimm Team's newest addition. Plus, we're sharing some very exciting news with our community...it's We Go Expansive! ⠀

Link in profile. Take a look and subscribe today!⠀

#Splimm #WeGoHigh #PotandParenting

After sampling these treats, we had to meet the brains behind their yumminess. We were thrilled to have the chance to learn from “enlightened woman” Jill Trinchero about what goes into She Don’t Know Snacks. Not only is Jill the force behind this awesome brand, but she’s also a mom. Which means she’s more qualified than most for this ever-changing industry – and she knows what parents are looking for in their edible experience! Link in profile!

#Splimm #SheDontKnow #WeGoHigh #PotandParenting

Portland, with its abundance of craft cannabis and both natural and manmade splendor, provides plenty of options for a weed-infused couples’ weekend. We've designed an itinerary sure to please both the native guest looking to reset and the out-of-towner on a pilgrimage to our beautiful cannabis mecca. Featuring @halfbakedlabs @themakeandmary @liftedevents420 @alberta_greenhouse

#Splimm #WeGoHigh #WeedWeekend

"There’s a burgeoning cannabis health and beauty aids movement afoot, which casts the plant as a self-care and wellness product, in addition to a medical product or a social/recreational product. The growing awareness that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our mouths is driving the demand for body lotions, lip treatments, eye serums, and face creams made with natural ingredients and infused with cannabis." ⠀

Interested in learning more about cannabis topicals? The profile link has an in-depth look, including the "how" and "why" behind these safe and effective products and a few recommendations for you to try.⠀

#Splimm #WeGoHigh #CannabisTopicals #Wellness

We go high, we're co-founders Jenn and Chad! Did you know @jennlauder has over a decade of experience as a classroom teacher? It's just one of the things that make Splimm special!

It's new writing instrument day! #biginjapan

We go camping for issue 19! This week we've got tips for camping with kids, a multi-tool review, and coverage of The Fore Twenty Golf Tournament!

I wouldn’t say we were camping experts. We’re semi-experienced. But we’ve put together some tips from our time in the tents that we think will help get you ready for your first family camping excursion.⠀

Check out the latest on Splimm.com before you lug your kids out to the woods! Link in profile!⠀

#Splimm #WeGoHigh #FamilyCamping

If you’re a cannabis consumer, a great option for your pocket is the Nuggy by @NugTools. This half-pound, palm-sized, guitar pick-shaped contraption will make your sessions simpler and more fun. Gone are the days of tearing paper to make a crutch or stuffing the end of your joint with a pencil. With its nine spring-locking, stainless steel tools plus LED light, the Nuggy resolves these problems and many more. Check out Splimm's review of the Nuggy; link in profile!⠀

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Photo by @jennywakeandbake

Where do you keep YOUR grow lights when you're not using them? 😂😂😂
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Do you like golfing? What about inflatable hamster ball racing? Then follow the profile link to read about Splimm's day on the green at The Fore Twenty Golf Tournament!

Happy #4thofjuly everyone! We hope you're free and enjoying the day with people you love! #nomoredrugwar

"But when we wield them well, with intention and great care, words can reveal a truth so deep it’s not even visible yet. They can offer a sliver of hope, a speck of unity, a spot of love. This is how words make magic. And this is how we build…"⠀

Issue 18 of Splimm is out and it is awesome! Check your inboxes or click the profile link and subscribe today!⠀

#Splimm #PotandParenting #WeGoHigh

Summer means outdoor music, and everyone knows cannabis and concerts go together like Beyoncé and Jay-Z. In this edition of We Go High in Public, the Splimm Team offers our very best tips for responsibly consuming cannabis to enhance your al fresco concert-going experience. Link in profile! ⠀

#Splimm #WeGoHigh #DancingQueen

Summer Shatterday night with Purple Hindu Kush. Doesn't get much better than this. Hope you're in the middle of a beautiful weekend!

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