When the Universe speaks to you. Amazing things happen... 😍❤😇

Coffehouse Reading—Struggles & Conflicts.🔮 You've been taking things at your own pace. You've even stepped outside of your box and like the results, but often have moments of insecurities and fears that comes with doing something new. This is a part of exploration, understanding who you are so that you can get better grounding as you continue onward. Don t be discouraged. This is about learning to trust your intuition and instincts more. This is your journey to self-discovery during your spiritual shift. It's the hurdle that will determine how passionate you are about your dreams. Do the things that you fear most in order to conquer those demons that plague you. We often stay in the same relationship or job out of complacency—which bores or confuses you emotionally. Are you trying to intentionally break what isn't broken? You don't have to abandon those things if there's true love in your heart for it. Your action determines your soul's maturity. Instead of taking the easy way out, step up and refresh what's stagnant. Not everything needs to be disposed of. Look at things in a new perspective, create change, stir the passions that once resided in your heart. Take the initiative. On the other hand, toxic situations and relationships that does not shape you for good should be eliminated from your life. Those are negative energies that has no place if you inherently know there's no hope for change. But sometimes, you encounter these situations to help you understand balance, to differentiate what should be resuscitated and what should be left behind. Quick judgment during moments of internal struggle and temporary conflicts makes us rush into decisions you'll regret later. Instead of making an irrational response, step away for a little while and see what's truly in your heart. Often we discover that the truth lies within our own emotional judgement, not so much on the true issue at hand. By acknowledging the reasons, you are evolving! You may not realize it. You've gone too far now in your positive track to hit a setback. Stay strong & resilient. Don't look far into the future. Your Free Will changes your direction. Be mindful so you can clearly see the way. 🙏

Love Me From The Inside Out And Discover New Galaxies, Milky-ways, Ignite & Rebirth Your Soul Star ⭐️ Wild Untamable Love Soul Chakra Transmutation. Spiritual Herbal Alchemy At Best:) My Home Is In The Deep...Secret Garden Is My Mind🌺I'm Like Healing In A Cup. Take A Sip & Be Transformed☕️🌺🌿💃🏾
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Happy #selfcaresunday 🦋
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Sacred Tea ☕️Time. The Ultimate #metime For Me. I Enjoy Making & Mixing My Own Teas. It's Very Relaxing And Reminds Me Of The Simple Blissful Pleasures In Life. It's #spiritualalchemy To My Soul Setting #intentions Connecting, & Becoming One With This Sexy Cup Of Healing Herbs 🌿 Fills My Heart With Love Each Time I Honor My Temple By Providing It With The Cell-Nutrients Needed To Get Through Each Day. Teas, Smoothies, & Tonics Are An Excellent Way To Revitalize, Replenish, & Sustain The Body With Proper #minerals & vitamins During Your 21-Day Self-Love Abundance Challenge #detox #cellularnutrition Is Vital When It Comes To Balancing & Maintaining Your Energy. Take Time Out Today To Love Yourself From The Inside Out😘 For More Tips 21-Day Meditation Detox E-Guide Available Online Use Link 👉🏾http://etsy.me/2CU7vVH
~Reigning Queen Goddess💋
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“The worst of all possible snakes is the human proclivity for evil. The worst of all possible snakes is psychological, spiritual, personal, internal.” - Jordan B. Peterson - “12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos” - #jordanpeterson #12rulesforlife #quotes #knowyourworth #knowthyself #spiritualalchemy #spiritualawakening #innerchange #transformation #gardenofeden #iphoneart #iphoneartist #serpent #snake #iphoneartistry #photoart #phoneart #photocollage #photomontage #foamhead #mannequinhead #mannequinart #photographer #photoartist #lindacovellophotography

My tarot cards, tucked away in their bag. I started reading tarot when I was 14. It came naturally to me. I picked them up and the words just seem to flow. I use them as a tool to help people make decisions now and not so much for ‘prediction’. I believe the future lies in our own hands and not in Fate. #tarot #readings #riderwaitetarot #spiritual #spirituality #spiritualalchemy #spiritualityawake #spiritualawakening

"Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself - what you're wearing, who you're around, what you're doing. Recreate and repeat." - Warsan Shire

I'm switching it up for #WellnessWednesday 😮
Starting TODAY I'm hosting a FREE weekly #holisticlifestylecoaching call for 30 minutes every Wed at 6pm AZ time (currently 6pm PST/9pm EST). .
This call will be via Zoom Meeting and you can connect via video or phone.
I want to share you with the same #selfhealing and #mindbodyhealing process that transformed my health + life for FREE!

