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Los Angeles,
Can someone pinch me please? 🌊🙈 Life is surreal and I keep asking myself how I got so lucky... ...realizing that I made myself so lucky.
Two months ago I was sitting in Germany with $180 on my bank account.
Now I'm in Los Angeles -  after visiting Cape Town last week - invited to a luxury hotel in Santa Monica, dining out at the best vegan restaurants for free where I'm taken to by my personal driver. In one week I'll be heading off to Hawaii where I'm gonna live for a few months. 🙈🙈🙈 HOW?
When you understand the power of your thoughts, you can get everything you want.
Manifestation is real.
I have manifested all of this by using my manifestation strategies from my ebook (LINK IN BIO). As I said, they do work 100% which is why I had to write a book about this topic - I want you to see that you can live your wildest dreams, that you can tick off your bucket list, that you don't need to be rich to do what you love, that you can and should live your life to your fullest potential. Your happiness is the most important thing in your life. Chasing what sets your heart on fire is a matter of self-respect in my opinion. Doing what you love is the least you should be doing. Anything else is a waste of time and energy and doesn't work.
This post is not about bragging at all.
Luxury doesn't matter to me.
I would be just as happy to sleep on someone's sofa, to eat oats for breakfast, lunch and dinner and to get from A to B via bike. I don't care about fancy stuff but I also don't say "no" to open doors.
This is just about setting an example of how fast your life can actually change, how effective the Law of Attraction truly is and how important manifestation strategies are.
I am forever grateful for being able to experience all these amazing opportunities. I say "thank you" every single day, basically every hour haha. I appreciate everything so much and don't ever take anything for granted. ✨Get your hands on my eBook: "Manifesting 101: How to Use the Law of Attraction Successfully" - Link in bio, available on Amazon✨

Thank you so much @ambrosehotel and @mananatravel for making this happen ☀️ #Manifesting101

🔷I was blown away and shocked to learn that 2 out of 3 people who Practice The Law of Attraction are not Getting What They Want and Secretly poisoning Their Happiness and Sabotaging their Success. 🔷Luckily our friends and LOA Experts from Mind Movies have designed a tool to help you work it out! 👍❤️ It takes less than a minute so please go to our bio @lawofattraction0 and check out your LOA Diagnostic and Solution! ❤️👍

📣 कोलकाता : -
शांतिदूत आचार्य श्री महाश्रमण जी के पावन सान्निध्य से आज की नयनाभिराम झलकियां। 23.09.2017
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✨AUTHENTIC✨After the yoga class I'd had at @ceainaria5, while I was saying goodbye to my host I had spotted on a frame this quote: "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" by Oscar Wilde.
It had remained stuck in my mind and while I was driving back home, I was still thinking about it.
So my thoughts about it are - When you respect and value who you are, you set the standard for how others treat you. You have permission to be you - authentically you. To have strengths and weaknesses and know that those are what make you unique and amazing. ❣️
What authenticity means to you? I would love to hear your thoughts in a comment below. 👇🏻

I see you... I see you... I see you...
I feel you... I feel you... I feel you...
I trust you... I trust you... I trust you...
I am YOU... I am YOU... I am YOU...
@beebosnak You sparked a light in me that will illuminate my way for the rest of this journey called life. You made me connect with myself in a way I never did before, you helped me see parts of me that I didn't know existed and you evoked something so deep and profound in me which finally opened the doors to 'surrender' for me.
I believe there is a purpose in every experience, everybody we meet comes into our lives for a reason and all that happens at a certain time in our lives because that's when we need them the most. I had to meet you now; and I had to feel your amazing energy and embrace it to bring this light into my life. What a lovely soul you are! I'm so grateful and honored to have meet you and gone through this experience with you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! .
📸: @umitbalkanli3

getting ready for prom last night ⚡️// we had another themed party! 80s prom theme was a real hit 😂🤣 // appreciate my boys for always keeping my Friday nights colorful 🌈 | 📸 @feministeando


Starting a diet can fill your mind with thoughts of restrictions. Nobody likes that.⠀

Starting a new lifestyle will fill your mind with possibilities. Focus on that.

We accept The love We think We deserve
#love #unconditional #word #growth #heart #lesson#spiritualjourney

Keepin' it real today...my vibe is super low...maybe it's because I've had a sinus headache for a week or my bank account is lacking abundance or the new moon/mabon energies are giving me a spiritual detox...either way I'm struggling. I put on my crown so I could remember who I am, pulled out my @the_wild_unknown deck for guidance, burned some sage, shed some tears and tried to remember to breathe. It's not all love and light on this spiritual journey and that's ok. *
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Self care and love is extremely important. If you can't do this you can't love another fully. Follow your intuition and live... #bekind#sayhowyoufeel#letgo#dramafree#trust#lovefully#spiritualjourney#spiritualgrowth#awakening#truelove#soulmate#cali#beachbound#clarity#

To say today was amazing would be a complete understatement. It was everything I needed and more. Experiencing Core Strength Vinyasa with @sadienardiniofficial first hand was truly one of the most empowering practices I've ever done. Not only did I love the physical practice, but more than anything, listening to Sadie talk about authenticity and speaking your truth hit me so deep in my core. THIS is why I came. For the inspiration, insight, and wisdom. I am beyond blessed that the Universe made this happen for Bethany and I. It was truly transformational and I am so grateful to have been able to share this experience with such an amazing fellow yogi and friend. My soul is so happy. 💙🙌🏼🕉✌🏼

#theumiversehasyourback #lifeisgood #yogisoninstagram #yoga #yogaretreat #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yogajourney #yogainstructor #treepose #corestrengthvinyasa #staytrue #mindbodysoul #speakyourtruth #beyou #loveyourself #taketimeforyou #spiritjunkie #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #namaste #grateful #blessed #goodvibetribe #goodvibes #positivevibes #inspiration #zenandpowstudio

We are all unique and have many gifts to share 🦄 ✨What magic do you want to create? ✨What gifts do you have?
✨What have you been putting off that you can start today? ✨What's your superpower?
Love and light💜
#universe #mindful #shareyourgifts #createmagic #trustthejourney #highvibes #positivevibes #inspiration #wisdom #spiritualvibes #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #loveandlight

Win an Inner Peace Kit!!! And step into your Unique Greatness!!! Three winners will receive the amazing gift that I will be providing for my inner peace students 'Pink Candle, Rose Quartz crystal and an Inner Peace Inspirational Card'. Here is the direct link http://uniquefamilycounsellor.com/inner-peace-1/
All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom, and fill in your details. You will then see the question “Who is the Co-Founder of Inner Peace?” click on the answer and press ENTER!!! To be in with a chance!!!! *Competitions ends Saturday 21st October 2017* *UK ONLY*

And now that we know who we are. I just want to share and emphasise that God made us out of love, from His love, for His love.
We may not fully embrace or understand this but it is one of His promise “Be still and know that I am God.” Ps. 46:10
I know our day can be stressful, a lot of things going on, problems, health and more. Other of us go through hard times, but knowing that He is God gave that assurance He have our backs. Be still and know that He is there for you and me, around us because the main essential that He is declaring is His LOVE. You are loved! #the100dayproject #day65 @dvoapp @pocketfuel #dailydevotional #spiritualgrowth #spiritualjourney #insipiration #lifeisbeautiful

“You are here to evolve and make your #consciousness high. You are here to dance, sing and celebrate life. We are here not to compete, but to learn, evolve and excel. We are here to encompass the world with #loveandlight.” – Amit Ray 💓✨🙏 .
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