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Staring into the picture I imagine napping happily, relaxing and laughing fully in this space. I was thinking how comfy I am with what many might consider imperfection - the ‘undone’ wall. How happy and beautiful I feel my life is knowing not everything is meant to ‘get done perfectly.’ Knowing everything is impermanent. The second this thought kissed my mind illusions flew from my eyes. Perfection and impermanence are not easy bed fellows. Their relationship is a key towards understanding where to spread time, resource, energy... when to use the cosmic paintbrush and when to down tools and enjoy what’s already here. In the now. Today. Right here. Me on that sofa drinking an infusion. Just a wee something to ponder today, y’know? Gorgeous image from @90scigarettes which you must visit immediately. 🌱🍃🌿

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Guilty!! I just freaking love my doggies and in general all animals!!

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Have you ever gone to a beach in completely different seasons and experienced a COMPLETELY different environment because of the tide and sea levels? .

This is always magical to me... how the SAME thing can be SO drastically different.. but in reality... isn't EVERYTHING and EVERYONE like this?... With infinite layers transforming and evolving with every single wave of life. The KEY of this post is to point out the power we have in CHOICE.... ONCE WE ARE WE AWARE OF OUR TRANSFORMATION.

If we are conscious of this constant movement, we have the power to GROW and EVOLVE towards what we want to CREATE instead of staying with the default choice! 💕

Your Soul loves Reiki ✨✨✨
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Are you looking to deepen the relationship with yourself? Love more, hate less.. on yourself? Learn more about yourself and maybe, just maybe achieve a level of peace with who you are? My Self Love Awareness sessions can be with angel cards, astrology, or both (soul coaching) and help you really receive get-Present-now kind of information to light the torch to you accepting your own loving light. You get the added bonus of me being an experienced teacher to boot! All my soul coaching clients get free access to any $15 or less digital curriculum Cheatsheets I create too; can’t beat that! .
Here’s what a former client has shared: “Julie Ann is an exceptional reader and provides clear, accurate, and powerful messages! Everything that came up made perfect sense and I was given the most amazing abundance of information and follow up suggestions. I am so grateful for Julie Ann and her gifts 🙌🏽 “ - C.M.

Hugs and I look forward to hearing from you! 🙋🏻‍♀️💟🌟julieannfae@gmail.com or Facebook.com/julieannfae888 or just DM me @julieannfae .
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I took a spontaneous trip to Mammoth and lived there for the past 5 days!!! Just arrived to my cozy mountain cottage in Big Bear.

Never knew how different mountain living was in different areas. Mammoth really taught me a lot about myself and challenged my mindset!

Mammoth living really tested my ⤵️
👉🏼physical & mental health

When I got in the car and heading up north... i had no idea I needed this trip! It seriously, transformed me.

I experienced ⤵️
👉🏼cold like no other
👉🏼anxiety and fear
👉🏼victory and triumph
👉🏼love and praise
👉🏼human/nature connection

It's true... life is about the experience, outlook, and input you nurture!! Sometimes you have to surrender. Let go and let GOD.

I'm soooo grateful to have this guy as my adventure buddy and my mentor because there's no doubt he helps me become better and stronger!!

Often times we are oh so comfortable in our safe zone the idea of even putting a toe outside of that doesn't even cross out mind. Why would I delve into something I know nothing about? Why should I waste my time learning something new all over again? Or my money for that matter? It's too late to start over!Well, How would you know? You didn't even try!!

Making excuses have become so habitual we sometimes don't even realise we are doing it even during the process. Except when of course, the self-evaluation sessions come in late down the line. Even if it's a small step forward, Raf Simons lifes story should be a lesson to start somewhere. Now I am NOT telling you to quit your job and start from scratch if anything...but you get the point!

p.s. What's it worth to you to regain your grounding, your self love, your confidence & your mindset on lock? Learn more about my mastermind program "which begins in t-minus 44 days. Hit the link in bio @menelliavalcentcoaching to learn more!

Happy Tuesday My Loves... 📷 @sincerelyjules

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My life changed dramatically when I learned about the laws of the universe and frequency!!

I had no freaking idea that EVERYTHING I had in my life.... I had 1 0 0 % attracted into my life with my own thoughts/beliefs!!!!!

Like HOLY F*CK!!
The conversation in our mind and the actions we take is all driven/fueled by the belief system we have programmed in our subconscious mind!!


The laws of the universe and metaphysics clearly state and prove that EVERYTHING is energy!!

As you know energy vibrates and creates a frequency that can can be felt! (sight, sound, and vibe)

Whether you believe it or not, our thoughts and beliefs have a MASSIVE energetic push and pull!!

We have the ability to push and project certain things on people and situations.

On the other hand, we have the ability to pull towards us certain people and situations.