Link in bio 👆🏻
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Mmm...monday reminders 🙄


Headed to town. Very proud of my nephew Alex for graduating high school today! Can't wait to get there and cheer him on. He's a smart, silly, and wickedly talented kid. Although I've given him tough love most of his life, it's because I wanted him to become a stellar adult. I know he'll do awesome things and already has gotten a lot of interest with prospective employers for his strong work ethic! Keep it up and you'll do GREAT in college!!! 👍🎓🎉❤️ @wat_up_buttercup #proudaunt #hsgraduationday2018

Divine Love is enfolding you...
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be like the cloud
just floating around
drawing in
life experience
until that time comes
to gently rain down
an interpretation
of the wisdom
which belongs to no one
but is available to everyone
nourishing all life
while sustaining each
and every one of us
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Honor the best of your past. Transform the pain of all the rest.
It's easier to say than do.
(Here comes the proud plug...)
Fortunately, my book HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR EARTH EXPERIENCE shows you how to use the vibrational waves of Unconditional Love to do just that. Without being a doormat. Type amzn.to/2aqvbR2 in your browser to find out more.
In the meantime, let's get the conversation going!
What's the one thing you honor most about your childhood? It's something your #innercritic doesn't DARE touch. Share it with me in the comments.
Sending a smile,
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As I begin, I remind myself that I am on a path, the path of my soul. And the soul is here to learn and, ultimately, to heal itself.

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I have had the pleasure of meeting a small handful of men and women doing the most amazing things...but choosing to remain unseen by the eye of publicity. There’s an interesting conundrum at work in our world when it comes to the interplay between impact and importance. Over the course of my life, some of the most influential people I’ve dovetailed with would never claim to be or look to siphon that kind of affirmation from me. They just are. Recently I had asked one of them why he turned down every request for an interview or TV appearance to get the word out about the change he was involved in making. His response is something that will never escape my memory. Looking me deep in the eye he said, “At large, people tend ruin good things. What I do is not about me - it’s all in service to the world, whether they know I’m part of it or not. Seeking celebrity taints everything. If you keep a vast majority of what you do to yourself, you can maintain a level head and be sure your reasons for doing it stay pure. Actually being the change is pretty much impossible when you get all caught up in putting on a good show.” Yeah...whoa. #admirationoverload

Sweating it out! Messy hair, yoga face. The past few years I've been inconsistent about getting back to a healthy body and lifestyle. I'm very proud to say—I'm still hitting it hard four weeks in. Getting muscle definition and tone will take a while, but I'm SO loving how I feel! I have more energy, stamina, and an overall personal empowerment mindset. It always takes that epiphany to get your act together. At least for me! Although, I’m not the most flexible or graceful person, but I’m happy that I kept pushing forward even when I wanted to procrastinate. Life is an endless rollercoaster of ups and downs, but you can’t succeed if you don’t have the willpower or drive to see results. I’ve been complacent for way too long and now it’s time to shift into high gear for this leg of my spiritual journey. My goal is to to look back at the end of the year and really be grateful for the new and improved me! Hopefully that means some major rockin' abs, leaner body, and looking smexier than I did in my 20s. Maybe even pick up a few more business partnerships and sponsorships along the way! 😂🤣 For now, I start back up on the first of many private Envisioning Board/Journal, Meditation, and Spiritual Connection workshops at the end of May. Hit me up on email, DM, or Messenger if you're interested in hosting one of my events. 🙏🔮

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#Music is more than just inspiration or entertainment, it's the developmental octave of creation. It’s #Melanin put to harmonic scale... The vibratory schematic that is the "Word of God"...
⚗️Esoteric Over-standing of Music: The #Universe is playing a tune so loud that we don't even hear it. This 3rd dimensional wave of Sin(e) that's currently being broadcasted to cymaticly construct this reality, is a oscillating symphony of chaotic trances, orchestrated to keep you subservient and comatose to truth... And it’s repetition not only keeps you molecularly stagnant, but it also dictates consciousness, perception, and processes of thought. However, that frequency is changing daily (if your tuned into the right channel) to assist in our transition into higher realms of experience and the expansion of consciousness. The mind can overcome anything once you break the agreement to the suppressive construct of 3D principles. Simply meaning, march to your own damn beat, rather than being “Trapped” in the societal vibration of ignorance.
There's #science, #healing, and #power in those energetic frequencies of resonance, or they can be weaponized to be detrimental to your biology. Your body digest sound as it does food, water, air and the environment... Feed your body some healthy Muse-ic so you can become in tune with your #Soul. 🎵🎶
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