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Whatever you’re feeling right now, sink into it.
You’re being guided to a breakthrough. Nothing is coincidence.

I’m Up But With Joy!!!! #Live4C9 @flow_ryda90 I Love And Miss You Bro Thanks For Seeing Me Again. Felt So Real. #SpiritualLady I Thank God For The Gift I Have. 💕🙌🏽🙏😍❤️💋🤗😇 He’s Happy And Looks So Good. #GoodFeeling #RestWellBro To All Whom Lost Someone I Feel For You And My Heart ❤️ Is With You All. #Amazing #Beautiful #BrotherAndSister #AlwaysTogether #Love #RIP #Chris #MyBrother #Life 🤝🙌🏽👫#FOE #Family

When you start to truly love and listen to yourself as the badass, fearless rebel that you are… the figuring out of the next step is just easy. 🦋

Today was a huge day for our family ❤️ I’m so thankful for these two. They’ve been my rock this week as we all moved mountains to make love and light the center of all intentions.

It certainly isn’t always easy, as this big task often comes with massive resistance.

But us 3... we are in alignment and nothing will shake that.

2018 is our year!

It’s 1/11 and I am expecting miracles. Liam and I go to pull our cards for the day and... BOOM.

Don’t give up, miracles are on the way.

Decisions, decisions, decisions-- there are always decision to be made, decisions to deal with, decisions to ponder on. It’s a very normal part of our everyday lives. But what happens when our decision making process is messy and complicated?
Check out my blog to find out ❤️😘 Link in the bio!

How would your life be different if you let go of what has already let go of you? ✨ I’m learning to release what I no longer need in return for growth and expansion 💕


Let’s get one thing straight: There’s nothing selfish about being specific with who you serve.

You have a unique gift to give this world. Your gift is so special you can only serve people who MOST resonate with your gift. You have to get clear on that. YOU MUST NARROW IT DOWN. And it’s ok to— you’re not rejecting anyone by doing that. You’re simply getting into alignment with how you want to feel when you serve your ideal client. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

If you do not hone in on who you want to serve with that gift, you’ll default to OVERWORKING YOURSELF. That is a sure as shit recipe for a burnt out SoulPreneur. Then you cannot effectively give that gift.

So repeat after me: It is safe to be specific. I can serve a small amount of quality people and still be well compensated. 😘

You can decide to get excited about the outcome OR you can decide to get scared.
But know this...
>>> FEAR is just EXCITEMENT that’s been judged. <<<
Who I am to want that!?
What will they say?
I can’t do that.
No one will like me.
No one will listen to me.
I’m not good enough yet.
Get fuckin real girlfriend!
You’re a totally, completely abundant goddess Rebel Soul who is out to change the course of the Universe. .
By being you.
Now go do it!

It blows my mind that some people believe 2-5 years of hard work in any business it too long to feel financially secure, but they don't feel like 30+ years at a job is a long time to stay broke. .
Let's just think on that for a minute.
I mean, it’s taken me 4 months... but hear me out!
I grew up in a household where that was the norm. You go to school for like 14 years, get a degree, get a job, and work for 30+ years then retire. My Dad was an Army officer for almost 30 years... it was clear we must do put time with who we were serving and we don’t complain.
I am a service based entrepreneur. I’m not meant to be an employee, I’m meant to be a BOSS, an INSPIRATION, a LIFE CHANGER. I prefer to work my own hours, wear what I want, practice self care daily, travel, help others, build financial security, and teach/guide others to do the same.
What sucks is I know people who are on this 30+ year journey and feel totally complacent, stuck and obligated to stick it out! .
Well...hello! my name is Ruthie and I’m here to show you... you’re allowed to change that! .
What are your passions? Why can’t they become something you get paid to do? It isn’t ever easy! There are bumps in the road, but it is sooooo worth it. .
If you have indestructible MASSIVE belief...
Why not you?

Pray for your spouse. Your spouse has challenges that you don't always know about. Pray for protection, discernment and happiness of your spouse. Are you single? Your half is out there somewhere honey, you better pray for him now! Because the devil is a liar! Take control by giving God control.
#wifelife101 #askthewives #singlelady #wifelady #spirituallady #curacao #aruba #bonaire #sxm #holland #netherlands #london

Why do you need to say yes?
BECAUSE... you block the magic when you don’t. Quit saying no to your desires.
Start saying no to your limiting beliefs instead.
The second you DECIDE, shit takes off. I promise. ✨You’re next level. You got this. Those fuckers ain’t got shit on you and all your magic. ✨

You don’t have to feel this way.
Stop convincing yourself you have to. >> Overwhelm is a choice.
>> Living in lack is a choice.
>> Living in despair is a choice.

How do you get through it?
How do you get over it?

You make a fucking decision to begin the healing process. Healing the root cause of the beliefs that keep you small.
It’s as simple as that: you make a decision. That’s the secret. You exercise your free will to choose something different for once. 💓 Are you finally willing to see things differently? It’s not too late. It’s never too late. Follow your heart. 📷 @sarawilliams4000

I hereby choose to see and do things differently.

I am allowed that.

I am deciding to stand up for myself and what’s ethical. I won’t let important things slide by because I don’t want to deal with someone else’s victimhood bullshit and melodrama.

I am deciding that it’s worth it to spend time making sure things are done with integrity and love as the intention.

No more.
I’m choosing.
I have that right. 💓 and so do you.

Heading into 2018 like...#readyAF #letsdothis #preppedandready

Listen up, soon the new year starts.
Like 2-ish days.
It’s always a great time to...
1. Show gratitude for all your life is.
2. Decide that 2018 will be the best fucking year of your life yet.
3. Every day, get in flow by following your heart and ing.
4. Exhale the bullshit.
5. Show even more gratitude. 💓🦋 #newyearnewme #newyearsresolution #rebelheart #shemeansbusiness #manifestingqueen #spiritualentrepreneur #spirituallady #womeninbusiness #femepreneur #thefutureisfemale #laptoplifestyle #therebelsoul #entrepreneurlife #soulfulwoman #womenempoweringwomen #rebellioussoul #soulfulleader #workfromanywhere #selfloveclub #girlpower

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