I let my mind get the best of me the past few days. Despite what my angels said, I still doubted. Thinking the worst, but I was shown they were right of course😇🙏🏼...lol and I won’t let my ego get in the way next time.
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Struggle on thru, officially day 6! Nd ive struggled w many thoughts n plenty neg emotions these past mnths.. stressin myself tryna do n accomplish things 2 quickly because now i feel like everything is up 2 me 😨 but i know this is a beautiful struggle that i have 2 see through to get to the other side of where i wana be so.. im grateful all in all for my struggles make me strong... 1 aced semester down💪🏽i love you n i hope you love you 2💜💜 #collegestruggles #motherstruggles #financialstruggles #spiritualstruggles #emotionalstruggles #strugglethrough #theuniversegotyou #dothework #istillcomplain #workingonit #thehealingplace30daysofpositivity #day6 #heal #love #power #magic #goddess

“You have to accept the pain in order to find the beauty. It is a tradeoff, but it is not that bad in the end. You can find a happy medium with inner peace.
If you want to make a difference in this world, you have to go through the struggle. I can endure the suffering because I know that if I need to step away and heal or rejuvenate myself, I can.” -Eric Pepin
📷: @rizkiw_

A friend reminded me tonight that God does not give us burdens unless he gives us the strength to bear them.
Tomorrow I start the first day of my last semester of RN to BSN school. I know health care is my calling and the pursuit of this purpose has caused me to grow and experience things in a way I could never have imagined
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No flex no filters just want to mark this as day one of my 6 month journey. My knee injury has kept me back long enough it's time to put in the work and get that goal weight of 220. Starting weight 200 pounds. #letsgetbig #pumpitup #noboundaries #livefornow #giveitalltohim🙏 #Godlybattles #spiritualstruggles

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6:12‬ ‭ESV‬‬
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New weekend, new sheets, new beginnings and new dreams 🍃😴#happyweekendyall

#repost from @alicepsychic I love this too! Thanks for sharing 🌸🌝 This resonates so much today when you just can't feel (or even want) to act like everyone else may want you to 🌚#spiritualstruggles

Again the scriptures bring out the war for control of the Christian. As you can see, the desires of each nature is different. The sin nature loves sinful things. The new nature loves the things that are good, pure and Godly. #sinnature #newnature #salvation #spiritualstruggles #oposeeachother #wrongdesires #sinfuldesires #goodfesires #godlydesires

This is one of the verses that confirm the conflict in the believer. #newcondition #oldcondition #spiritualconflict #spiritualstruggles #salvation #sinnature #newnature

If you are experiencing this struggle as a Christian, welcome to the club. I've been saved for over 45 years and I still experience the conflict or the war within. God has given us a way to control our sin nature, but we wont be free from this battle until we are in heaven. That will be a glorious day. Please don't think that because you sin as a Christian you were never saved or you have lost your salvation. That's a lie out of the pit of hell!! #sinnature #newnature #salvation #newcondition #oldcondition #spiritualconflict #spiritualstruggles

Good Evening IG! This is something I have questioned for years...my faith. 2016 has been eye opening in this department. I have learned that I don't even know how to pray 😳 I mean who would think this is a real struggle? I found the whole, "give it to God" a ridiculous statement. I looked at "Jesus " people weird. Yes, I did and I can admit all of this. Now, let's calm down here, I have had a situation this year that made my feel empowered, excited, something I felt I needed to do or share with the world. Someone told me that is the Holy Spirit talking. I was like, oh lawd stop it. However, the feeling didn't go away and now here I am 39, listening to that feeling and paying it forward in my business. Crazy right? I thought so but I know it's real. I am still adjusting to these quiet times with God and still sometimes struggle to get through some readings, so I have decided to do a virtual bible study with a book that has been brought to my attention. Would you be interested? Leave your email and I'll get details to you. This new journey I am on calls for a tribe of others who are sick and tired of drama, debates, gossip, hate, questioning friendships, keeping a marriage strong, and who want to really "give it all to the man upstairs " 🙏🏼

It has been a while since I visited you
And then felt my heart break as I was leaving you
I did not want to be physically distanced
But I told myself I'd keep my heart close

But this world has a way of making you forget
And your heart begins to abandon its commitments
My prayers (salawat) for you decreased
And I am not reading about your life as much

But today, I came across this picture
And it brought me to tears
All it took was to see these green gates
To be reminded of the place where I felt the immensity of your love
Where I begged God to increase me in love for His beloved

Peace be upon our beloved Messenger
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Hard Way To Strength... God uses testing in our lives to rid us of impurity, and teach us that our strength's in Him, and not in self-sufficiency. - Hess "Suffering is the fire that God uses to purify and strenthen us." Bible Read: 2 Corinthians 12:1-10

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Sometimes I forget that all it takes is remembering who's really taking care of things. This was a cool reminder #LetGoAndLetGodHandleIt #FaithIsAllWeGot #SpiritualStruggles

I miss my dad & Witty

Been working on a lot of things on many levels.
My way of thought
My actions
My RE-actions
My words
My spirituality

I have a ways to go, but I am shedding negative and useless patterns/things regardless. I will always be shedding things, but now I have a growing community of people that inspire and motivate. I am picking up the ways to forgive, to love again, to hold compassion for other and myself. I'll make mistakes, no doubt about that. I'll even falter in my practice every so often. This time though, I will see all that as opportunities to grow and learn from. #grateful #spiritualgrowth #spiritualstruggles

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