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🌊🦄Venus in Sagittarius comes to blows with Neptune in Pisces today🌊🦄 But don't worry, your weekly Horoscopes are up via the link in the bio! Bit of Mercury Retrograde trickery means the site might be janky and unavailable but try and I hope you can read yours!! 💕🙏🏼💕 Mercury meets up with the sun and Venus this week, and we're winding down to the new moon in Sagittarius- find out what this means for you in the... horoscope! #horoscope #horoscopes #weeklyspread #weeklyhoroscope #weeklyhoroscopes #sunday #spiritualsunday #unicorn #unicornparty #astrology #neptune #sagittarius #sagittariusseason #wildhorses #venusinsagittarius #pisces #astrologymemes

Write your dreams down and watch them come to pass! .
Has this worked for you?

#faithit #spiritualsunday

as you're shifting, you'll begin to realize, that you're not the same person - you used to be. the things you used to tolerate have now become intolerable. where you once remained quiet, you're now speaking you're truth. you're beginning to understand the value of your voice & power. and there are some things that no longer deserves your energy. youre focus goes exactly where you want to be. and you know that choosing love over fear is powerful. you are you. this is your power. #theuniversehasyourback #spiritualsunday

Grateful 💗🌸🌼🌻 #spiritualsunday #brunchla #flowers #goddess

Spiritual Sunday, the Chapel in the Palazzo Del Quirinale, Rome. In 1607, Scipione Borghese, the art loving nephew of Pope Paul V gave a series of commissions to Guido Reno. Amongst these commissions was to paint the private chapel of the Pope. This Chapel on the Piano Nobile in the Palazzo Del Quirinale was consecrated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. 1609-11 #spiritualsunday #palazzodelquirinale #chapelle #guidoreni

#spiritualsunday ~EpicSaxy

Blessed to have a wife that helps me get closer to God. #church #spiritualsunday #wife

'It is in the storm we find our true intimacy with God' 🌟 life has certainly been a storm for me recently but I'm never alone 💕 @emmrd @mikepilavachi Amazing speaker at church today 💙 #church #battlethestorm #justwait #spiritualsunday


Today, it is necessary to understand the power of collective voices coming together to connect and enact change in political processes, organizational behavior and society systems that benefit many at the expense of others. At Global Eye, our workshops and circles create change in thought, explore identity and equip our members "family" with the tools to succeed internally that manifests externally.

Clarity is what you need to accurately run your business. Clear your horizons and master your skills!

Talent is formed in solitude, character in the bustle of the world!

Never give up, not even after failing for multiple times. If you quit, you will never succeed!

Think about what you had to walk away or even focus less when you were searching for success. You may have lost people, trust, money, power. You need to think about what you had to give up in order to reach that success. The first thing you gave up is laziness!

🌿 Last but not least in unserer Top 10 Öle Serie: Deep Blue! Ich weiß, ich kann nicht mehr ohne .... vor allem wenn ich vor Verspannungen schon krampfe - oder am Tag nach Legsday. #aua #muskelkater
DEEP BLUE ist ein Sportlertraum. Auch für alle, die häufig Verspannungen haben. Es ist perfekt für eine wohltuende Massage nach einem langen Arbeitstag, oder für jemand der Gelenkschmerzen hat.⠀
Ein Traum für Finger, Handgelenke, Schultern, Nacken, Rücken, Knie, Hüften ... beantworte mir eine Frage: hast du einen Körper? Bewegst Du diesen gelegentlich? Dann brauchst Du es😜⠀
• auf die Füße, Knie auch unteren Rücken (mein persönlicher Favorit!) Vor dem Sport⠀
• vor dem Schlafengehen auf die Beine der Kinder massieren⠀
• nach einem Tag wo Du schwer gehoben hast oder nach langen Arbeitsstunden in die Schultern oder in die unteren Rückenmuskeln einmassieren⠀
Photo Credit: @inspired.oil.life .
Bist Du bereit, mit diesen erstaunlichen ätherischen Ölen zu beginnen? Schreib mir für deine persönliche 1-on-1 Beratung und meine Willkommensgeschenke!⠀
#deepblue #achesandpains #soremuscles #arthritis #rückenschmerzen #rheuma

People are judged by their actions; it's semantics between wisdom and stupidity. Which side are you on? You cannot completely hide your inner self!

Card 1 - Linden (Peace) Look at my heart-shaped leaves if you want to understand my affectionate message to you. Try to send out a sense of love and peace, wherever you are in the world, regardless of your outer circumstances.
Life has become way to hectic and demanding, it is time to look for opportunities to be peaceful and quiet each day, even if you can only find a minute or two. Even take a minute to step outside and appreciate the beauty around you.
Card 2 - Sugar Maple (Versatility) Although my leaves are green in spring, they have changed colour dramatically by the time they drop in autumn. I can show you how to introduce similar versatility into your own life to make you stand out as a unique individual.. Are you in a rut? Become more versatile or flexible, learn to embrace change - even if you do not know what it will lead to. .

