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Fierce Island Moon Goddess. Beloved by the Sun and kisses for eternity. She springs forth, waves forward, stays still. Still waters run deep. An Island is a mountain peak, her valleys lie underneath the sea. A page inside a book, a ripple from the parchment...
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Full moon meditation next Wednesday!! There is a major eclipse happening so you won’t want to miss it. Understanding what’s going on astrologically can help you better navigate daily affairs. The meditation can also ease you into the different energy a full moon brings.#mantrahj #fullmoon #meditation

Turn off cruise control. The gas pedal is on the right. Do it and do it well. 🏎💨 #passion #motivation #consciousness #spirituality #psychology

Our sale starts on Thursday, January 25th! It will be going until March 15th, and it will allow adopters 15% off of our “original” spirits who have been in the shop since we opened. You can see all our spirits for adoption in our shop by clicking the bio. If you don’t see someone who you feel is the right fit, you can always message us and we can help you match up with the perfect companion! This is London, who will be a part of that sale! She is a young girl, probably in her late teens. She is unable to give us her real name as she is mute or at least partially so, but she likes our little nickname for her at least. We unfortunately don’t know very much about her. However, we do know that she needs a very calm and quiet home where she can interact with a gentle companion who would like to help her overcome her troubles. We do suspect that she suffered some sort of traumatic abuse leading up to her death. She has panic attacks, and shares her emotions easily. We must remind anyone considering adopting London to NOT reprimand her for her troubling emotions and panic attacks. She often can’t help it, and when she does share emotions on purpose, it’s because she’s trying to tell you something or get your attention. Most of her communication is through sharing emotions, so her new home will ideally be with an empath or someone sensitive to the needs of others. She needs a home with very, very few spirited and living people, and preferably a female companion. If you are interested in London, please send us a message to learn more about the adoption process!

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