Therefore, there is much truth to "be careful what you wish for" and my personal favorite "be careful of what you entertain in your mind".

My greatest advice is...
Become aware of the conversation in your mind by being observant of your thoughts/beliefs. Then become intentional with your actions!
⚠️Download the FREE Workbook and Audio guide: Anxious To Ambitious. This step-by-step program that will help you move past limiting beliefs such as: fear, doubt, and anxiety. (Click the link on bio) ⚠️

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Truth is....
Even for a master mindset mentor like me, some days are challenging!! --I'll be one of the few coaches/mentors out there to tell you straight up...that some days I'm scared and anxious about the past, present, and future!!!

Some days, I ⤵️
👉🏼spiral down in anxiety
👉🏼think I'm going to die
👉🏼have shitty miserable days
👉🏼panic with fear and blank out
👉🏼yearn for love, care, and compassion
👉🏼don't know what the fudge I'm doing
👉🏼over analyze EVERYTHING!!
👉🏼judge the crap of myself and others
👉🏼become the most negative in the group
👉🏼forget about mindset work and positive thinking

Life is a process. Our purpose is to learn and grow. The mission is to contribute to the greater good by being the best version of yourself.

I too, I'm learning to be ⤵️

These past days... I'm been really sensitive and highly in tune with the feedback from my mind, body, soul, and spirit. It got suuuuuper uncomfortable to experience it to the point I was ready to go to the hospital!

Yet, what I was reminded by the universe is that I ALWAYS have a choice to look at everything that going horribly wrong or to gather myself and find effective solutions instead of freaking out and preparing for doom!!!

Today, I have accepted the challenge to look for things and act on things that are: productive, effective, positive, and happy!!

So far... it's working! 😉
TOOLS & RESOURCES (links in bio) 🙋🏻
👉🏼1:1 STRATEGY CALLS (dm for details)

"We always think there’s enough time to do things with people. Time to say things to them. And then something happens and then we stand there holding onto words like ‘if.’"
— Fredrik Backman
My partner and I have often talked about where we'd be had we chosen to not listen to our intuition on that day on the stairs in San Diego last year... Ours was a very intuition-guided beginning. We'd been friends about 6 months and a series of events and conversations over a 48-hour period changed everything for both of us. Had someone said to us at the very beginning that we would be together and living together in Canada by the end of last year, I would've said 'yeah right!' and thought they were crazy...and maybe wished it were a little bit true because he's such an awesome man😉. .
Intuition often knows things before you consciously do. Your Soul definitely knows things before you do and if we'd thought 'but we have plenty of time, we talk regularly through our business development program that we're both in, let's just leave it and ignore the voices and the signs' then we wouldn't be where we are today.
For me, I know that if I didn't listen to my intuition that day I would be sitting here now going 'what if?'. I'd be kicking myself too for not listening and not taking action on the words, the voice, the feeling that was so strong in that moment. Trusting it wasn't necessarily easy but it was worth it.
Would we have had another time to experience this? Maybe...thankfully I don't have to wait to find that out because we have more time now because we listened. And there's no 'what if' because we know😇❤️. .
Do you have time to wait to say the things that your intuition is telling you, willing you and guiding you to say? What if you never got the chance again? Trust in the moment, your intuition and your Soul is guiding you forward and towards what it knows you need to grow, evolve and ascend to your next level, no ifs or buts about it🙏

--->>> What are you doing this winter to practice really receiving?? <<<---
I definitely need to practice receiving. I'm not good at it. At all. Most of us aren't.
How many times has someone offered your help of some kind & your knee-jerk reaction is, "Oh, no thanks" ?!!
We're not taught how to simply receive. Instead we're constantly encouraged to push & go & strive & DO.
But we need to take time & space to receive. The practice of receiving helps you assimilate all the work and growth and DOing you've done over the past year. We need to rest & receive in order to absorb all the past year's work into our being so we can grow & evolve from it all.
So … how will you practice receiving this month? .
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✨ CHILDREN LOVE REIKI VIBES ✨ Yes! Children absolutely LOVE reiki! I just adore that children have this pure and magical way of absorbing reiki healing like a sponge! Our children are exposed to pressures from such a young age. The school work and getting good grades pressure, learning to work with others, make new friends and deal with the social and peer pressures of growing up. Parents are often turning to reiki healing as it is a gentle and non invasive of releasing those hurts, pains and disappointments that children can be holding on to. The fears, stress and tensions your child experiences can be released even if they do not want to talk about it. In fact, all they really need to do is be open to the process and they are as long as they feel safe. I will only proceed with reiki healing if children give me permission to do so and parents will be present during the reiki healing session. The benefits of reiki healing for children • enhance relaxation and improve sleep • help relieve stress • increase mental clarity and focus • calm anxieties, phobias and fears which promote inner peace • calm and promote balance through grounding and alignment • enhance self awareness and self esteem • may help to manage hyper-activity and self regulation • help alleviate hypersensitivities • help with healing injuries, pain relief, pre/post surgery • promote bonding in the family • DM for more information and all appointments 📸 @lauren_b_taylor
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Is the resulting state from practicing withdrawing your senses from the distractions, and focusing and concentrating on one thing.
The busy thinking mind...often on auto pilot...gets to take a break.
And...after practicing for sometime we begin to experience the peace and calm of being without the incessant input of our mind...and we rest in the sublime of the Absolute...Consciousness itself.

