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Thick thighs and thin patience. It took nine months to grow our beautiful baby I have to remind myself daily to allow that long to get back to this. Some days I wish I wasn’t so focussed on my body shape and I could appreciate it for what’s it’s been through, other days I just want to have the body I worked so hard for as my closest friends know. Reasons to be fit and active:
• Feel good in myself
• Endo flares less the fitter I am (this isn’t true to everyone but proven for me again and again)
• Happier me which is for a happier family
• Fit into my favourite jeans
• Eats better therefore my mind is better when having good diet and positive food relationship
• Was even able to fall pregnant to begin with both times I’ve been fitter/smaller
• Gives me confidence I don’t currently have.
So borrowing a friends mantra lately “consistency is key” and just taking my time over here. .
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From a senior photo session I did recently, using only natural light from the window; pleased with the result.

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