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Rp Via @gallery.beautiful πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œβœ¨πŸ’•The transcendent Himālayan range spanning five countries; Nepal, India, Bhutan, China and Pakistan is considered a deity, the abode of God Shiva and the path to enlightenment : Ascending the Himālaya to Heaven is known in ancient Sanskrit legend as Swargarohini (Swarga meaning 'Heaven' and Arohini meaning 'ascent') : My work's divinely inspired; created by 'cosmosis' – subtly absorbed minglings with universal forces, so I traveled to the source of my inspiration, to reach for the stars from the highest place on Earth : And photograph my celestial pieces on the beautiful people I met on Manaslu 'Mountain of The Spirit' as I made my own journey to Swarga πŸ™πŸ»βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’« gallerybeautiful.com > COUTURE > LIMITED EDITION > SQUARE SCARVES #gallerybeautiful #artloversofalchemy #sonyarothwell #limitededitions #alchemy #sadhumagic #contemporarysilkscarves #nepalholyman #nepalbaba #limitededitionsilkscarves #swargarohini #ascenttoheaven #holymannepal #sadhunepal #hymalayanholyman #ascenttoheaven #ascendinghimalayatoheaven #divineslchemy #spiritualalchemy #himalayaheaven #thehimalaya #manasluthemountainofthespirit #madeinheavenhandcraftedinitaly

'Gratitude makes sense of the past, brings peace to the present and creates a vision for the future' ~ Gerry Lopez #feelingit
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The Mr. and I have our own Justice League. Which role might you play best? πŸ’‹. #Gravity #Wizards #spiritualalchemy

Have you been seeing the number 4 or 444, a lot lately? We are in a period of death and resurrection and the number 4 is that of stability. 444 reminds us that "everything is as it is", and in divine order. I have been seeing ram symbolism a lot. To me a reminder of Banebjed, in Egyptian studies who was a ram headed representation of Osiris, (a god of transition, resurrection and regeneration). Ba means, "the essence of power" and Djed, represents stability. They referenced the Djed pillar (photo above) as a representation of the backbone of Osiris. The Egyptians did not fear death because they recognize stability and balance was necessary in rebirth. So the pillar has 4 levels. Representational of seasons. A lot of people are being forced to looked at their "Ba" right now. How are you utilizing the essence of your power? Your reputation? Your charisma? Your effectiveness? Is it off balance ? Right now this transition is causing emotional upheaval to reveal core issues or aspects of the self. Illusions are being washed away. The core of what you are built on is being tried. The price of stability is change. We are at a point of finding balance and making proper judgement. We are in the realm of "Binah". Binah is of understanding, specifically, intuitive understanding. It's often associated with beginning and endings. In the Kabbalah there is references to the father and the mother. "Chokmah" is like the seed of the father (male cognition) and "Binah" is the womb of the mother (feminine intuitive powers). A fathers seed has but only so much DNA that needs the mothers womb in order for it to develop. In order for this transition to manifest as needed, the divine balance and energetic exchange between the masculine and feminine aspects must combine to create stability. A man can bring home wool, but a woman will weave it. The feminine creates the potential from her being the creator. Look at your duality at this point and time in the transition of the next cycle. Is there symmetry? Or are you off balance? Is one aspect of masculine/feminine off? A lot of people are experiencing fear and insecurities because they are projecting fear into the present and future based

πŸ‘πŸΌ Spiritual AF πŸ˜‚πŸ€™πŸΌ
For real tho...there ain't no, I repeat,
THERE IS NO separation, friends.
Nobody is any more "woke or "asleep" than anybody else. That's bullshit.
That's separation.
We're all just walking each other home.
And we're ALL moving at our own pace.
Don't lose focus.
Be a Guardian...not a Warrior.
Light attracts Light
Think about it.
#RememberWhoYouAre #BeHereNow 🌻

1-the science of changing ordinary metals into gold & silver.
2-a power or process of transforming something common into something special.
The definition perfectly embodies this piece of art created by 2 masters of their craft @wjcglass & @easeglass

πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚ R.I.P Prodigy πŸ™#WakeUp #NewSlaves #QuestionEverything #VoteWithYourLifestyle @Regrann from @texas_consciousness - #ItsLevelsToThisShit The bulk of our goals and wants are manufactured desires by a system that means to keep you in a rudimentary cycle of thought, the modality of survival, consumption, and obtaining material wealth... Possession's make you rich? πŸ’¬ #Prodigy #Philosophy #Prophecy #ProphetsSpeak vid via @onealrodriguez .
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"Stellar Code Aldebaran within the Lions Gate": Ok, keep in mind that our moon is a satellite. By definition, a #satellite is an (artificial) body placed in orbit around another planet in order to collect information or for #communication. It's etymological origin is that of an attendant or servant (πŸ”‘). Metaphysically, it's a transmitter and amplifier of light coded information, that's broadcasted to this plan(et). So, when we have Astrological alignments such as #MoonAndAldebaran, the satellite that is the moon, transmits the resonance of that celestial deity and amplifies it's frequency of influence within our consciousness. This is important to note in line with the history of #Aldebaran, in lieu of the build up of the #eclipse of the 21st, and the activities being propagated on this realm.
Aldebaran is known as the "#BullsEye" or "The center of the target"-denoting high levels of achievement or accuracy in direction. It's reflective of it's location in the constellation of #Taurus, and its bright red-orange Hue representing the Eye of the Bull. That red-orange Hue is also indicative of the energy it emits, and the #chakras it effects the most (Root/Sacral/Solar). It's known as one of the four "Royal Stars", and is biblically represented as one of the "Four Horseman of the #Apocalypse", with Aldebaran representing Micha-El, the military commander of the heavens. Taurus is associated with the #Hebrew letter Aleph and the 1st Tarot Trump "The Juggler."(πŸ”‘) In all the ancient Zodiacs, Taurus is the beginning sign and marked the Spring Equinox from about 4,000 to 1,700 B.C. Aldebaran marked the Zero Aries point in 3044 BC- The #Aries point (vernal #equinox in the #TropicalZodiac), is the #Node that marks the place where the Sun crosses the equatorial plain going north. This links to zero degrees of all the cardinal signs (Aries, #Capricorn, #Libra, #Cancer). This was a pivotal time in history, especially in the Nile Valley, as upper and lower #Kemet were being "Unified" in the Dynastic periods by #Narmer- the predecessor to the first #ScorpionKing... πŸ¦‚(cont) πŸ‘‡πŸΏ

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Who else is feeling this impending Eclipse energy? I feel like it is starting to invade my body, purifying, conspiring to transform patterns and stories I have lived in the past to open up a new more vibrant and authentic version of myself. Have a feeling Mercury Retrograde may delay the full power of this Eclipse until some time next month, but wow is it going to jolt us.
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Today's math.

As a lightworker, I used to spend copious amounts of time, money and energy shining my light for others to bask in- all the while denying it of myself. It caused my shadow, my innocent little neglected child to be left even more in the dark. My shadow is afraid of the dark. So when it came out into being, it lashed out in unspeakable ways. It was because I finally took the time to pay attention to her rage, anger, fury and neglected little heart and LOVE it that she stopped being so angry, grew up, and strengthened the Divine Feminine Light that I am.
But it all started with respecting the darkness. RESPECT YOUR SHADOW. Pay attention to it and allow it to integrate into your being, and love it without condition. This is Balance and harmony. .
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Twin flames ...I'm not calling out anyone in particular and I truly believe it's everyone's own responsibility to work out who they resonate to for guidance on their awakening but just remember any soulmates or even regular couple can get together and declare themselves twin flames on the World Wide Web. There is no screening process you just start a page and say we are twin flames and in return for taking your hard earned money we can get you into twin flame union. There are a lot of vulnerable and desperate people who have just experienced an awakening or met someone and had that profound awakening experience and they have no idea how to process it or deal with it. There are a lot of people ready to take your money with a quick fix or all the answers. If someone's helping you to find your own power to deal with your own awakening and heal yourself there is more chance of it being legitimate than people who encourage you to become dependent on their services as being your only way to heal and make things work out.
We are everything, we all have access to source energy it is a very limiting belief that we can't do it ourselves and need someone else to Heal us. We might need someone to help show us the way to empower and heal ourselves but anyone who tries to keep you dependent on their healing or guidance is likely to just be using your vulnerability. Of course maybe they genuinely believe they are helping and mean well but even so it's not helping your journey. Just saying question everything don't just believe it cause it says so on Facebook 😏

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