Card 3 - Date Palm (Grace) I bring you the simple but essential gift of grace. My leaves are simple fronds, yet can be woven into many useful or decorative household items. My fruits, which are sweet and nutritious, hang down in graceful profusion.
You can remain graceful under pressure and now is the time to demonstrate that. Learn how to bend with the winds of change and how to adapt to your current situation. Life can be sweet and simple, do not let life's hardships interfere with this. It is time to rise up like the pheonix, ready for a new cycle of experience.

#DiscoverYourFreedom #ReikiZenDen #Trees #Insight #Oracle #MotherEarth #TransformYourLife #Universe #Freedom #JaneStruthers #OracleCards #Zen #SpiritualSunday #Linden #Maple #Palm #Peace #Versatility #Grace #angels #divine

The first one to seize the opportunity gets the main prize. Remember, there is always competition!

Today for my spiritual thought I cover the topic V A N I T Y . I looked up the definition online and swipe 👉🏻 to see what it says. I wish I could say I have never fallen into moments of vanity. I also was shocked to learn how closely vanity and pride go together. *
I also talk about an interesting study they did on Women from Samoa. This was back during the 80’s, but before TV was introduced to the island there was no such thing as eating disorders. The women were confident in their image and body. When TV was introduced to these women eating disorders increased 85%!!!! What?? Is that not crazy. That is proof that what you watch, look at on social media 👀 can influence you in sometimes harmful ways. Do you agree or disagree? Link is in my bio or you can watch any of my #CherishTheJourney Episodes on my YouTube channel under “Cherish Tuttle.” Link to video also here:
#vanity #socialmedia #socialmediafacts #lds #mormon #latterdaysaints #sharegoodness #cherishtuttle #eatingdisorder #christ #spiritualsunday #spiritualthought #pride #findingchrist #youtube #youtuber #youtubelife #vlog #blog #women #female #tv #television #samoan #study #confident #bodyimage

#Christmas in Notre-Dame! This was my first time inside and it was breathtaking! So humbled I got a chance to see this cathedral. People from all over the world; from different ethnicities; different religions; all under one roof. I know in my heart we were all one.
#blessed #peaceispossible #belleeglise 🙏🏼
#spiritualsunday #wheninparis #parisstories #cityoflights

#spiritualsunday how do your loved ones who are no longer physically here show up for you? What are the signs that assure you they’re still around? For me, my sister came through via a medium and said she comes in the form of a butterfly...in addition to many other things. #lostlovedones #loss #grief #mourning #signs #lifeafterdeath #medium #butterfly #butterflies #signsareeverywhere

Photo taken and captioned by my alter ego:
"I looked to the right, up to the light, told myself 'write about your life and strife.' Also said 'don't you dare pout, no need for doubt- like the greats one day you'll shout to the the sky, 'I wrote my way out!'"

Hope you liked it or were inspired by it, I know I was.... #SpiritualSunday #MadJones #BrainIsOnTheGrind #LiveInspired #GonnaWriteMyWayOut #MixtapeSamplesComingSoon

What message do you need from the universe today for wisdom and guidance?
Pause. Take a breath. Center yourself. Choose a card that calls you 🕉
I will reveal tonight, in this feed🌌🌠
Card Deck: The Wisdome of Trees Oracle by Jane Struthers
#DiscoverYourFreedom #ReikiZenDen #Oracle #Insight #Trees #TransformYourLife #Universe #Freedom #JaneStruthers #Zen #Spirit #Message #Wisdom

I'm grateful to be a small participant in promoting Humanitarian Aid this Christmas and throughout 2017 #LightTheWorld #SpiritualSunday https://www.lds.org/church/news/gratitude-for-church-members-help-in-response-to-disasters?lang=eng

“Being on a spiritual path does not prevent you from facing the darkness, but it teaches you how to use the darkness as a tool to grow.” 💚 @courtneybridgman 📷 @nas_sence
#findlovewithin #spiritualsunday #spiritualawakening #higherself #soulawakening #naturelessons #riseup #grateful #lifelessons #pathoflife #followyourbliss #consciousness #expandedconsciousness #oneness #darkness #light #lightinspired

Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth!

More beautiful sous to share on this very special #SpiritualSunday. Again we see so clearly why friends are brought into our lives from years ago and why we meet new friends for the very first. So much love and healing going on, we feel so blessed we are in each others lives and all these beautiful souls keep conneting.