When we can allow the body and mind to be in absolute stillness and silence...we are in a state of Meditation.

The benefits...
Peace of mind
Clearer thinking
Able to discern correctly
Reduced stress hormones
Personal and spiritual insights
Experience your eternal centre of being

Mediate 🙏🏼 #meditation #meditatedaily #yogarebel #yogireb #livewelllovelife #yoga #yogapractice #selfrealisation #spiritual #spiritualmentor #aum #lakecathie

Peace out Sundance ✌🏻❄️.
What a magical whirlwind of a long weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, leading meditations at the #Wanderluxxe house on behalf of @aveenous. So grateful to all the amazing people who made this weekend possible: Marissa of @stylefirmla (the little black dress of active wear) for starting it all, @aveenous @kathcurran316 and @allisonncohen for being such an incredible sponsor and amazing teammates, @sykesstyle for being my partner in fun and ultimate connector back at the Saks Wellery and for all the wonderful new and old friends I got to meet and connect with these past few days. Utah is gorgeous, i am incredibly grateful and you guys can all look forward to a more in-depth recap later this week with some of my traveling lessons from the weekend! 😜🙏🏻✨#sundance2018 .
Now back to LA to teach about A Course in Miracles tonight with @benjaminwdecker and @shannon.algeo at @mysticjourneyyoga — 8:30pm ACIM study, meditation and chat! Come say hi! Xoxo💋

“Our bodies have five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing. But not to be overlooked are the senses of our souls: intuition, peace, foresight, trust, empathy. The differences between people lie in their use of these senses; most people don't know anything about the inner senses while a few people rely on them just as they rely on their physical senses, and in fact probably even more.” ― C. JoyBell C.
Most people don't know that the Soul has its own set of senses but it does. The role of the senses of our Soul is to bring in our inner voice, our inner wisdom and our inner being to assist the body senses. It is when these two sets of senses work together that we are well-informed. It's not about one being right and the other wrong, it's about one passing information over to the other to be assessed, interpreted, triangulated, checked and balanced. .
Knowing how your body senses and your Soul senses work is key to getting them to talk to each other. The next time you hear something, check in with your Soul - what does your intuition have to tell you about that? Does it bring peace? Do you trust that sound? This is just one example of how you can bring both in to make a complete picture - otherwise you're only getting half the story. When you have the whole story you're better equipped to make a plan, make a decision and make a choice to take action😇❤️

So I’ve been silent for a little while. Made a decision 3 weeks ago, and handed in my notice at my regular job as a hotel receptionist. Sometimes you just know that it’s time to let go. I could feel that it was not feeding my soul with love, nor purpose anymore, and I was not happy. It affected my mood, as well as my whole life, because I experienced a lot of negativity at my job, and I became more and more stressed. I have learned from previous experiences that, when I begin to “look around” and ask myself: “what am I doing here?” Then I know that it’s time for a change. That’s my sign. I have always been like this; but it was easier when I was younger to just pack up and leave. Things change when we get a bit older, and perhaps sometimes we also get a bit too comfortable and scared. However, I realised that I should definitely not compromise nor being ashamed of the person that I am, because I was constantly being told that I was too sensitive, too emotional and that I needed to be tough and “man up.” Well, after two years it was time to do what was best for me, and I will not change; I am who I am. With love and courage, Cath B 💖

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Do you see sweet goddess? This is what you are here for. This is ALL you are here for. Look within. Keep your eyes on your own light. You are the only person who can express the divine gifts you were put on this planet to share. I know it's getting harder to ignore the nudges. I know the fear sometimes feels quicksand. I know it can feel overwhelming even knowing where to start. Your voice is needed dear sister. Have faith. Have courage. Show up and bring the light.
This is the year to let your light lead. Let me help you birth you soul work in the world. There's just x1 spot left on my six month mentoring program. I work with emerging lightworkers like you. We'll dive deep, sync with your soul, shift your blocks, and align with your light. It's time for your light to be seen lady. I'd love to show you how to do it unapologetically your way.
Head to my website under 'work with me' or email me marnie@marniemcdermott.com to apply.
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