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Got kids? Got weed? Get Splimm!

It’s so hot that we’re eating all the strawberries and dreaming of the cool breeze that blew across Sauvie Island last weekend while we picked them.
#StrawberrySeason #PickYourOwn #8Pounds

So true. Thanks for an awesome meeting, @splimmteam! #potandparenting #splimm

Want to win a Cannador? All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter and guess how many pieces of candy are in all 4 jars combined!

Nothing makes change happen without confrontation and conversation. Our hats are off to our friends @splimmteam for creating this fantastic book about talking to your children about cannabis. 💯 #LilMamaApproved. Link in bio.

This is why it's the City of Roses. We finally made it to Peninsula Park to see the garden in full bloom.

#saturdayinthepark #stopandsmelltheroses

Does your child’s teacher ever make this face? If so, they might just be using cannabis! Follow the profile link to read our expert coverage on how to spot the warning signs!


Got kids? Got weed? Get Splimm!

We’re celebrating our first birthday with a very special announcement about our first sponsor!

We’d like to thank Cura Cannabis Solutions, makers of @select_oil and @select_cbd (among other fine products), for becoming the first member of Splimm’s Immediate Family. This sponsorship program allows us to partner with leading companies to promote responsible cannabis consumption and to normalize adult use of this beneficial plant for health, wellness, relaxation, and more.
A Splimm sponsorship demonstrates a commitment to the ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible future of the cannabis industry and to the safety and wellbeing of cannabis consumers and their families.
We’re excited to share some of the wonderful things Cura will be up to over the next year. Check Splimm.com later today for a recap of their latest product launch! And please support companies that support Splimm!

Ingredients for the perfect Saturday brunch: ⠀
• CBD tincture from @select_CBD
• Delicious food & a beautifully curated experience by @arcanerevelry & @feastlypdx
• Libations from @messinabitters & @coalitionbrewing
• Amazing company and conversation; lots of laughs⠀

We can't say enough about this fantastic product launch & event collaboration. What an incredible showcase of the best parts of cannabis culture! Thank you to the @select_oil team for having us! ⠀

Be sure to check Splimm.com tomorrow for our complete recap!

We had a beautiful time at Saturnalia, a CBD-infused brunch experience from @select_oil @arcanerevelry & @feastlypdx featuring @messinabitters & @coalitionbrewing. Great food, lively conversation and a fantastic new product from @select_cbd. This is normalization and we are psyched.

One year ago today, we published our first piece on Splimm.com. This was an idea years in development and rushed into existence by a new sense of urgency - the realization that we had to DO SOMETHING, even if it wasn't fully formed. We needed to put something good into the world at that moment.⠀

Since then Splimm has been an experiment in relentlessly envisioning the world as other than it is. As better than it is, more gentle, more truthful, more compassionate, more capable of holding us in all our beautiful diversity. Experiments are tricky because they're unpredictable - maybe you have a hypothesis but you don't know the outcome when you start. In large part you operate on faith, and on hope.⠀

It is hope that keeps us going when we're out of words, out of energy, and out of money - hope that we're giving people something they need, hope that together we can overcome our limited perspectives and resources. Hope that if we keep showing up and doing the work, we'll make a mark. Hope that what we can imagine we can create. ⠀

We have deep gratitude for everyone who has lifted us up and prodded us along down this path for the past twelve months as this project has taken shape, and for all the days and weeks before that when it was a gestating concept. Your strength, wisdom, and support have been invaluable. ⠀

This anniversary feels not so much like an accomplishment achieved, but a record of our endurance. Which is exactly what parenting is like. Happy 1st Birthday, Splimm. Please don't turn into an asshole like the other toddlers.⠀

(Art by @cameo_goth)

Who likes cannabis with their coffee? How about cannabis IN your coffee? We tried out Clockwork Coffee from @stillwater.life and found the perfect combination of caffeine, THC, and CBD. It's a perfect way to start the day or the answer to your afternoon slump! For the full review, check the profile link.

Starting the day right, with music and chocolate!

It’s an exciting week for Splimm! And we’re kicking it off with our review of the @levo_oil infusion machine. Because cannabis is a vegetable, after all!

'I choose to be open about my postpartum cannabis use because plant medicine helps. Because cannabis heals, and I am proof of that. Because I am in a relatively safe position from which to speak, a privilege many still don’t have. I intend to use that privilege to help the countless women, children, and families who might benefit from cannabis. Those of us who can must share our experiences and pave the way for others; it’s urgent that we keep this dialogue going.' -Jenn Lauder. 🌿🌿 @splimmteam ***** Once a month, I take time to use self care and attend a @tokeativity social in Portland, Oregon. I seriously can't say enough about how awesome these experiences have been. Meeting Jenn of @splimmteam last month was just one of many!! ***
🖤I am also currently dealing with my own unexpected health issues. After a month of misdiagnoses, last sunday a ct scan and a ent specialist confirmed that I have a branchial cleft cyst aka I was born half fish. I now have a lovely lump hanging out on the exterior of my throat until surgery next week.
I am always open about using cannabis. Guess what?! I got told to 'maybe cut down' before surgery. Which lead into a conversation about all the benefits of consuming, in relationship to my personal health. 😆🐠 And you know all my lady lumps will be at tonights social!! 👌🏼😁🌚🔥

Starting today with the @gordongram #superherobreakfast, plus coffee. Because even Super Heroes need a little extra sometimes #coffeeisadrug

Flowers for the morning: high-CBD Blue Dragon Desert Frost by @yerba.buena.farms and super tasty Samoas by @oregrowninc.

Does your child’s teacher ever make this face? If so, they might just be using cannabis! Follow the profile link to read our expert coverage on how to spot the warning signs!

Mary Janes: The Women of Weed debuts at film festivals on both coasts this month! This awesome documentary examines the role women are playing as leaders in the cannabis movement and surrounding industry. Splimm talked with filmmaker @windyborman about how this plant became a nexus for feminism, environmental activism, and social justice. @maryjanesfilm has something to say and it's aiming to have an impact on the most important conversations of our time. Read more in the profile link!

Gifts from a friend to help us concentrate!

Spent an amazing Saturday with @megworden on the farm at @cannassentials. These folks have an incredible “beyond organic” approach that results in happy, delicious plants, a beautiful farm, and a super cool community. Many thanks for sharing the love with us!

Happy Monday! We're still dreaming about our visit to @cannassentials over the weekend...and taking inspiration from the strength, beauty, and resilience of their amazing plants. 🌄🌱💚⠀

What are you doing to get your week started right?

Wants some tips for apple picking with kids and cannabis? Check out Splimm!

Back to school means back to @powellsbooks, plus a quick stop for milkshakes!

Cannabis for parents, @portugaltheman for everyone! #waxonwax

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