Be apart of the Tree of Life Movement!!
With gratitude, light and love,
Scott and Marla #treeoflife #spiritual #healing #jewelry #love #blessed #onelove #soul #humanity#inspire #gratitude #energy #soulmate #healer #consciousness #joy #happiness #family #intention

Des synchronicités ce soir sur le thème des anges. Il y a des petites ailes qui me frôlent ce soir... #synchronicity #synchronicité #angegardien #anges #angel #archanges #archangel #spiritualité #spiritualjourney #spiritualsunday

Crystal auras, probably the most rare Aura types. Some have said that as little as 1 are incarnated at a time. They are the chameleons, the empaths, the time travelers, the channelers, and those whose personality you can never quite pin down, yet they are always real in the way they feel.
They have no choice but to be accepting of everyone because they can feel everyone’s voice, which is different from hearing.
It is what Yeshua (Jesus) was made of, and why crystal auras always advocate acceptance and love no matter what. Because as much as they are not everyone, they can grasp the gist of an emotion. That sensitivity keeps a crystal aura in check, because before they even open their mouth to criticize, they’ll already feel the weight of their words.
My nature alone is what has taught me to be less judgmental and insensitive towards others.
Why do they avoid intimacy at some point? Having a crystal aura myself and having just turned 29, though Yeshua is on another level with being waayy too nice and having visited hell and talked to Satan (he had to do that, for some odd reason) and all, it’s just that feeling of your own hands never quite being your own. That feeling of changing personalities to the point where you forget yourself and say “I” to refer to everyone else.. and that’s enough of a turn off, because you wonder if it’s really yourself there. And you wonder who you are.
As awesome as it is to be part of that lonely group, I do wonder, why so few incarnated at a time? Because I wouldn’t mind knowing someone who could truly understand.. hence why I post this!!!🤪
Any other crystal auras out there?
#spiritual #spirituality #spiritjunkie #crystalaura #chameleon #aura #auricfield #empath #empaths #spiritualgrowth #spiritualjourney #spiritualhealing #spiritualsunday #spiritualawakening #religion #jesus #yeshua #buddhism #empath101

#100daysofspirituality days 23-30
I've got a little bit behind with my posts for this project, but I've still been performing spiritual acts & activities that check in with & expand my spirituality every day. This last week I've been honouring my spirituality & connecting to it in many ways: Giving & receiving Readings; immersing myself in @the_moon_womb; using reiki symbols daily; using essential oils to raise my vibrational frequency; Journalling regularly; Visualising things that Im going manifesting into my life; Remembering to ground & protect my energies more frequently! (Amongst other things). One of the reasons I started this project was to help strengthen my intuition & listen more to what my guides are trying to tell me. Any medium will tell you, it's easy picking things up for others, but not so easy to listen for ourselves at times, & in the 20+ days that we've been doing this, my intuition & the number of signs & nudges I'm receiving has just sky rocketed! I'm so happy & grateful that I decided to run with the idea of this project! I am so happy & grateful for all of the like minded people I have connected with on social media that inspire me & help to elevate me. The synchronicities & serendipities I am experiencing are just far out! They help me to stay present, stay grateful, & keep me going on days where my physical energy and clarity is low (I am a mum to an 8 month old & a 3 year old! Being fully rested & having a good nights sleep are but a distant memory to me!😂) But this project is turning sporadic practises into habits, & is doing me so so much good! Anyone out there who wishes to tune in more, develop their own intuition or spiritual practises, or even just practise some self care & nurturing then jump in and jump on board! My Spiritual practises & my awareness are already improving! I cannot wait to see where I am at the half way mark, let alone when I reach the end of the 100days! I am also so excited to be part of @the_moon_womb. Only amazing & magickal things can come from this! Invest in yourself whenever u get the chance guys, & follow the white rabbit. We are guided to what we need, so check in, jump in, dive deep & learn to fly.

When there is no chance to arrive at a solution, you have to look for the issue in your direction, because you might be the problem. If change cannot happen, you have to change yourself!

If you don't bother to take foreign risks, you will never step out of your comfort zone, which also means that you will not improve your output yield. Don't settle for good, strive for best!

Pride is holding your head up when everyone around you has theirs bowed. Courage is what makes you do it!

#spiritualsunday #georgebernardshaw read #theology and understood #islam and the misuse of #christanity #catholisim
George Bernard Shaw was a well read man and in his spare time understood the use of #religion in society and saw like #williamblake it’s spiritual alignment not its use to manipulate the poor with fear mongering. He had read #islam #hindiusm and many other religions. In his plays and life he believed in #equality for all not just for humans but animals and added subtle references to this and was vocal when needed. He was very anti the British empire and was a vocal objector to #slavery #war and more. So he wanted a great future for the next generations it’s just a shame he is not taught enough in schools as to me him William Blake #williamShakespeare #georgeOrwell #aldoushuxley and many enlightened writers should be taught as early as possible. If anything you can do for the new year is research his work and teachings it may enlighten you..

#spiritualsunday #georgebernardshaw a strict #vegetarian and his views on #animalcruelty
Many writers and underground philosophers have a high resonance to be against the cruelty of killing animals. With a natural understanding to the process of #theuniversalone and #energy from #source It seems now it becomes more mainstream. But eons ago in Europe it was literally unheard of...for many years and #veganism was only termed post 1950 and is gathering ground slowly. #Vegetarianism was gathering knowledge from about 17-18th century due to access to ancient texts from Asia with intellectuals in he British empire did explore these themes, theology and literature alongside the war mongering generals causing bloodshed and ridding of any extrinsic culture older then there own in ignorance due to Masonic teachings. It is sad about how general society thinks it’s ok to degrade animals and see them lesser then our human beings as a race. It is why I never see racial discrimination declining due to how humans find weaknesses in animals, the poor, highlighting the differences instead of creating an even playing field..

#spiritualsunday #georgebernardshaw had a Great #mindset but one of his famous sayings is unfortunately #misquoted by #johnfkennedy
The trouble is half smarted arse people with too much power and in powerful positions use another persons intellect and thought process to make them sound legendary. But most misquote this meme shared and is accredited to President Kennedy in regards to the #Moonlanding whereas it’s about the mindset of #selffulfillingprophecy and #spiritualawakening. It is the difference of why when you resonate with what someone states not the hype around it by media, and the average defeatist human society Steeped in fear. You research and learn the true meaning of interesting and intellectual guidance since the philosophers of #ancient #Vedic #egypt #roman #greek #Chinese #nativeamerican to the 1000 years of literature development in Europe and on going technological advancement but we should keep going back to our ancestry and learn from mistakes and stop repeating them..

#Spiritualsunday #georgebernardshaw explains about the misuse of #communication.
A Great #playwright, #Vegetarian #philosopher and #mystic. Mr GB Shaw was way ahead of his time and was open to criticise people high up in society including Royalty, Churchill and very vocal against #animalcruelty in a time when it was considered a faux par to speak up. Please research his work and read some plays of his. It’s great writing and very relevant about class..#literature

God blessed me to be able to show my daughter what type of man she should seek - You're responsible for your body's mental, spiritual, and physical well being - Always believe in yourself even if I don't 🦁 - I never forget where I came from --> my entire life has consisted of me working through the bad times --> knowing that I will succeed and get better --> I never once doubted myself --> it's the struggle that makes me stronger --> I'm built to thrive during adversity and pain --> if there's #nopain there's #nogain --> if you want to become a beast --> then you must train like a beast --> a champion is created during the darkest hours --> and it is he who must rise from the ashes to reign victorious!!!! When I speak or train it's not about me anymore - it's about getting my people happier and to give them more confidence - to prolonging life - Alert 🚨🚨🚨 its only the launch of my official website - www.prolongevityfitness.com - let's get fit - If you want it - you better be willing to work for it - nothing is ever given - 🦁 - Speed and endurance is king - speed without endurance is pointless and endurance without speed is #blasphemy 🦁- All grind 🦁 - no fluff 🐷- share 💥like 💥or tag a friend 💥
1st you must fall in love ❤️ with the process -
#fitness #devildancing #armyveteran #veganbeast #veteransday #veteran #supermanprime #veganlife #gohan #dragonballz #supersaiyan #armyvet #spartanrace #goku #abs #iamaspartan #spartanbeast #marathon #fitnation #nopainnogain
#aesthetic #spiritualsunday #vegan "ELEVATE YOUR GRINDSET" #prolongevityfitness

Even the smallest amount of faith can change any circumstance. Have faith, have hope, the plan for your life is greater than you can see in this moment. ✨

Seek for a challenge. That is the only way you are going to improve yourself and make a change. Always push yourself!

LiVe YouR DAy dReAM
Take a look around. What life did you imagine for yourself? Are you living your daydream? I've truly been given EVERYTHING I have ever manifested (except the lottery 😂). LiFe Is GoOd ✌️ ❤️ 😊 . .
#spiritualsunday #happysunday #sunday #sundayvibes #daydream #live #dreamBIG #achievments #love #life #peace #happiness #peacelovehappiness #happyholidays #happilyeverjevne #happilyevelynafter

It is better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than to lose that someone you love with your useless pride.

John Ruskin

#spiritualsunday #love vs. #pride

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